Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010...

Nad n baby Yusuf

they smile

menu of the day

Alluring heh

Cute face

Hafiz n Ukyle

The happy faces

Zali & sons

The main menu

Farewell event
Alhamdulillah the event went very well…
Zalisham will go back for Good after completing his journey as PhD candidate!
Alhamdulillah and congratulation for him & the family as well
We had a great menu by ninie’s and the other family
So many foods, deserts and people!
A small token of appreciation for Zali & family.
Please enjoy some of the pictures!
So long and farewell…
Thanks guys for your support!

Mr Afiq from Durham

happy faces

with hafiz

Nice view

Again with scenic view

Pre Boxing Day
It was the day Afiq came to Plymouth from Durham.
Durham? It might wonder you where it is and how to pronounce it right?
Durham located up to the midland (Near Newcastle)
I promised Afiq to bring him to the local best Fish & Chips. It’s worth of your money to enjoy the crispy battered fish! Fresh and yummilicious!
We went for Buffet Like a King in La Tasca. Imagine with only GBP10 you can eat everything. Well specifically we can only eat the salads and seafood. (Squid, prawn, potatoes) But it’s still good though.
The cozy and Spanish style restaurant made our day!
The pre Boxing day event: we went to Clark Village Somerset. I would say the location is in the middle of Exeter and Bristol. It took us roughly 2 hours from Plymouth.
Shopping spree?
Yes indeed!
Not buying much as I would safe my money for other occasion soon.
The road was super slippery due to the melted snow.
The scenery was fantastic with pristine snow everywhere! I couldn’t resist my eyes to enjoy the view!
No doubt that the “fun bit” was only for a short while…
Once it starts to melt… It might ruin your mood and of course the scenery :D Try it!!!

At Jamie's Italian Westfield

The meat wine & Co

Long Queue

Too much!!!

Bicester Village,Oxford

its not mine

Boxing Day
Aha this time, we have decided to enjoy our Boxing day in London:The City of fashion.
As I have said in my previous post, I will always enjoy my day in London.
Our journey of boxing day started by paying almost GBP20 for the London black Cab from Bayswater to Picaddilly Circus.
We had to queue to enter Prada boutique. Super long queue in front of Gucci as well…
No queue for DKNY…
No sale for Burberry on the 26th!
Lunch/Dinner/Supper : All in one in Noodle Oodle for nasi itik n dumplings. Oh it’s a Chinese halal restaurant in Bayswater. You should give a try if you come here
The mission to conquer the Harrods on 27th!
We park our car really near the Harrods Building! Cost us likely GBP28.00! hahahahahahah!
Super shopping in Harrods: Please note that some of the item I bought for a friend of mine. :P
What can I say about the harrods??
It’s a big mall with so many branded items from the cheapest up to the most expensive one! Goodies, perfume, foods, etc.
Oh by the way, I have met so many Malaysian in Harrods, restaurant and any shop that I went. Meaning that Malaysian will be everywhere!!! Who said Our people can’t afford to spend their money in Uk??? Sapa?? I reckon that Malaysian spent for a bargain price!!!
The next part, we spent our quality time in Westfield. It is known as the largest shopping mall in Europe! Well not so bad!!! I like the facts that it have more designer boutique compared to us in Malaysia. And, the fact that the items are much cheaper in here… tabik!!!!
Grab something for myself. Enjoy the pictures!
Dinner: This time we went to Jamie’s Italian restaurant..
Yes JAMIE OLIVER restaurant!
We have to wait for about 15 minutes to be served. Sadly, the waiter told us that most of seafood was not available due to out of stock. The popular dish in the resto was out of stock too. Oh it spoil the mood!
Oho… It gave us no choice rather than went out and thank you to JAMIE OLIVER ITALIAN! [FULLSTOP]. What a pity of us!
Luckily, I have made some homework before I came. I have proposed them to go to The Meat, Wine & Co. It’s the African western style restaurant with superb view and menu. This restaurant provide us with HALAL menu. Chicken, Beef, ribs etc. Price was slightly expensive.
The taste of foods was OK for me. I did order the chicken and prawn skewers with chips (Cost GBP24). Well folks you can give a try. The environment and the services was astonishing!!! I have no doubt of it!!!
Please enjoy the pictures again folks.
I forgot to snap some pictures: I had nasi with chicken honey, fried beef and some rendang as well. Price?Not so bad! Service: Typical Malaysian style.
The last day, we went to Bicester Village Oxford
It’s known as the biggest Designer Outlet! Again with so many brands and so many people!!!
People said Shop till you drop and Indeed I did!
people enjoy the sweetness of the shopping event regardless of raining, fogging and cold weather .
It might be a last minute shopping for them just before the VAT increase to 20 % from 17.5 % for the time being!
I manage to grab some shirts and few bags! Huh
Please enjoy the picture and please note that the picture is classified as heartbroken scene! Please note ok!!!

Now I am back in Plymouth
Proceed with my normal routine.
Again a busy day will be coming soon. A visit from some colleagues!
Research: In progress but slightly delay. I hope to settle it as soon as possible.

