Thursday, May 28, 2009


Top of the world
Blue Sky
Me and the baloon
All of us - one big happy family
Shue-Kak Umay(Ukai)-Kak Eton(Aqiyl) -Noris(Baby Aishah)

Oh this is very simple entry!
It was Bank Holiday in Uk.
All of us decided to spent our splendid time in Bournemouth...
Well it was not so far from Plymouth... Almost 3 hours! :P
The biggest trip by small Malaysian community went outside of Plymouth...
It was fun and i relished it very much.. Will do it again soon!
Weather forecast - expected to rain at 4.00 pm
but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly! The sun shone brilliantly... so hot!! even hotter than Malaysia... (im not sure actually) lol
My task was simple! cooked Fried Mee hoon. Some other groups with Fried noodle, nasi lemak and chicken for BBQ.
The journey from Plymouth was really delirious... as this was my first time in Bournemouth!
Green grass on a huge field, small and vintage cottage with "hay" roof(im not so sure whether its hay or not but so i assumed it) and nice hot weather!
I have learnt something through this journey!
Appreciate your environment!!!! because we only have one earth... No more place after earth!
meaning once its fouled, its our responsibilities to keep it clean!
Appreciate your experiences and friends!!!
Today's journey will not be the same as before! Enjoy every moment and cheer up!
(Picnic & BBQ by the park, rode The Bournemouth eye ballon (like a hot balloon) etc)
Thanks to Zali and Mail for the invitation... Khairul as our "super Driver"... Bard n Noris for the lovely pictures! and the rest for an unforgettable journey...
It remains in my memories... Yeah

Oh i met my supervisor this morning!
i confessed that i cant see the path yet
They just smiled and advised me to focus on reading for my literature review
They proposed some papers/journals to be read!
We discussed a few matters on my path ...
I hope to be in a right path and i need them to push me... :P
Alhamdulillah it went well!
Do pray for my journey in academia world...
Work work and work!
Yeah smartly!
take care folks!

Kudos to Jiha n Anje for their wedding... :)
-Happily ever after-

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An evening in The Hoe

Lighthouse and me
Nice ship.. :P
Green green grass
Flying without wings
we both on the "thin" air
Blue Sky and Blue sea

what a Pose
Scenery 2

Short story for today...
we talk about Blogging... the art of blogging...
why people write in blog? what is their intention? Why must blog?
Well these few questions are raised by some friends...
Broadly speaking Blogging is for everyone
You can express anything here... Your feeling your thoughts your experiences whether its good or bad.... Its up to you... You create your own path here!
You have your own RIGHT here... Other readers may like it or dislike it!Take it or Leave it!
For me the most essential thing in blogging is story...
As long as you have something to tell then you may share it with others...
Its a medium to share and to express ideas! No Limit...
Try it and have fun! :P

My real intention :
Linda came from Malaysia to visit London.. Oh really? and visit me here in Plymouth
I am really bless and greatful!
My mum sent me lots of stuff! Well i don't have to describe every single things here!!!
Yup definitely food! weiredooo? ahaaa
Very keen to look inside the package!
Its weired actually... why? i release my stress by cooking! Cooking anything which i think taste awesome! simple and manageable.... Yups that me!
and for the time being i am going to go with "that" flow!
For the past few days, all of us here in My office a.k.a department kept talking about Stress
Well, one of my friend was admitted to the hospital due to his stress problem! that was what people said.... basically we didn't knew the main reason. We just made an assumption!
Yet the probability still there!
This become one of the challenges that we have to face in order to be PhD student! True and why not go figure by yourselves! I mean it!!!! not trying to be cynical...
I spoke with Shue about this matters and we hope that "he" will be ok very soon! Amin!!!
Oh back to my main story,
I was so happy when linda text me mentioned that she was on her way to Plymouth from Paddington! At last she arrived safely!!!!
On Sunday, we spent our evening ate at Pizza...(thanks to K mazni, Shue n Linda)
It was raining while we went out of the restaurant but then the rain suddenly STOP
"hooorayyyy" i said! Time to jump at the Hoe!
Linda, Shue and I walked together... Lovely evening splendid weather ...
The breeze was cool by the sea! and Sea Gull all over the place...
Linda was hypnotized by the beauty of Plymouth sea scenery! ye ke?
Yeah why not you give a shot! Please come and enjoy it!
It was pleasant evening for us... laughing... smiling.... and the best of the best.... JUMPING! as seen on the pictures.. enjoy!
Idyllic spot for picnic, release your stress and have fun
The wind blew fiercely! But we managed to control ourselves! a bit difficult to stand still though.. hehehehhehe we took lots of picture!
We left the Hoe at 4 30 p.m! Great memory... an unforgettable day!
"Hilarious" with jumping actions stuff! ----> long story to tell though!
I wish to do it again very soon...
when sun shine brightly....
when the wind breeze gently...
when my emotion is happy...
I will be there again!

