Sunday, April 05, 2009

Memoirs of me.... not Geisha!!!

Well we are waiting for the time to "ambush" the food
(pasta,salmon n lemon, tuna with flakes, tom yam kung, veg curry)
Left : Mike,ziad's friend, ziad, Tom, Tom's GF, Me, Marcas, Seet, Jeff
Tom, Jeff, Seet, Ziad and me (Am i seating like pengantin?)
Tom, Jeff, Seet, me and mike

Well i am back to Uk after spent long holiday in Malaysia
Yep from London to Plymouth
Quite a long journey from London Paddington...
something happened on the way to Plymouth ... and i was in middle of nowhere... :P
At last, here i am!
I have met Malaysian colleagues undergraduate and postgraduate
Also my 2nd supervisor
I have a quick tour around Plymouth with Anas
Very scenic view! we had walked from Plymouth University until the sea side
Yes nice place to release your stress! so come and give a try!!!
For the time being, i am still searching for a permanent accommodation!
Well i entered in the middle of year calendar ... as a result, quite difficult to get place to stay!
Meeting with Supervisor? Yup this tuesday! I pray hope everything will go smoothly.
Y a Allah give me strength and courage... Amin
Well its time for me to continue with my reading stuff.
I miss everything at home now... foodddd!!! :P hahahahahaha
take care folks!

oh a friend of mine in London just sent me pictures. Well the makan2 session in Gowar Royal Holloway Univesity of London. Thanks to Jeff! Enjoy....


Inah said...

wish u all the best mate!! :)

alfa juliet said...

ohh zarul memang teringin ke lagi la, sapa tak mahu pergi...ko insan yg amat bertuah...lucky guy!!!

DrSam said...

No doubt you are 'kemaruk' to be a pengantin :)

Best of luck bro!

izman said...

wah... nice place.

good luck in ur study

tq 4 visit mine. link with me?

Anonymous said...

Mémoires de Zafi ou de nourriture ? Mais alors que Zafi sans nourriture est-il exact ? Mais ma santé détériore et si vous n'avez pas des nouvelles de moi plus. Veuillez ne pas m'oublier mon ami ...Kejarrrrrr

ILi Izyani said...

Aku nak add blog ko dlm list blog aku la zarul..syok dgr experience ko..nape baru hari ni aku 'terserempak' ngan blog ko ye..

mUTe said...

Pengantin?? yeah.. sort of. But this one is a bit different.. U r married with nobody.. haha