Friday, February 08, 2008

out of tune

gain weight!

Gong xi fa chai !


Friday, February 01, 2008

uhuuuuuuuuuuu complicated

I hate to think about it...
I'm suppose to go back now but
it has been delayed!
my mistakes? hmmm maybe or maybe not!
My Proposal? almost done!
My Msc transcript? Got it last 2 weeks!

hUH Flutter n JP balik! hahahhahaha
i can imagine how kawai they are...
Milla with Mr kambenk...
and nadia??? sorry dear me donno ur status yet lah...

hmmm sean? where have you been?
bila nak lepak?

AP? thinnking of being a husband!

Kaer A.K.A MAMET - Congrats for being nominated in ABH07
and won the AJL for izinku pergi even though sahri sang the song!
see you in jakarta soon! :P

Fendey- WORking in London now with HSBC... huh sorry dude i cant
join you there ! ampeh je! :(

Australia? New zealand? USA? OR back to UK?
hmmmm my feelin' still there in RHUL...

ted baker shoes? erm... beli! sapa dapat dulu neh???
*larikkkkkkkkkkk :P

erm... meet hardy mirza in singapore tmrow! who? siap la korang dua!