Sunday, February 11, 2007

Food War

this week food war day!! war?? yaa with Alynn in Oxford! we had so much talked bout food and then we've decided to proceed with these war. LOL. Alynn these were all food ive cooked. HAHAHAHHAHAHA !!!!! Master Cooking Guy from Royal Holloway!!! :P
well cooking make you enjoy your day. I really enjoyed doing this lor.... Put your effort and show your enthusiasm.. You'll get the feeling dow... hik hik hik
So apa cerita Alynn.. abehla die...i miss my chocolate cake.. lama tak buat untuk kawan2 kat Malaysia.. last before i came here. Guys, later on bile me dah balik, i promise to cook for you guys ya.. hahahhaha my treat!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Me & Snow In RHUL

The path that i use every single day in Univ... What a lovely scenery...
Early In the morning behind my room.. i saw snow there..
I am so naughty that day.. doing all these with Bhuvan.. :P

New term.. i just felt ok now.. much better than before. Study? ermm well everything .. i would say Ok... Alhamdulillah.. I can still cope it well.. Doing my assignments, discussions and even loitering! hehehehehhe
Weather? ahaaa nice not really cold now.. Might be the end of Winter is just around the corner.. Waiting to change the season!Friends? erm.. My flatmate seems to be cool! Especially Bhuvan & Micheal.. They are really my brothers! Understand me in all circumstances! We eat together.. we chat together.. we go out together... everything together.. ahaaaaa.. Tomorrow im planning to go out to Slough with them.. Want to have some fun... want to hear some jokes... etc..
Love? ahaaa.. its hard to say about it... bcoz its still a mystery which me myself & i are still looking for it!!

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