Thursday, March 15, 2018

It is better than nothing!


I just realised that I have stopped from blogging for "quite" some time. I am still in my office room. Reading E-mail and the word "blog" triggers me that I have A BLOG!

What a shame.

Life after returned back from UK was so hectic. Well, Hectic in a good way. Sampai "botak" my head to certain degree!

I wish I could spend more time here and pleasantly express my feelings and thoughts.

Well I need to get ready with my slides for tonight's presentation on Debate. See you again Folks.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A year!

Salam and Good Day to all,

I guess it has been a year! I loves blogging so much. Yes I know that I should keep this blog updated. Hmmm.... Busy life Hectic working environment family? eh... ahahha
nahhh... Yesterday after tidying my papers, suddenly I saw a blog post from the E-mail that I received. So today I decide to write something as an initial post.

After return back from Plymouth, I spent most of my daily life in Penang. A new place for me. but I am quite happy with it. Yet to be explored!

Teaching and research. That is mandatory! and again not easy. Teaching is something that I cherish the most because it is a platform for me to share my thoughts and having different view from students with any topic. This year I am teaching Logic and Application (Math based paper) and Information Security & Assurance (Security paper).

I miss my hometown in KL. How I wish to go back there as often as I could. All my family members are there. My friends and place that I love to hang out...

I am still searching for the "happiness in life". I am not saying I am not finding it yet but I am not utilising it yet to the fullest. Bila nak kawen ni? hahahhaha The stereotype question by people around me.. and my answer " Tolong carikan"....

Well meeting will begin soon. I should stop now. I still have PhD report to read for a mini viva at 2 pm today... Catch up again soon... How soon? InsyaAllah Soon.

I miss everyone...

Friday, December 05, 2014

Chakkkk!! Jumble mumble Story

I bet no more readers here :D
MasyaAllah I left my blog empty for quite sometime. Oh no... Honto ni Gomen ne..

Working life
It change me to utilize all the available time to work work & work
Yes this includes Saturday and Sunday as well.

I rarely going back to my hometown in KL.
I wish I could just worked in KL. But "nope" for another 7 years? maybe?

A year after returning back from UK
Yes I always imagine myself back in London or Plymouth.
Enjoying the 4 seasons climate....
With a cuppa tea, scone, clotted cream and homemade jam (Oh my imagination!)
To be honest adopting back your "real" life in Malaysia is quite difficult
As you tend to compare everything.
For instance goods and services...
But what ever it is Malaysia still in my heart :)
For exposure and "kumpul duit" yes you can live abroad
quality of life yes to certain extend
I believe Malaysia offers better than all the "mentioned things"

I told my student how I enjoying my student life
it does not mean that I may want to do another PhD....
Oh Big No No No... :P
It is good to be a lecturer... Sometime I tend to call myself to be a good brother to my adik-adik.
They are naughty, careless, sometime lazy, forgetful etc... Thus
I need to remind them
I need to shape their mind on things that can change their attitude
Anyone can teach..
Not everyone able to educate...

By the end of this month
my students will have their final exam
Programming C++ and Logic & Application...
Good luck to all

Oh I got the opportunity to wear the "jubah Idaman"
So I went back to Plymouth with my mum, aunty, uncle etc....
Super duper happy that day!
Unforgettable experience in my life...
Tq to all for doa and support
Especially to my mama and abah.
I am bless with all the love and support!
The tears in my eyes
worth a complete journey of my life...

Last but not least
Yes I start to think about it without any action
daaaaa :D

Friday, April 11, 2014

Peek a Boo!

I know.. I know... My bad!!!
with such "lame" reasons I haven't updated my blog at all.
Honto Gomen ne!! (Bow)

I've been struggled with so many things to catch ups...

1. Work trip to Terengganu with my senior colleagues - LRGS project in UMT. Honestly I've miss this place so much. Got the opportunity again to try ICT. :D I really enjoy the journey driving from Penang via Kedah and Kelantan to Terengganu. Such a wonderful journey! The serene and unimaginable looks of flora & fauna! MasyaAllah.

2. Marking 159 student's test. To be honest the overall results was not really convincing. :(

3. Preparation for my sister's wedding. I've been to KL from Penang almost every week. A little brother who loves his sister very much ( am I? )

4.The day that everyone is waiting for. Congratulation to my lovely sister Zalifatul Akmal Zaaba. Alhamdulillah everything went very smoothly. The solemnization was held in our home with Garden theme as her wish. The main event was held in Dewan Merak Kayangan, Jln Semarak KL. I wish I could invite all of you but InsyaAllah when my turn comes :P My mum and dad would be the happiest person on earth that day. I can see that. Alhamdulillah Allah granted me with a beautiful and understanding family. My little sister Nurshazwani Zaaba and my brother in law Mr Fadhil Hakim - u guys worked really hard! Thank you! To my new brother in law - Abg Airee, welcome to our family. InsyaAllah we can't wait for a good news soon :) Some pictures to share with.

