Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Eid Adha

me n baHrin

the audience



menu raya : not ready yet :P

Salamz to all
Happy Eid to all muslims...
May Allah give us His blessing!Alhamdulillah again I manage to celebrate this Eid!
Just finished cooking some stuff with my flatmate albeit funny.. surprise.. incidents happened! :D
Someone cook my "Nasi Impit" until burnt!!!!!
Hilarious !!! we keep laughing all night long even up till now I can't stop laughing..
I will always remember this! always!!! :D Pity you *****r!

Oh by the way Bahrin N milla came all the way from Malaysia after their Euro trip!
Its great to meet them! As usual full of activities in Plymouth
Cream Tea by the seaside - Fish n chips - Ice cream - pizza - nasi kerabu!!!
All of us can't stop eating though!

eh its already 1 a.m. Need to get some sleep.
Tomorrow I promise with my colleagues
to go to PIETY mosque! Its a bit far from our house but we plan to walk together! :)
To all of you... Happy Eid..
I miss all of you at home ... :D terjiwang jap! hehheheh
take care folks!

Monday, November 08, 2010


Output Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa : My royal banana chocolate cake!

Layered with banana n choc..

Topping process

Some stuff

The base

Saturday : 8/11/2010
Last weekend was a really fun! Very good weather to eat and to enjoy sport activities. I did invited some of my colleagues to come to my house. (Seems we have very few Malaysian here) Oh by the way I invited Gina as well ( an Indonesian friend ). We had a great lunch session with various types of food. (e.g. I cooked sambal tumis ikan bilis, sotong tauchu chinese style, baked potato with thai sweet chilly cheese, Gina: Green thai Curry, Bard: ayam panggang special, Kak Mal: Nasi jagung and chicken tikka and some other kudapan) Oh for the desert I baked my Royal chocolate banana cake. I bet the taste was awesome kot. After spending 5 days working from 9-7 almost everyday you might need to take a break! Frankly speaking during normal days I didn't cook much. I meant I try to make it as simple as possible. Normally, I spent likely 1 hour for lunch with some colleagues. so You can't have the food to be so "fine" enough by preparing a simple dish to enjoy in a short period of time.

Sunday : 9/11/2010
Oh look like a diary isn't it? But only for this chapter. I woke up quite early to do house cleaning. Well its not that much but I enjoy do it once a week! Keep your home sweet home tidy and neat. Not only you can feel it but you can also see it right? Continue reading a chapter of book whilst watching tv. The sun shines on the righteous!!! Thinking of my research??? Yes but try to minimize it as I really need a good rest. Body mind and soul. after Zuhur prayer I went to play Tennis with waque, daus and afham. Yeah its wilbledon Plymouth style competition. my pair was Afham. :D
end up fail again to win... 6-2, 6-4 , 4-6, 6-3. Well I would blame the court! slippery!! LOL :P hahahahhahahah Enjoy my day very much. Next match it ours.

Ok back to school... Continue with my reading stuff... my second experiment! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I am back..

I haven’t found courage to write for long time due to many constraints! Life is not yet a miserable but almost I guess. I’m not trying to be negative but it happened!(Before August, 2010)

(After early October, 2010)
I’m back with full of courage with full of energy and strategy. I really enjoyed my holiday back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I couldn’t agree more “Home sweet home… and there is no “place” like home”. Abah, mama, kak yong and eno I love you people so much. Thanks for the Doa and support! . Apart from that, thanks so much to Kak cita, Kak Joen, Rizal, Kaer, Kak Zu and others. Helping me during my sister’s engagement, Trip to Singapore, makan2 session, lepak2 session, crabing2 session etc…I really can’t wait to be back again with more thrill adventure! I am sure.
After 3 weeks return home to Plymouth, I feel more confident with myself. I am totally not a different person from what I used to be but I am positively would like to change the way I evaluate things and scenario, be more thankful, appreciate every single days and live my life to the fullest. May Allah guide me following His Path. Ameen.
I start my normal working day as a student from 9 -7 Monday to Friday. It’s unusual for PhD student to go to the faculty everyday but not for me. Everyone has their own choice and it’s up to them to choose which one suits them the best. The most important thing, whether you can spend the quality time or not whilst you are in the faculty. Having said that, some of colleague only come to the faculty once or twice a week. Sometime Only when they want to meet their supervisors. As long as you show a good progress then it should be fine . Big grin!!!
Insyaallah I will keep posting some interesting news or thoughts. Hope I can still share something with my friends. I really miss writing and posting pictures. I will keep u people up to date. My journey of life is back on route now. Sorry for a long period of resting. Hibernating season is off for me now even it’s already autumn. Hahahahaha. Take care all and keep in touch.