Its new year soon.
New aim(s)?
I just wanted to finish my PhD. Later get married and be somebody that I want to be.
I want to see my country excellent in every perspective. People live in a good, peace and harmony.
I want to be a good person and remain as who I am.
Hope I can pursue something good soon. Ameenn Ya Rabb!
Happy new year to all my friends!
Best of luck and always believe in yourself.
Have faith and you will be in the right path
InsyaAllah. 
Take care folks.

Selamat tahun baru 2011

Monday, December 20, 2010


Thursday, December 16, 2010

One and another

In the name of Allah. The most gracious and merciful.
We live our life not for a long time. As we only borrow it from the hands of God. Put differently, we are going to meet Him as the creator. May Allah forgive our sin and whom shall obey to Allah will get benefit on the Day of Judgment.

Scene 1
After the subuh prayer, I received a message from my elder sister. “Pak Teh meninggal. I’m in Jb for a court case. Mama and abah heading to Ipoh with Yob”. It just a simple message nevertheless made me suddenly quiet and shocked. A sorrow strikes! My late uncle or I called him as Pak Teh. He passed away left my aunty and His 2 sons. I felt guilty as I can’t go back on the burial day. Al Fatihah for him.

Scene 2
A colleague of mine. After a tennis match last week. He told me that his wife was not feeling very well due to on and off of fever. I said it might be normal for certain people as we are now in winter season but not for a pregnant woman. The day after, he brought his wife to Derriford Hospital for a checkup. After a few scan/consultation: It’s confirmed that his wife miscarriage. I feel pity for them. A young married couple who has just arrived to start their new life in Plymouth. Such a big impingement for them. Be strong my friend!

Scene 3
A colleague of mine. She is pregnant (7 months). She already prepared some food to visit a friend in the hospital but suddenly she was the one who admitted to the hospital due to her kidney problem. (infection). Be strong my dear friend.
3 scenes happened one after another.

I am in the mood of not feeling well emotionally. I feel pity to my colleagues and sad for the lost of my late uncle. May Allah give us guidance to follow His Path. Ameen ya Rabbalalamin.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Al Fatihah

My uncle (Pak Teh) has just passed away.
Al Fatihah
May Allah give Him His blessing.. Ameen

Monday, December 13, 2010


The kangkung or water spinach

Alluring Ribs

The wrapper :D

The Quorn fillings

The wrap process

Finish wrapping

The Output

The Fried popia

Salamz and good day everyone
Last week was really a busy week for me!
Almost finish my programming task and report as well.
I hope to submit before the Xmas eve. Wish me luck then :D
Nothing much to say about my event last week.
Oh Saturday morning I played tennis with waque and Afham. Guess what??
we played tennis in 5 degree temperature!!! Seriously!!!!
It almost 3 hours ok. :P
That night was the X factor finale (1st round) before the elimination.
I voted for Matt for sure :D
The result was yesterday and YESSSS Matt won! Guess what??? The organizer reveal that Matt won almost every week of public's vote !!!! hahahahah :D
To thana: bye bye your one direction (Anyway I still like their voice ok.. No offence)
Anyway readers this event seem to be the most popular activity for British people on weekend.. Seat back and relax ... enjoy the X factor. (40 millions viewers)
Whilst watching the show, I prepared the Fried "Popia" with Quorn fillings (Vegetarian) I substitute with the minced meat. Taste: awesome!
Please enjoy the pictures...
My lunch: Kangkong Belacan, Ribs marinated with honey and masak lemak ayam pedas!
I share some pictures :D

2010 is nearly end... Its just around the corner to meet 2011
Another chapter of life... Another aim?
I believe that we have set up our own mission.. our own strategy to achieve what we want.
Hope your mission accomplish very well for 2010. Keep up a good work folks!
I always do'a may Allah give us courage and His blessing to live our life to the fullest
I need to work hard and smart to achieve my mission in here. InsyaAllah.
Do do'a for my success. :)

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (Andre Gide)

Ok it's time for me to continue working...
Till meeting you again in another chapter of my diary...
take care!
Have a good day ahead!!!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winter Oh Winter

after subuh



The Red Velvet Topping with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Frosting time!! :P

Oh Mr Chubby

In the oven



Cocoa : Fairtrade product!

