Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Open House

Dear All,
Domestically and internationally... wakakakkakaak :P

Do come to my open house on 3 nov 2007
at 12.30 ...
No 2 Jalan Jaya Empat
Taman Jaya
Bandar Tun Razak
Beside HUKM...
anything buzz me 0193798795

Do come!!!!
I hope to see you people!!!
i will cook marvelous foods ... hahahahha
so check it out!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Eid Mubaraq

Salamz to all
sElamat HaRi RaYa
Maaf ZaHIR & bATIN
WHAT A surprise!!!
i met milla n mr kambenk at Midvalley...
the best part milla so malu2 kambenk to approach me
kene jugak her mr kambenk start to approach me...
gosh... u both so nice n kawai!
sesuai!!!! :P
went to window shopping with ash..
end up beli clarks n food n food....
to all friends selamat hari raya
ampun maaf andai ade salah silap
drive carefully eh!
oh ya my open house will be announced soon! :P
not the 2nd week sebab ade org tu ade exam. hahahhaha
ok guys take care!
salamzzzzzzz :)

btw : im pround of dr sheikh muzaffar n kapten faiz...our astronauts.... :)
you go guys! A history has just begun...!


Triple play yg tak tau play
lagik fat
chegu shena k farah
me ap zul
Again buke pose n celebrated Kak Farah's Birthday!
happy belated birthday!!!!
sorry guys!
kene lazer sebab lama tak hapdate blog...
kangen banget sama semua..
busy lately....
anyway this ramadhan sangat bermakna for me....
i hope that kita dapat imarahkan bulan yang penuh keberkatan
i miss my friends in london...
dont worry
i will eat the ketupat n lemang for you people eh!
larikkkkkkkkkkkk :P
oh pics from ap.... tq

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Buke pose

At last

Sorry guys.. Im kinda busy lately... i guess i ate too much food slept too much and much in everything...
erm... well so many thing happened these few weeks....
Ok lah now im talking about buke puasa with some friends in Subang
The event was so nice
but tak makan banyak... hahahhahah Dunno why!
I missed all of them...
the main reason i joined the buke puasa was to meet them
my Friends...
Thanks very much to all of you
Thanks to Kak ct , Kak Cita n the rest for a lovely pics...