Monday, January 13, 2014

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014


Penuh bersawang!!! (Batoks...Bersin...)

When you start doing your work you need to concentrate to one. I remember in my Public speaking class during my undergraduate; Mr victor told us about "put first thing first". Yes I put the priority but seriously too much work to do until I can't even update my blog.... (konon bg alasan kan? )

Helping my colleague to organise an event with "orang asli" in Kampung Tangkai Cermin, Perak. I was so blessed having group of dedicated students. We worked even on Saturday and Sunday to ensure that our "Celik IT" modules at the best level. Guys, I hope I would be able to work with you again. Oh yes, we had really much fun in Kampung. I can see that lots of thing we can do to help these people. They are lacking of much of what we get in big city. I suggest if you could "try" and wear the same shoes like them. berani?

New year resolution? None! Celebration? None! I just stayed at home and tengok fireworks from the balcony. Nice! It was liked 30 minutes show. Non-stop whilst having my cup of green tea.

Oh yes, I went back to Kl to visit my parent. I miss my mum's cooking very much. Mommy's boy :D
Sempat pusing2 and minum2 with them in Kg Baru. We talked about so many things... life, ambition, good old days etc... Memang best lah.... And lots of thing to prepare in KL as well. Adalah macam2 family event :)

Preparation with new material.... Not really sure about lecture for the next semester but most probably "PROGRAMMING" will be the one! Was offered "ALGORITHM" paper as well but at the moment would prefer to focus on one. :) Hmmm.. sometime benda yang kita tak nak lah yang selalunya kita dapat... kan? Good luck lah to me! Yes.. Coding... Phd coding... and now coding again.... Hoh!

Conference paper: My supervisor did asked me about sending a conference paper. But now diam dulu sebab tak dapat ilham nak jawab apa.... ishk.... This is life anyway! Chill!

I remember quotes from Audrey Hepburn "The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters".

Makanya hidup ini indah. Kerana kita yang mencorakkan hari-hari yang kita lalui.... Next mission?

Biarlah rahsia.... :D