Thursday, February 21, 2013


It’s feel like Mr Rabbit in Alice & Wonderland :D

Work has never ended! When you start to think (i.e. mature enough) then you’ll have to do it by yourself!

The impossible could still be possible… and it’s proven.

The experts will guide you but they never tell you what to do next.

You can ask other people.  Simultaneously you need to prepare your potential solution in relation to your given questions.

Thinking out of the box is excellent but sometimes you forget what is really in the box. Sigh.

So, make your own conclusion with this entry.

15:11 – from my messy office desk - 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Weather... Yes ... Weather


Houndiscombe Road : 7.30 a.m (Snow lite2)

Obviously day by day it's getting colder. In a way, I feel a bit lucky as "our" cold in UK is not as bad as in Russia or Canada (no offense). Well, as I am based in Plymouth, the south west region of UK, we are likely receive less snow as well (i.e. there's pros and cons here).

The pros:

  • No need to worry about walking on slippery road (due to black ice). 
  • Less hassle (i.e. time and energy consumption) to walk to the university.
  • No dirty path when the snow starts to melt :D
The cons:
  • No snowman with his costume (Huh!)
  • No snow war among your colleague (peace)
  • No picture to share (LOL)
Today the weather forecast saying the it's going to be slightly colder than usual because the wind breeze directly from the arctic! 

Enough for today. I need to continue my writing. See you again for the next weather forecast from Plymouth. k Bye. :P