Sunday, June 08, 2008


Scary Hair
im still alive!!!!!
erm... better it remains as a secret
so many things happen and
im still here!
yup absolutely things which make me feel uncomfortable!
oh btw
i only hold the award on behalf of somebody in one occasion.. :P

pic courtesy fr kak ct :P
front fr left : kak zu, kak lily da lawyer, jue the geeks, my little sis, ap n intan, my mum, ila, my dad, my uncle
top fr left: faizal sengih, mujah bestman, me, zul, kak norli da crazy gal, kak citass

yups, not to late to congratulate ap on his wedding
congrats bro.
at last en ap & pn Intan as husband & wife :)
my turn? hahahhahahahha