Wednesday, March 19, 2008


-Beautifool Faces at the Jetty-

-A Frame-
-All rise-
-Awesome and peaceful-
-The scenery from the watch tower 1-
-Good monkey, i guess these monkey adore me so much-
-At the entrance-
-The Seminar Room-

E'am Back!!!!
Gosh my trip to Kuala Selangor Nature Park and for sure
i didnt miss Kg Kuantan Fireflies....
The journey from kl took me almost 2 hours due hectic of the traffics!
Kuala Selangor Nature Park
The location was in the centre of Kuala Selangor and easy access by anyone!
a bit confusing on the entrance from the main road!

The mangroves
Mudflats, types of wild life
Think twice before you enter! hahahahhaha :P

Species of monkeys, birds, otters, crabs,! This was the only place that had 4 types of mud skipper in the world! i cant even recognized the difference!
The scenery, surroundings... cant describe by words! -pictures-

I stayed in A-frame chalet! Only Rm25 per day with basic equipments! Nice one!!!
Thrill wo! hahahhaha

That nite
spent almost 2 hours in Kg Kuantan
I remember the little fairies in the bedtime story book!
Maybe the fireflies looked the same... poyos!
With Rm10 , the boatman will rowe along the river to show the fireflies(Kelip-kelip)
oh by the way, these species only live on berembang tree
they told me that only 2 places in the world where you can find fireflies
Malaysia and Brazil- Amazon River maybe... :)

Flashing on and off, over and over again with thousand of it...
Thanks God for a great creation!
The boatman brought me nearer to the tree
i managed to touch the kelip-kelip...
so small... with non stop flashing!

Gosh i really enjoyed during these
unforgettable trip!
Enjoy the pics!

Monday, March 10, 2008

In love with elephants

me half half
Im in black

huh lets main air
Baby is Crying...
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary!
I miss my elephants....
This was the 1st Elephant Relocation Team in Malaysia...
The centre brilliantly managed to educate people on elephant plight in Malaysia.....
Kuala Gandah not really far from Kuala Lumpur...
Only 2 hours using karak highways...
with the serene and awesome environment along the highways!
The journey was great and successfully!
A day trip but ive learnt so many thing about elephants!
Go and help save our eco-system

-An Elephant-