Enjoy the Pictures!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Selamat hari Ibu/Happy Mother's Day

My mum

entry for mothers day...
"Setiap dari kita mempunyai ibu bapa. Kasih sayang mereka pada kita tak pernah luntur walau sedikit pon. Susah senang kita semua, mereka kongsi bersama-sama. Kita hitung umur kita sekarang.... Kita hitung umur bonda kita....Kita amati sejenak... sudah berapa lama kita hidup? Berapa lama kita dipinjamkan ke bumi ciptaan tuhan yang agung ini?Sejak bonda melahirkan kita pernah kah kita mendengar bonda kita berkata menyesal kerana melahirkan kita ke dunia? pernah kita dengar bonda letih kerana kita menyusahkan mereka? Setiap saat detik ketika, susah senang jerih payah, bonda akan terseyum melayan kerenah kita adik beradik... Permintaan kita cuba ditunaikan walau payah... Kalau tak dapat apa yg kita mahukan, jiwa kita pasti memberontak. namun bonda tetap tega untuk menuntut kemahuan anak2 tersayang... Kini kita telah pon semakin dewasa.. semakin matang dalam menilai erti kehidupan... Bagaimana hubungan kita dengan bonda? semakin renggang atau tetap utuh?
Adakah kita masih lagi mencium tangan bonda sblm keluar ke rumah? adakah kita acapkali menelefon bonda bertanya khabar? atau sebulan sekali? atau telefon apabila terlintas di fikiran?
Untuk kesekian kalinya... mungkin untuk hari ini atau bila-bila... kita rapatkan hubungan kita yg kononnya dewasa ini dengan bonda kita... juga ayahanda... Tersentuh jiwa mereka tatkala mendengar suara kita, berjumpa kita, membawa cucu-cucu mereka... Biarkan mereka tersenyum.... Tersenyum kerana kasih sayang kita... Andai mereka telah tiada.. Doa kita sebagai anak yg soleh sentiasa mengiringinya tanpa mengira masa.... "
To my mum, I miss you so much...Thank you for your doa...Love... support and everything you've given to me...
I am here now to fulfill my dream....
I will always love you so much!!!!
and i am very proud to be Your Son...


Monday, May 04, 2009


Well tagged by Shu

5 Names I go by
a. Zarul
b. Fitri
c. zafi
d. Z
e. Boy

5 Jobs I have had in my life
a. PTD
b. System Analyst
c. Lecturer
d. Researcher
e. Tokey!

5 Places I have lived before
a. Kl
b. Kedah
c. United Kingdom

5 TV Shows that I watch currently
a. Britain Got Talent
b. BBC news
c. Buletin utama ulangan
d. Tonight the Night shows
e. Britain Got more talent

5 places I have been
a. Malaysia
b. Thailand
c. UK
d. France
e. Singapore

5 People that e-mail/contact me regularly
a. Parent
b. Fendey
c. Plymouth members
d. -
e. -

5 of my favorite foods
a. ayam palembang
b. food kat chillies
c. tom yam kg baru
d. Ikan bakar
e. Satay

5 things I would like to do

a. finish my studying
b. buy my own house
d. Kahwin
e. bawak kapal selam :P

5 Things I am looking forward to
a. Jadi Dr Buku
b. Dapat anak sendiri
c. Jadi papa yg best
d. Jadi anak yg soleh n bahagiakan my family
e. kaya!!! over kah?

5 friends I think will respond[Takde paksaaan...]
sapa yg rasa nak buat. ya silakan....

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Gloomy but not me!
Unfair!!!! Krispy Kreme in Msia .... really cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!
On my way back to Plymouth
Dato Ct?
pose.. :P

I went to London to meet Linda.
Well the journey took me more than 3 hours. phewww!~
However i enjoyed it very much.
I met her aunt and Bro
We went the place that i used to be with my Colleague long2 time ago. hahahahahah :P
Nothing much to talk about.
Everything... pretty similar liked before.
We had our lunch at Bayswater.
As usual Nandos.
Well my mission accomplished for 2 days in London.
Now im back in Plymouth.
My journey is now start with many challenges..
many things happen in front of me.
Stress? Happy?Enjoy?Sad? Yeap....
I am ready now. To sail away on my dreams!
Wish me luck!

P/s : Thanks very much to Linda for the excellent hospitality.