Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Peram" story

I’m back. It’s kind of playing “cak-cak” or like eating biscuit “ sekejap ada sekejap tak ade”. I have been struggling to finish my system development. Alhamdulillah, just waiting for the final approval to proceed and of course I will ask for all of you to help me. I’ll let you know the details later on. At the same time struggling to finish writing papers! Oh hectic!
Oh I have bought my new gadget! Ipad 2. I have to queue early and of course using my diplomacy and tricky method to buy 2 instead of one ipad albeit only one ipad per person! :D It’s super long queues with so many “geek “ people who can’t wait to enjoy the ipad 2. Instead of buying it directly from Apple store, I have decided to go to Pc World. Yet, it was a bit far from my place and I have to hire a taxi! I can’t imagine how excited all others to get a new ipad.
Please enjoy some lovely dovely pictures!
After using this ipad for few days, I presume it is a great gadget! Very sleek design with fast processor and you look super cool when using it :D It’s much lighter comparing the 1st generation of ipad. The new innovation that make people can’t wait to enjoy is for sure the front and back camera. So now you can use the facetime (Not really great pixel but it’s better than nothing). I think Apple might enhance certain features in the next series of Ipad. Or it will remain the same? Based on my reading from Internet, Apple had a typical problem with Camera Issues. But I’m not so sure whether this is fact or not! I back to defer!
It’s been 2 years in Plymouth now. I am enjoying myself and able to cope my life very well. It might be because I used to live in Uk before. Those experiences thought me to be a better person and be sensible on any occasion that I faced. Culture is not really a matter now comparing to the first timer people! I have met people who can’t even mix up with local people even afraid to speak English with them. Well they don’t bite you anyway. They will try to understand you at no cost!! Trust me, it might be difficult for you to understand them at first but then again through experience you learn how to be a good communicator! In a way, you have chosen abroad to pursue your study right? So bear with it! Learn and share the knowledge. Have fun and speak up!
Sooner or later I will be back to Malaysia. My country and the place I was born. Again mix feelings because I love to be in Uk and No doubt Malaysia. By any reason I think Malaysia will always be a better place to live…
Happily ever after.
Ameen Ya Rabb

Monday, March 21, 2011

oh weather a.k.a cuaca

It's weired
It's spring but the frigidity make me always wondering...
It's a sun shiny day, but I have no choice
still need to wear 2 pieces of clothes
No flip flops yet! No short!
I can't wait to enjoy the day Like I live my life back home In Asia..
My solemn promise!

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Dunia ini ibarat sebuah pentas. Punya penghujung ada turun naiknya.ada ruang untuk berlari juga untuk bersembunyi. Begitu juga kehidupan kita. Ada masa suka dan duka. Hari ini kita gembira sambil tertawa mana tahu esok kita berduka nestapa. Kita dijadikan untuk mengisi kekosongan dunia memeriahkan suasana. Bicara yang lebih tepat khalifah di bumi tuhan yang agung. Bermakna kita memegang amanat untuk melestarikan kehidupan yang sesungguhnya hanya sementara. Tapi kita selalu alpa.. kita seringkali leka... kita punya agama untuk disandarkan.. setiap baris kata tingkah laku berasaskan pegangan kita... baik dan buruk perkara, kita yang tentukan... kita yang sebenarnya memilih untuk menjadi "siapa" dan bukan orang lain. walaupun sudah ditentukan tuhan. Namun kita berusaha untuk menjadi "siapa" yang kita idamkan. Angan-angan "siapa" itu tidak mustahil untuk dikejar. Kudrat dan akal fikiran yang tuhan anugerahkan kenapa tidak kita manfaatkan? adakah terlambat untuk merubah "siapa" itu sekarang lantaran zaman muda mudah disia-siakan. Yang punya generasi, didiklah mereka agar mereka tidak tergolong di kalangan mereka yang leka. Bentuklah mereka agar perjalanan hidup mereka dari kecil penuh keindahan walaupun punya suka dan suka. Curahhkan kasih didikan sempurna sifat ihsan dalam melestarikan kehidupan agar "siapa" yang dipilih oleh mereka itu nanti tidak akan pernah dikesali.