Thursday, December 10, 2009

An unforgettable days

Happy Eid
I know.. yeah i know...
it has been ages...
i didn't mean to stop from blogging
but so many things need to be done..
well student! i mean life as a student!
mature student.. aha...
interesting? yeah... sort of!
well where should i start?

Weekend in Birmingham
I met my colleagues from Birmingham and Sheffield
and my junior from Warwick
what a day!
The journey took me up to 4 hours by train
from Plymouth to Birmingham
Hana(Birmingham) and Shimah(Sheffield) both are doing computer science PhD research while Shena with her MSc in Finance (Warwick)
It was groovyyyy .. yeah!! i admit it!
even though it was raining during our trip to Central Birmingham
but it didn't stopped us at all to laugh, took pictures and to eat
again.. main agenda eat and eat and eat!!!
Yeah it was German Market at night in Birmingham.... German in Birmingham?? market??
Don't ask me.. Go figure! :p
As far as i'm concern Birmingham is the 2nd largest muslims community
after London... Yeah... Lots of halal food.. subway halal... nandos halal.. dominos halal... lots of halal butcher...
huhuhuhhu :D

It was a lovely day...
we went for Eid prayer at the nearest mosque at 9 am
Well I managed to do my open house..
actually the only open house event - Pot luck session
Thanks to Afiq and anas for the superb kuah lontong
Kak Mazni for the authentic chicken rendang
Shue for love lovely home made fruit cake!
Oyis for the excellent "pulut inti manis"!!! I don't know how to call it.. :D

Evening in Plymouth university
It was unplanned event
Shue, Jan, Bard , Afiq and Anas ..and me~
we walked around the campus to spot a good place to take a picture
yeah we mean it! A lovely one!
To show others how autumn looks like! konon!!!! :P
Actually it was for fun..

Well i am now seating at my seat
Put my heater on and a cup of tea on the table!
Research... yeah progress but a bit slow...
My next appointment with my supervisor will be next Monday!
I need to work hard and smart!
Long list of things to do...
Yeah i admit life is a struggle..
only people who are tough can go far..
to achieve what they want to be
It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave
don't shut love out of your life by saying
it's impossible to find
the easiest way to receive love is to give love
and the best way to keep it
is to give it wings
meaning Don't dismiss your dreams.
I rest my case...Thanks

cheers Folks!
Take care!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009



Lyrics | Michael Jackson Lyrics | Smile Lyrics

More than words...
to certain extend
i manage to confront it
its difficult
i wish i can solve everything
yes i know it takes time!
It needs courage ... determination... effort...
Don't let our life slip through our fingers
by living in the past or for the future
by living our life one day at a time
we'll live all the days of our life!
May Allah granted me with rahmah and hidayah...

I am still smiling :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It has been ages... :)


i know it has been ages..
I am sorry for not updating with my latest info!
Yes, it has been a tough and quite tiring month after Eid..
Even though i spent some time went to certain place
To spend my time in front of my laptop and writing on my blog is not as easy task!
you must wondering why? :D
I need to focus and concentrate though!
I wish i could write everything and sharing with you people
so where should i start?

Alhamdulillah it went very well...
Manage to complete fasting in Ramadhan and 6 days fasting in Syawal.
Afiq and i made some cookies : Choc chips, Raisin n oat cookies, Honey cornflakes in cup and cornflakes cookies!
Menu for raya:Malay rice cake(nasi impit), peanut sauce, chicken rendang, instant lemang, fried noodle, spicy potatoes with anchovies, Bread butter pudding with strawberry and blueberry etc...
After the Eid prayer everyone gathered at my house as their 1st destination
Yeah... i enjoyed the day very much..

Trip to Salisbury- Stonehenge and Old Sarum
I join university trip and only paid GBP15 for the transportation.
It took me roughly 3 hours from Plymouth to Salisbury, Southampton.
I bet you people have heard about stonehenge.
This was my 2nd visit. I went to Stonehenge for the 1st time when i was studying in London in 2006. Yes nothing much change! its just a rocks!
Yeap meaningful for British people as their historical ancient symbol.
People all around the world comes here to enjoy view of Stonehenge!
Please enjoy the pictures

Old Sarum
erm.. Nothing much i can say about it.
It was known as a splendid Catheral long time ago.
It was then abandoned and destroyed!
I'll show you some pictures

My journey to Penzane, Cornwall - Lands End
What do you understand from the name?
Yes if you define it literally you will get the real meaning of it
Most people would say the Lands End is the most southerly area of Great Britain!
Its not actually.
The most southerly area is known as Lizard Point! well i've never been there!
But i bet its there. :P
Lands End view was fantastic!
Super windy... on top of the hill... Superb high cliff...
Thanks to Hasnol who brought me there with his car! I owe u one mate!
Again please enjoy the lovely pictures

Minack Theatre!
Minnack means Rocky place
Its not so far from Lands End... i reckon it just few miles away... :)
Its open theatre facing the blue sea...
I can't describe the beautiful scenery...
the outstanding panorama from the hilly side of the theatre
its awesome guys! have a look!!!
Plays:Romeo & Juliet, beauty and the beast,Evita, Othello, classical songs, opera etc were presented here with affordable price!
I would say its normally sold out all the time
I promise to come back again and be on the audience soon!

Last but not least
My research
so far so good
Yeah there are some progress but its a bit slow
I will conduct an online survey very soon
and i really hope to get you people out there to promote my survey
i really appreciate your helps guys!
I have met my supervisors accordingly
useful advises based on previous discussion! to certain extend i really hope someone
can "push" me :)
I will not give up easily guys...
Yes doing PhD is very difficult however
if other people manage to go through it
sail away successfully
i believe i can do it too...
to be without dreams is to be without hope
to be without hopes is to be without purpose
Life is not a race but its a journey
journey to be savored
each step of the way!

