Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Opssss no press!!!
Awesome people!

salamz to all...
i miss my blog and my friends in RHUL so much...
Its not too late to wish "SALAM RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAQ"..
i really enjoy my day at home...
my journey from London to Msia quite smooth...
I bought so many things especially chocolates... hahahhaha
Everyone seemed to be flabbergasted to see me... ive changed they said... a lot...
With my long hair, maintain chubby cheek i just gave a big smile... :P
My uncle and my nephew were there at the airport...
That nite, directly spent time with my friends Fendy n Mujah at mapley... Gile. best!!!!!!
stayed up till 3.30 a.m..
Ohooooo before that had a wonderful dinner with family and some relatives and also my neighbours... :P
Ayam Palembang, ikan pari masak asam pedas, sambal belacan with ulam, ikan sambal, etc....
I guess my wight naik so sudden after that... hahahhahahah
The next day spent precious moment with ap and the gang ...
plan to met them at awan besar R&R... Satay kAJANg...
Ap came n picked up me at home...
hahhahah hugh him sebab rindu snagat2....
waiting for Kak norli, kak cita n jue...
when they saw me, they shouted....
uve changed!!! hugh n kissess.. :P
we talked about so many issues plus gossips among our members...
Laughing tak hingat!!!!
end up at 2 a.m

The next day, went to KLCC...
Met Kak Farah, Radzi, syed and Din also Shena.
Syed n Din just started their official duty as PTD(Peg Tadbir & Diplomatik).. My previous post long2 time ago in JPM.... i salute u guys lah!!!
Shena maintain with her bank negara task!!! islamic banking.. :P
Radzi.. cikgu mithali.. and Kak farah yg always vogue worked in a firm.. Happy belated birthday sis...
after the chit chat, we had our lunch in Little penang cafe... had some char kueh teow and paiti...
marvelous food lah!

Few day later, i went to meet my friends in my previous office
i miss my friends in the computer room... my programmers!
they have changed! Look great n charismatic! bagus2.... :)
bought them some chocolates and asked kak Safzah to segregate to Finance department...
Rasa lah sorang sikit... :P
Lunch with Azizul, Zaliman, Ijan and Wan at mamaks in Masjid Jamek Area..
Had some mamaks chicken curry... awesome!!!

fasting month!!!
selamat berpuasa to all!!!
let us imarahkan bulan yang mulia ni bersama-sama...

sorry guys,
MIA for a while...
too exited to be at home
now im helping my mum to buat kueh raya already
mlm i spent time at the surau for tarawikh....
after raya i will start to prepare my research proposal for my study...
wish me luck..
hey gang, any reunion or buke pose????
open table????

to my friends yg dok abroad, have fun ya! selamat berpuasa!!! :)
Nak chocolate? still ade neh! :P

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Im going back

Im going back!!!!
my flight Tonite...!!!
MH 1 at 10.00pm..
I miss everyone here especially my flatmate...
Bhuvan, Mike, Nick, Tom, Collin, Dennis, Steven....
Spent time with bro Zam at Gowar...
cooked ayam panggang and invited
marcus and louis.... he said the chicken was delicious..
mane taknya... ive added serai ginger onion garlic galanga.. semerbak la bau ayam tu...
plus soy sauce, oyster sauce, kicap kipas udang... hheheheheh :P
My luggage is full with gifts!
need to shop somemore at the heathrow ...
Fly me up in the sky.. not to the moon yet...
Malaysia... kangen banget sama lho!!!!
I'll back soon...Uk

Monday, September 03, 2007


Saya diTAG oleh cik Milla dan saya perlu menulis dalam bahasa melayu yang sempurna. Hasilnya seperti di bawah ini:

5 benda dalam beg saya:
  • komputer riba
  • duit GBP 5
  • pen
  • Buku nota
  • Gula-Gula

5 benda dalam beg duit saya:
  • Duit RM
  • Duit GBP
  • Duit EUR
  • Kad hutang
  • Gambar

5 benda faveret dalam bilik bujang saya:
  • Komputer
  • telefon bimbit
  • Jam tangan
  • Diari Mini
  • Perfume

5 perkara yang saya nak lakukan:
  • BAlik rumah
  • Makan masakan keluarga
  • Lepak bersama kawan-kawan
  • Cepat-cepat habis belajar
  • Tidur

5 perkara yang sedang dilakukan:
  • Kemas bilik
  • Buang sampah
  • Tengok filem
  • Baca novel Khaled Hosseini terbaru
  • Kire bintang di langit

5 orang yang saya nak tag?
  • Pinknerd
  • sEAN
  • hAFiZ
  • nADIA
  • Nana