Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Syukran.... I am so pleased!

With my CSCAN group - Thank you for a lovely party Guys
Left- Danny, Dr Li, Dr Ingo, Olivier, Erwan, Najem, Hussain, Me, Ben, Ghasib
Seat- Wahid, Mahmood, Saad and Janny


After a long wait then it turns out to be good outcome!  I had passed my Viva-Voce.
Thank you so much to my family, supervisors. CSCAN colleagues and friends.
Guess what? I had live my life abroad since 2006. Even though I had a year break in 2008 but the separation period from my family and my country is what I could categorise as "sacrifice"!

To be honest, there are lots than you could imagine the hurdles that I have gone through within these periods of time. I am so pleased and thankful! This great journey taught me to become a better person. I have learnt to become more analytical and to think outside of the box!

Thank you so much everyone for a great support!

The party was held on Monday 17 June 2013. I really appreciate all the efforts by these people! One happy family at home. I am going to miss you guys so much! I'm going to miss the jokes and fun... :(

I am coming home... Yes... home!!! But I will be back again to this Land for another mission. Soon...

Next mission to be accomplished. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Its the final battle phase.
Huh? Hectic!

A friend used to tell me "Let it be.. Just follow the path"
InsyaAllah. I believe in God's will.

Will be back again soon.
Hibernation mode? Sighs...