Monday, April 13, 2009

Plymouth scenery

Sun shinny day
Crystal clear
We played tennis somewhere in the middle
I believe i can fly
Afiq and wino -PS3

Well It was a holiday!
I spent that splendid evening with Afiq to central Plymouth
Specifically to Wino's House and played tennis!
I was not prepared to play it but still gave a shot! :p
Salute to Kak Ad - Malaysian Doctor who played very well! Won all matches!
Oh i had quick snaps on Plymourh Scenery from Wino's apartment!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Think and think

In front of my house- will update details later
Quick snap

well make it simple..
I went to Natwest bank at the town centre
Long Queue! Yeap it was!
One lady talked to me and said " I guess we have to stand here for ages as nobody entertain us"
Me? Smile... i said "yeah i guess"
After 30 minutes, it was my turn!
I told the officer about my account's status.- change the address-need a new card-standing order to Halifax- etc-
Then done 1st phase.
Start the 2nd phase.
The officer asked me where i came from and i said "Malaysia"
"Oh F1...
The raining F1.
It was a bad day.......Twin Tower" he said
"Yeah it was held in Sepang Malaysia. Raining season. But overall its great." i smile.
"erm... Well What do you have in Malaysia? Good place to go? is it safe? DO YOU HAVE MCDONALS/BURGER KING? he question.

Well a good friend of mine also told me about a similar story. What say you????

End up i said " Do come to Malaysia and you gonna love to live there than here. Cheers mate!"

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Memoirs of me.... not Geisha!!!

Well we are waiting for the time to "ambush" the food
(pasta,salmon n lemon, tuna with flakes, tom yam kung, veg curry)
Left : Mike,ziad's friend, ziad, Tom, Tom's GF, Me, Marcas, Seet, Jeff
Tom, Jeff, Seet, Ziad and me (Am i seating like pengantin?)
Tom, Jeff, Seet, me and mike

Well i am back to Uk after spent long holiday in Malaysia
Yep from London to Plymouth
Quite a long journey from London Paddington...
something happened on the way to Plymouth ... and i was in middle of nowhere... :P
At last, here i am!
I have met Malaysian colleagues undergraduate and postgraduate
Also my 2nd supervisor
I have a quick tour around Plymouth with Anas
Very scenic view! we had walked from Plymouth University until the sea side
Yes nice place to release your stress! so come and give a try!!!
For the time being, i am still searching for a permanent accommodation!
Well i entered in the middle of year calendar ... as a result, quite difficult to get place to stay!
Meeting with Supervisor? Yup this tuesday! I pray hope everything will go smoothly.
Y a Allah give me strength and courage... Amin
Well its time for me to continue with my reading stuff.
I miss everything at home now... foodddd!!! :P hahahahahaha
take care folks!

oh a friend of mine in London just sent me pictures. Well the makan2 session in Gowar Royal Holloway Univesity of London. Thanks to Jeff! Enjoy....