Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Its kind of hari ini dalam sejarah.
Jumpa sv 2 kali dalam sehari dalam 2 masa yang berbeza
sv2 jumpa pagi2 sebab memang plan asal meeting pagi... sv1 tak dapat join at the very last minute...
yg bestnya.. die siap call sv1 minta tolong handle me.. :D
lepas meeting cam rasa konpius etc
but still lega sebab ada juga insan yang highlights error yang tak patut aku buat kan...
Sessi petang...
Dengan konfidennya aku antar email kat sv1
tanya leh tak nak chit chat after office hour?
lepas 10 saat die reply... boleh! tapi lewat sikit sebab die tengah ade video conferencing.
Cam terkejut kejap... rasa happy and syukur sangat!
dalam kol 5.50 die datang
having a good and quality discussion for almost 20 minutes.
rasa kerdil diri ini bila Sv1 minta maaf sebab tak dapat join session pagi
aku sambil senyum (dan merendah diri) cakap
terima kasih banyak2 sebab sanggup datang lagi jumpa lepas office hours kan..
dah la Sv1 yang datang kat seat aku... huhuuhu 
Die explained semua sekali n rasa syukur n tenang sekali.
Terima kasih Sv1 dan Sv2
Not a long way to go
May Allah guide me through His path
Ameen Ya Rabb
By the way Congrats to Dr Kamilah (Exeter Uni) lulus her Viva... pas ni Mr Hubbynyer pulak... Dr Pie to go... last sekali nanti InsyaAllah sampai la turn aku ni... asyik main je keje kan... :P

Note: Sv1 - cikgu 1 Sv2 - cikgu 2 :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mum's Words

Home sweet home garden

One day whilst doing her own routine in our small garden, my mum said this...

"Nothing is impossible in this world as we are the one who make it to be a reality and not vice versa. God create us and give us brain to think and to explore every possibilities"

Then she smiles.

I almost stumbled whilst stepping on the reflexology stone [at the same time listening to my mum's words]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

People and me : Malaysia

I keep updating myself with news from Malaysia. I read online newspapers and some blogs to further clarify certain issues. Utusan, Berita Harian, Malaysia kini, Harakah etc...

  • It put me in baffled on which group should I trust? Seriously it put me in dilemma. If people take any initiative to read more and further investigates certain issues then it's fair to say that you have your own preferences! How about laymen?teenagers? How about people who are totally based on the rumors, sentiments.
  • Most people judge the issues based on what they already believe or their perception about good and bad about something. Issues of morality for instance! If bad people represent the public than we have to reject and so on.... How about if good people represent the public but he/she do not reveal about his/her bad experiences before? How about bad people who revealed with honesty that he/she made big mistakes before and now would like to change and would like to represent the public? Do you want to deny his/her chance? Do you believe with second chance?
  • Having different races, religion or beliefs does not mean that we can't live our life as a unite community. We shouted happily when Lee Choong Wei won the badminton tournament! We feel proud of Nicol David as World No 1 Skuasy player! We proud of our Harimau Malaya Football team! But when it comes to Politics we lose our faith of unity.  
  • A good government able to help people and understand what are things that people really need. A good opposition acts as a counter balance on highlighting things that government do not fulfill or forget to fulfill.
  • My sense: "Great" methodology in politics to convince people are work smart, deliver and produce.  It's not anymore with promising money, land or even facilities.  
  • If people are really fanatics with political party... please be rationale. Nobody's perfect! Think before act.... Do your own homework to analyze whether it's true or not. Judge it based on the facts not based on your perception or word of mouth! 
  • Do you think what we have now is still not enough? Enlighten me :) 

P/s : Sudden thought whilst configuring my study experiment :)

Humble thoughts from an ignorance student somewhere in Queen's land