Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long long Entry :)

Alluring and tempting
Hotel Sacher
Famous Sacher chocolate cake
Classical Hofburg Theatre - standing area EUR 3-5

Culture + blue = ?
Zali Anas Me Im
At scene- Thinking...
Lovely couple- bow when you give money
Nice people... but need money

Salamz to all
i am so sorry for not updating my blog
its more than a month!! auch...
what a shame! :P
well its kinda mixed up entry...
unstructured scene... hope u people can catch up! cheers! :)
i have started my 1st stage in research.
Yeap long way to go...
i need to be more focus...
set up strategy to ensure i meet the plan...

Scene 1
Well happy Birthday to me on 24th July...
Tq for the cards and lovely gifts...
not to forget... your kind words in FB text messages etc...
i appreciate it very much mates!!!!

Giant Chess- dare to play with me?
Long Bus
Bratislava Castle
View from Castle - Danube River 1
View from Castle - Danube River 2
Souvenir shops in Bratislava
High Street
Weired building
A friend from Royal Holloway Univ of London - Imran

Scene 3
Well on weekend
a group of students from IPICS decided to go to Bratislava
located only an hour from Vienna by bus!
oh Bratislava located besides Austria and Hungary!
well all along the way at the famous Danube river...
Yes... you can enjoy the cruise from Vienna to Bratislava!
I went there on Sunday where most of the shop CLOSED!
Bratislava nice city!
Not so expensive.... especially the souvenirs part... hahhahaha :P
People = not well verse in English so its a bit problematics!!
Not really a big place... the centre itself provided lots of tourist attraction
just liked Vienna...
Film n music festival (world) 09 near Schottentor universitat
In the middle of street near stephans-platz
Sun shiny day
Kaiserappartements sisi museum
Model? :P
Vienna from top of hill
Cottage style

Who?Closed up
Roustam n me

Albetina Museum
Ice creams - yeap the famous one
Famous Musician skull guess who?
Dedicated and outstanding tourist guide! kudos!
Hofburg areas

Scene 2
well so many thing to talk about...
i will start with my journey to Vienna...
i went to Vienna from 24 July until 8 August 2009 for my IPICS
Intensive programme on information adn communication technology
in unviversity of technology Vienna...
Yup 2 weeks in Vienna!
what a lovely days!!!! hahahhaa
met new friends new culture new style new environment...
I enjoyed it very much....
i would consider to come back once again to bring my colleagues!
well it was a crash course agenda for me!
revision on what have your learnt in your Msc...
Yup... i couldnt agree more.
My supervisor Prof Steven Furnell was one of the best presenter!!!
proud! :D
what do you think 2 weeks in Vienna?
spent most of leisure time visited historical place...
ate different style of foods...
italian, kebab, ice creams, cakes... bla bla bla...
Cost of living?
huh its pretty expensive!!!
My summary on Vienna:
Souvenir = expensive
Food = Quite expensive
halal = easy to find
ice cream = awesome
people = fair enough
customer service = sou sou
Tourist attraction = Superb

Enjoy the pictures...
i had a great experience in Vienna...
Even though not on my accommodation! (keep it to myself :P)
oh btw
Lots of Muslims people in Vienna came from Turkey...
my tourist guide told me that Muslims was 2nd largest community in Vienna
How interesting!
so dont worry about food mate! hahahhaha
Kebab everywhere
just liked "mamaks" restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
easy to fine! :) so enjoy!
New life with new culture...
we learnt how to appreciate to stay with other people
from different background... different races... different religion....
communicate with others
and dont be shame!
If language become the barrier then learn... :)

Now back to Plymouth...
continue my mission...
its not the end yet as my journey still at the initial stage...
Ramadhan is just around the corner....
Salamz Ramadhan to all muslims...
Yeap i miss bazar Ramadhan and all the tempting foodz...
the most essential aspects...
fasting with patience and modesty!
Refrain from unessential activities
Its the time for us to ask for forgiveness, ask for guidance and doa
to purify through good deeds..

Take care all...
i will come and visit your blog very soon!