Monday, April 13, 2009

Plymouth scenery

Sun shinny day
Crystal clear
We played tennis somewhere in the middle
I believe i can fly
Afiq and wino -PS3

Well It was a holiday!
I spent that splendid evening with Afiq to central Plymouth
Specifically to Wino's House and played tennis!
I was not prepared to play it but still gave a shot! :p
Salute to Kak Ad - Malaysian Doctor who played very well! Won all matches!
Oh i had quick snaps on Plymourh Scenery from Wino's apartment!


Anonymous said...

beutiful place...happy holidays..:)

Iliana said...

wahhh holiday dah ke?
cni bru msuk minggu xam..

Led said...

tak gi cari telur ke?

Oyis said...

lawanya! cuaca pon cun sgt! ni kamera pon mesti baik punyer nih... eh aku add ko nyer blog nih ke bloglist aku eh? - noris

Anonymous said...

où est la nourriture ? espoir vous trouverez l'amour dans cette maison scénique. dites-moi davantage…

arsaili said...

salam..cantik nya plymouth..jauh dr london tak?

A.Z.N.E.E said...


hai, zarul..
masih kenal aku?

kamal sabran said...

sirius jo, aku tgk gambor2 ni suma..bikin hati penasaran mcm mau lompat ke dalam screen :)

cantik amat