K yong - Me - Eno

Sweet Couple isn't it?

And as usual the "Killer questions" will be prompted over and over again such as "You're next? , So dah ada? , when is your turn big guy?, Please call auntie if you want to know someone?, Anak uncle ada yang single! erkk! etc..... (no full stop)..... Big Grin from me. "InsyaAllah, sooner or later my quick answer". My mum always says the time will come when Allah granted. :) Kesian anak laki mama yang sorang ni kan?... 

5. Now I'm back to work.It is like never ending journey. InsyaAllah I am trying my very best to fulfill my responsibilities.  No pain No gain right?

6. Oh my condolences to MH370 family members and friends. May Allah give them His blessings. 

7. I need to get ready to meet my Deputy Dean in an hour. (Sempat lagi tu update Blog) :P Cheers Folks.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Get Ready

New semester is just around the corner
I was appointed to teach the programming course this coming semester.
Data structure n Programming Methods

Programming is not a new thing for me
Although I would say this is not my "niche" area but I am willing to try
Take it as a challenge :)

I just hope that students will ask if they don't understand
rather than sitting there quietly (assuming they understand).

I don't want to repeat back how I used to study programming
during my undergrad.
Because at the end of the day
the majority will only pass the exam
the majority don't know how to apply what they have learnt
the majority will set up in their mind that programming is difficult
the majority will let their juniors know that programming is the killer subject!

I want to change this perception or trend
I really want them to participate in class
or come and see me personally if they are still in baffle.
I want them to be confident
I want them to know what is the purposes of doing such thing

It is too early to judge
But based on the early indication (basic level programming exam)
the majority were at B level.
Not bad at all.

So lets target to at least B+ this time.
Mahatma Gandhi used to say "The future depends on what you do today"
Wish me luck.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014


Penuh bersawang!!! (Batoks...Bersin...)

When you start doing your work you need to concentrate to one. I remember in my Public speaking class during my undergraduate; Mr victor told us about "put first thing first". Yes I put the priority but seriously too much work to do until I can't even update my blog.... (konon bg alasan kan? )

Helping my colleague to organise an event with "orang asli" in Kampung Tangkai Cermin, Perak. I was so blessed having group of dedicated students. We worked even on Saturday and Sunday to ensure that our "Celik IT" modules at the best level. Guys, I hope I would be able to work with you again. Oh yes, we had really much fun in Kampung. I can see that lots of thing we can do to help these people. They are lacking of much of what we get in big city. I suggest if you could "try" and wear the same shoes like them. berani?

New year resolution? None! Celebration? None! I just stayed at home and tengok fireworks from the balcony. Nice! It was liked 30 minutes show. Non-stop whilst having my cup of green tea.

Oh yes, I went back to Kl to visit my parent. I miss my mum's cooking very much. Mommy's boy :D
Sempat pusing2 and minum2 with them in Kg Baru. We talked about so many things... life, ambition, good old days etc... Memang best lah.... And lots of thing to prepare in KL as well. Adalah macam2 family event :)

Preparation with new material.... Not really sure about lecture for the next semester but most probably "PROGRAMMING" will be the one! Was offered "ALGORITHM" paper as well but at the moment would prefer to focus on one. :) Hmmm.. sometime benda yang kita tak nak lah yang selalunya kita dapat... kan? Good luck lah to me! Yes.. Coding... Phd coding... and now coding again.... Hoh!

Conference paper: My supervisor did asked me about sending a conference paper. But now diam dulu sebab tak dapat ilham nak jawab apa.... ishk.... This is life anyway! Chill!

I remember quotes from Audrey Hepburn "The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters".

Makanya hidup ini indah. Kerana kita yang mencorakkan hari-hari yang kita lalui.... Next mission?

Biarlah rahsia.... :D

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I am Back with tonnes of responsibilities...

salamz guys...
I am sorry for not blogging for quite some time...
I am sorry for the lame topic as such.... :D

Back to work....
Back to cope with everything from the bottom....
culture, people, thinking etc...

So many things to share but I reserve it for a bit...
InsyaAllah later I will keep it post in here.
Happy to be back obviously but I miss my life back in Uk!
I really miss it ... badly!

Oh btw if any of you in Penang plz roger me... We can lepak2 anywhere... sembang2...
I'm still lost in translation in Penang! :D

take care folks.