Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winter Oh Winter

after subuh



The Red Velvet Topping with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Frosting time!! :P

Oh Mr Chubby

In the oven



Cocoa : Fairtrade product!

Mixed Color and cocoa


The dishes

The actor

The zooming

It’s really a cold winter. Up until now I can still survive… Oh I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)
If you read the newspaper or you watch tv (BBC), they mentioned that it the earliest snow fall ever. Having said that, it became one of the worst heavy snow falling especially in north of England. A friend of mine in Sheffield said its very thick snow! It’s nice to enjoy it now but not after it starts to melt. I couldn’t agree more. Oh colleagues in Birmingham as well, please enjoy your snow period (Full stop)!
Frankly speaking, in Plymouth it’s quite difficult to have snow fall except last year! I was told it has been few years since the last snow fall. So ideally, Plymouth people will be super excited to enjoy snow. (My imagination wink!!) It was quite a heavy one but not as bad as in Midland. Albeit now we don’t have snow yet, but anything can happen during winter season. For me, it is too early to predict but I wish to see snow again in Plymouth. Oh my wish…
This season will see you gas bill increase rapidly compared to the other season. If monthly I will only spend more or less £10-15, I would expect it will become more than that this time. Heater will be operated at night before I go to sleep. Oh by the way, my flat is on the ground floor. Well if you live on the ground floor its much colder compare to the people live in 1st floor or the 2nd. When you heat you house, it seems you heat the entire flat as well (Conceptually) as the heat will go up. Of course I will enjoy the heat too. At the same time I’m helping others. (Sedekah amalan mulia )
Hungry? Erm I have no doubt that you will feel hungry quite frequent as it is cold. I just enjoyed my Twining light green tea and black olives crackers as a backup in school.

Weekend: leisure time. Cooking and have fun with colleagues! Reading some

(Note: Maghrib will be around 4.15 p.m and Isyak will be around 6.05 p.m. Officially it’s night. )
Its super cold at night compare to the day. Wearing glove? Oh it’s a must now, especially when there is a strong wind from the sea!!! This time I start to think of I need to go back for all summer time season in Malaysia :P (Berangan nak dok dlm air cond jugak bila balik… :D).
Conclusion during winter time: I live my life likely in the fridge. Sekian!

Oh so many things to catch up:-
1. I hope to see my experiment to progress well . (Full working system, presentation, ethical committee and Run full system)
2. A visit from a colleague from Malaysia soon
3. A visit from a colleague from Durham
4. A visit from my best buddy a.k.a brother from Paris!!! ( Comment alez vous monsieur?)
5. And the relax and fun time in London for Boxing day by the end of December.
6. Gamelan: I join the Gamelan group in Plymouth. They might perform it soon. Practice!!!
7. Last but not list a visit from colleague from Sheffield as the opening ceremony of 2011 hahahahah :P

Then welcome to 2011. My age will be remain there as 20 ++ :P (Jgn mare )


yangyuyu said...

zarul...nk sikit...meleleh air liur ni

khai said...

serius lauk pauk tu nmpak sedap.
rase lapar dah ni. haha
by looking at the foods, I can't believe that u r now in Plymouth!

secondly, the red velvet. haha. my friend just gave me 4 pieces of it yesterday, and it's so damned delicious! so, bile tgk ur photos of the cakes, wow, it makes me drooling. haha

DrSam said...

During winter, there is not much antivity can be done except making ourselves busy in the kitchen. Silap haribulan tambah kilo :)

faridmw said...

salam.. sedapnya.. nak juga... bila la dapat pi sana.. hehehe

wahdi said...

Send me some of the cuppies!

Anonymous said...

amboi dia mintak snow .... birm pun nak buat lawatan gak ;P

aini aziz said...

zarul..ko g school naik beskal ek..