Sunday, January 31, 2010

Updated at last! Happy new year 2010! :D

Blur mode


for my mum

Salamz to everyone
I know.. yeah I know… again
It has been quite some time..
I left my blog without any notice! :D
Well it has been a busy period of time for me!
Absolutely busy!
Even though I posted some stuff in my Fb ( can simply do that using my phone )
To spend quality time in blog is not easy! It should be conducted with patience and honesty

So far Alhamdulillah…
I can see the progress
I appreciate helps from both of my supervisors
After some presentations, discussions and comments!
Now,Waiting for ethics committee approval
And after this I would appreciate my friends (bloggers)
to help me fill in this online survey…
Simply and easy..
Trust me

Aqil n me (mail's son)

One of my friend here going back to Malaysia for good
He is now in writing phase and insyaAllah will be graduated very soon!
We help him to settle up everything (belongings)
To put in 40 foots containers
With everyone hardwork everything is settled within 4 hours.

Our sport time!
It always been on Saturday or Sunday as everyone
Have the opportunity to join!
Especially those working people
So please give a shot! Hehehhee
Skuasy is still my no 1 sport in here
So Afiq and waque see you again next week! :P

somewhere in Plymouth


jeng jeng jeng

Its winter in Uk
As you would know.
So its not the best time to talk about your health condition! Hahaha
Yeah I’m not feeling very well for the past 1 month
Due to fever and blocked nose!
Medicines + vitamin +sinex soother = doesn’t work very well
Now I’m trying honey + habbatussauda = getting much better!

Oh so many things to share with you people
I make it simple and easy
Leisure to read too kan?

Cold and dry!
The season where people happy to hibernate!
Happy to stay at home beside the heaters
Have a cup of tea and scone! Oh its lovely! :P
Cream crackers still no 1
I haven’t changed my plan during winter..
As usual to the office/school…
Continuing with gym and skuasy too!

Gardening 1

Gardening 2

Oh gardening…
It is time to garden…
Yeah real one! Not liked in FB…. :P
2 Big pots = Roses from Kak Eton who is Mail’s wife
I bought new seeds for some vegetables and flowers
Yeah for my own use! Konon nak jadi Jamie oliver… hahahha
Well I don’t have enough soil..
so I will go and get some from Wilkinson soon!

Dim sum


Yeah it is always about food
I cook great food during weekend
Especially on Saturday!
It’s a way to pamper myself.
Well I’m not saying that during normal days I don’t eat proper foods
Monday-Friday = simple and easy foods
Sat-Sun= More delicate and super delicious food