Wish me luck!
Take care folks!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Eid Mubaraq / Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

Ya Allah

Andai aku diberi kesempatan

Biarlah aku diberi peluang untuk mengecapi sekali lagi Ramadhanmu

Biarlah aku diberi peluang untuk mengimarahkan malam-malam mu

Sesungguhnya aku ini hanya lah insan kerdil

Yang hanya menanti detik dan waktu untuk mengadapmu…

Ya Allah

Doaku kau sejahtera keluargaku, saudara maraku dan sahabat handai ku

Moga diberi petunjuk dan dibukakan pintu hati

Untuk bertaubat dan patuh kepada mu

Ya Allah

Kau bukakan pintu hatiku

Agar yang tersimpul mampu dileraikan

Agar yang tersirat mampu diterjemahkan

Sesungguhnya kau yang Maha Mengetahui dan Mengasihi hamba-hambamu…

Ya Allah

Aku berdoa dan mengharap petunjuk darimu

Moga hambamu ini sentiasa tabah

Dalam meniti batas usia

Yang penuh pancaroba

Meniti hari-harinya

Moga diberi ruang untuk

Berubah menjadi yang lebih baik

Dan mengharap bertemu

Kembali Ramadhan yang akan datang


"Salam penuh takzim

Andai ada tutur kata yang mengguris perasaan, perbuatan yang terkhilaf, ampun dan maaf dipinta.

Sesungguhnya diri ini hanya insan yang tidak lari dari melakukan kesilapan.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

Happy Eid Mubaraq

May Allah bless us with wonderful journey of life

Great day ahead!"

Take care


Zarul Fitri zaaba

University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long long Entry :)

Alluring and tempting
Hotel Sacher
Famous Sacher chocolate cake
Classical Hofburg Theatre - standing area EUR 3-5

Culture + blue = ?
Zali Anas Me Im
At scene- Thinking...
Lovely couple- bow when you give money
Nice people... but need money

Salamz to all
i am so sorry for not updating my blog
its more than a month!! auch...
what a shame! :P
well its kinda mixed up entry...
unstructured scene... hope u people can catch up! cheers! :)
i have started my 1st stage in research.
Yeap long way to go...
i need to be more focus...
set up strategy to ensure i meet the plan...

Scene 1
Well happy Birthday to me on 24th July...
Tq for the cards and lovely gifts...
not to forget... your kind words in FB text messages etc...
i appreciate it very much mates!!!!

Giant Chess- dare to play with me?
Long Bus
Bratislava Castle
View from Castle - Danube River 1
View from Castle - Danube River 2
Souvenir shops in Bratislava
High Street
Weired building
A friend from Royal Holloway Univ of London - Imran

Scene 3
Well on weekend
a group of students from IPICS decided to go to Bratislava
located only an hour from Vienna by bus!
oh Bratislava located besides Austria and Hungary!
well all along the way at the famous Danube river...
Yes... you can enjoy the cruise from Vienna to Bratislava!
I went there on Sunday where most of the shop CLOSED!
Bratislava nice city!
Not so expensive.... especially the souvenirs part... hahhahaha :P
People = not well verse in English so its a bit problematics!!
Not really a big place... the centre itself provided lots of tourist attraction
just liked Vienna...
Film n music festival (world) 09 near Schottentor universitat
In the middle of street near stephans-platz
Sun shiny day
Kaiserappartements sisi museum
Model? :P
Vienna from top of hill
Cottage style

Who?Closed up
Roustam n me

Albetina Museum
Ice creams - yeap the famous one
Famous Musician skull guess who?
Dedicated and outstanding tourist guide! kudos!
Hofburg areas

Scene 2
well so many thing to talk about...
i will start with my journey to Vienna...
i went to Vienna from 24 July until 8 August 2009 for my IPICS
Intensive programme on information adn communication technology
in unviversity of technology Vienna...
Yup 2 weeks in Vienna!
what a lovely days!!!! hahahhaa
met new friends new culture new style new environment...
I enjoyed it very much....
i would consider to come back once again to bring my colleagues!
well it was a crash course agenda for me!
revision on what have your learnt in your Msc...
Yup... i couldnt agree more.
My supervisor Prof Steven Furnell was one of the best presenter!!!
proud! :D
what do you think 2 weeks in Vienna?
spent most of leisure time visited historical place...
ate different style of foods...
italian, kebab, ice creams, cakes... bla bla bla...
Cost of living?
huh its pretty expensive!!!
My summary on Vienna:
Souvenir = expensive
Food = Quite expensive
halal = easy to find
ice cream = awesome
people = fair enough
customer service = sou sou
Tourist attraction = Superb

Enjoy the pictures...
i had a great experience in Vienna...
Even though not on my accommodation! (keep it to myself :P)
oh btw
Lots of Muslims people in Vienna came from Turkey...
my tourist guide told me that Muslims was 2nd largest community in Vienna
How interesting!
so dont worry about food mate! hahahhaha
Kebab everywhere
just liked "mamaks" restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
easy to fine! :) so enjoy!
New life with new culture...
we learnt how to appreciate to stay with other people
from different background... different races... different religion....
communicate with others
and dont be shame!
If language become the barrier then learn... :)

Now back to Plymouth...
continue my mission...
its not the end yet as my journey still at the initial stage...
Ramadhan is just around the corner....
Salamz Ramadhan to all muslims...
Yeap i miss bazar Ramadhan and all the tempting foodz...
the most essential aspects...
fasting with patience and modesty!
Refrain from unessential activities
Its the time for us to ask for forgiveness, ask for guidance and doa
to purify through good deeds..

Take care all...
i will come and visit your blog very soon!