Mixed Color and cocoa


The dishes

The actor

The zooming

It’s really a cold winter. Up until now I can still survive… Oh I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)
If you read the newspaper or you watch tv (BBC), they mentioned that it the earliest snow fall ever. Having said that, it became one of the worst heavy snow falling especially in north of England. A friend of mine in Sheffield said its very thick snow! It’s nice to enjoy it now but not after it starts to melt. I couldn’t agree more. Oh colleagues in Birmingham as well, please enjoy your snow period (Full stop)!
Frankly speaking, in Plymouth it’s quite difficult to have snow fall except last year! I was told it has been few years since the last snow fall. So ideally, Plymouth people will be super excited to enjoy snow. (My imagination wink!!) It was quite a heavy one but not as bad as in Midland. Albeit now we don’t have snow yet, but anything can happen during winter season. For me, it is too early to predict but I wish to see snow again in Plymouth. Oh my wish…
This season will see you gas bill increase rapidly compared to the other season. If monthly I will only spend more or less £10-15, I would expect it will become more than that this time. Heater will be operated at night before I go to sleep. Oh by the way, my flat is on the ground floor. Well if you live on the ground floor its much colder compare to the people live in 1st floor or the 2nd. When you heat you house, it seems you heat the entire flat as well (Conceptually) as the heat will go up. Of course I will enjoy the heat too. At the same time I’m helping others. (Sedekah amalan mulia )
Hungry? Erm I have no doubt that you will feel hungry quite frequent as it is cold. I just enjoyed my Twining light green tea and black olives crackers as a backup in school.

Weekend: leisure time. Cooking and have fun with colleagues! Reading some

(Note: Maghrib will be around 4.15 p.m and Isyak will be around 6.05 p.m. Officially it’s night. )
Its super cold at night compare to the day. Wearing glove? Oh it’s a must now, especially when there is a strong wind from the sea!!! This time I start to think of I need to go back for all summer time season in Malaysia :P (Berangan nak dok dlm air cond jugak bila balik… :D).
Conclusion during winter time: I live my life likely in the fridge. Sekian!

Oh so many things to catch up:-
1. I hope to see my experiment to progress well . (Full working system, presentation, ethical committee and Run full system)
2. A visit from a colleague from Malaysia soon
3. A visit from a colleague from Durham
4. A visit from my best buddy a.k.a brother from Paris!!! ( Comment alez vous monsieur?)
5. And the relax and fun time in London for Boxing day by the end of December.
6. Gamelan: I join the Gamelan group in Plymouth. They might perform it soon. Practice!!!
7. Last but not list a visit from colleague from Sheffield as the opening ceremony of 2011 hahahahah :P

Then welcome to 2011. My age will be remain there as 20 ++ :P (Jgn mare )

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Eid Adha

me n baHrin

the audience



menu raya : not ready yet :P

Salamz to all
Happy Eid to all muslims...
May Allah give us His blessing!Alhamdulillah again I manage to celebrate this Eid!
Just finished cooking some stuff with my flatmate albeit funny.. surprise.. incidents happened! :D
Someone cook my "Nasi Impit" until burnt!!!!!
Hilarious !!! we keep laughing all night long even up till now I can't stop laughing..
I will always remember this! always!!! :D Pity you *****r!

Oh by the way Bahrin N milla came all the way from Malaysia after their Euro trip!
Its great to meet them! As usual full of activities in Plymouth
Cream Tea by the seaside - Fish n chips - Ice cream - pizza - nasi kerabu!!!
All of us can't stop eating though!

eh its already 1 a.m. Need to get some sleep.
Tomorrow I promise with my colleagues
to go to PIETY mosque! Its a bit far from our house but we plan to walk together! :)
To all of you... Happy Eid..
I miss all of you at home ... :D terjiwang jap! hehheheh
take care folks!

Monday, November 08, 2010


Output Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa : My royal banana chocolate cake!

Layered with banana n choc..

Topping process

Some stuff

The base

Saturday : 8/11/2010
Last weekend was a really fun! Very good weather to eat and to enjoy sport activities. I did invited some of my colleagues to come to my house. (Seems we have very few Malaysian here) Oh by the way I invited Gina as well ( an Indonesian friend ). We had a great lunch session with various types of food. (e.g. I cooked sambal tumis ikan bilis, sotong tauchu chinese style, baked potato with thai sweet chilly cheese, Gina: Green thai Curry, Bard: ayam panggang special, Kak Mal: Nasi jagung and chicken tikka and some other kudapan) Oh for the desert I baked my Royal chocolate banana cake. I bet the taste was awesome kot. After spending 5 days working from 9-7 almost everyday you might need to take a break! Frankly speaking during normal days I didn't cook much. I meant I try to make it as simple as possible. Normally, I spent likely 1 hour for lunch with some colleagues. so You can't have the food to be so "fine" enough by preparing a simple dish to enjoy in a short period of time.

Sunday : 9/11/2010
Oh look like a diary isn't it? But only for this chapter. I woke up quite early to do house cleaning. Well its not that much but I enjoy do it once a week! Keep your home sweet home tidy and neat. Not only you can feel it but you can also see it right? Continue reading a chapter of book whilst watching tv. The sun shines on the righteous!!! Thinking of my research??? Yes but try to minimize it as I really need a good rest. Body mind and soul. after Zuhur prayer I went to play Tennis with waque, daus and afham. Yeah its wilbledon Plymouth style competition. my pair was Afham. :D
end up fail again to win... 6-2, 6-4 , 4-6, 6-3. Well I would blame the court! slippery!! LOL :P hahahahhahahah Enjoy my day very much. Next match it ours.

Ok back to school... Continue with my reading stuff... my second experiment! Wish me luck!