Friday, December 26, 2008

My journey + Maal Hijrah + Doa

after few months
after working for thousand hours
day and night
i have decided to choose this University...
Wish me luck
i need your support :)
I already miss my friends, lecturers and univ in London
Well.. i am not staying in the same univ after this..
so many things to be considered!
Its almost 2 hours from central London...
Not so far .. :P
I am quite familiar using public transport especially from Reading...
Not to Oxford Village okkkk~!!!
New environment, new people, new culture and of course new place for me!
Yeap... very near to the sea!
To my parent, Thanks for the Doa - Hajj...
I will miss everyone here again!!! :(
Sad and happy
Plymouth... here i come............ :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all!
Salamz MAAL HIJRAH 1430
May Allah Bless us...
with courage and strength
so that we can sail away our journey in future... Amin

A good friend of mine admitted to Hospital due to Pneumonia...
he looked so different! Tired.. weak.... :(
Do pray may Allah give him good health...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


endearing smile.. xoxoxo Bro n sis
Sun shiny day with extraordinary people
oh lalalala
Dashing and radiant Smile .. hahahahha
i wish to have that car
My lit sis, Rizal n Shafik
Portugal's pit stop.. i cant remember which round
Quick snap shots!
Check check and check Vrommmmm....

The weather is nice
The air was sweet
as clear as crystal
it was held in Sepang Circuit!
Awesome day and hot
Thanks very much to Kak Joen for the tickets...
I went there with my sister n friend-Rizal
Shafik came a bit late as he was directly from Johore
well people, i enjoyed the show very much!
More than 20 thousand people i guess
it was crowded... Food?
Its really expensive.. What can u say about it?
You entered a new world named - Sepang circuit.. cheh
Yes for sure its unfair...
Lucky for us, as we managed to "seludup" some food from outside!
Nobody dare to check our bags.. hihihihihi
Well im proud to be Malaysian... and i dont even condemn others...
When Mr Fairuz Fauzy the A1 team Malaysia passing by, everyone shouted and gosh
you can see clearly how Malaysian react on that!
Everywhere with Flags, caps, t shirt in yellow colors! :)
Malay, Indian and chinese i mean everyone seems already known each other as they were talking, shouting and supporting the team they liked... United.
My seats was in front of the pit stop of Switzerland and portugal team...
well i did offered some tickets to my friends but most of them MIA and busy with other stuff
i had 2 more unused tickets.... sorry cant offered to u people earlier....
last minutes tickets.. LOL
ok folks, till then
Have a good day ahead!
Take care!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Salam Eid Adha

Off for few days!
Busy to adjudicate for Royal Debate Competition in IIUM(International Islamic University Malaysia]
I met my talented juniors!
well guys... i love you people so much!
i'll update the news soon!
Need some rest especially sleep! gosh tired!
take care all!

Salam Eid Adha to all....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Talent, Eat and Joy

Thanks for a nice pic
Kak Norli i know why? :P
Serious feeling!
Groupy - i know u people!!!!

Istana Budaya/National Theatre

You can listen his song in my blog - Terima kasih cinta

Hey ho!
This week event become so interesting!
i have met new people and shared new stuff!
Seriously i enjoy it very much!
Thanks to Rizal, Kak cita and Kak Joen
What a day! :P
Anyway people,
do u people know anything about young n talented singer from Indonesia - AFGAN?
Seriously he is awesome!
very talented and ive met him in person....
Well i went to Istana hotel for his launching ceremony of Afgan's new album
Some pictures to share with you!
ive met few Malaysian singers/actress etc at the ceremony...
My Favorite songs in his album
1. Padamuku bersujud
2.Terima kasih cinta
4. Sadis
many stuff in you tube related to his performance!
CAT farish offered Impak Maksima the musical theatre tickets...:)
Token of appreciation to him.... Thanks bro...
Very down to earth!
Major improvement need to be done in this Theatre! Seriously! :)

Sari Ratu

Selection of foods

Partners in crime

Green and green


guess how much it cost?:P

Ayam Kampung i guess


Eating time!!!
before that i went to have lunch at SARI ratu
The food is quite ok
Nice environment and nice people! Cosy!
Ngomong Indonesia sih... :P
Had very simple and standard menu
Sari RATU - Nasi padang stuff! = Waroeng Penyet at the Curve
so many dishes to choose from fish, chicken, vegs, meat, shrimps etc
even one famous dish known as "Tunjang"- 'mcm urat saraf' :P
i dont know how to describe.. Go figure!
kind of enjoy it! :)

Overall it was a great2 day!
met new people....
listened to the soothing voice from Afgan
made me flying without wings. Poyos! ------> GROOPYYY
To all have a great day...
take care! :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Exploration of Places

SeaFood Platter With diff types of Shrimps
With Kak Cita- Hey you look different
Forrest Gump
Fish n chips
ERM... i forgot this menu... Sort of Lemon fish bla bla bla

Location Bubba Gump -The Curve
Location Seoul Bulgogi - TM (They have change the restaurant name i guess)
Location Muhibbah Seafood - Tmn Tun
Location The Apartment- The Curve Pic
Im kind of "peram" stories .. Lots actually
This entry about spending your time by eating eating eating and loitering! nahhh... meeting people
outside your boundary.(Skema)
Oh btw the event happened in different places...
About the bubba stuff.. Yeap the food looks great! TASTE = ok... Price = Go Figure
Quite Cosy and Good place
Warning : not for the allergic people

Burning... burning...

Say NO to Cholesterol?
Lying beside you
The Seoul Bulgogi
Nice food quite nice environment!
Price not so expensive
A bit tricky to get there...If you're seafood eater.. i mean hardcore fans... Go Figure

The Place
Nana-K Cita-Ehem2-K Wan (excited face)

Squid a.k.a Sutun
Buttered Prawns
Black Pepper Beef - NANA'S FAV
Ouch Missing? kak cita please answer... :P

I like Muhibbah Seafood very much.
ive made reservation 1st before we came!
The foods awesome!
The environment is quite pack but you can still enjoy your food very much...
Dont forget to try the hot Chinese tea while eating!
Ask for some more peanut if you want to...
MAmma Mia!
Bonne Petit!
Oh oh btw Price = Its Worth your money...

Baked Chocolate with vanilla ice cream
Walnut Crepes with caramel sauce
Chocolate mousse -The fattening one... Seriously its Rich!

The menu

tnemtrapa eht

The environment of the apartment is quite Ok.
the deco seems to be pretty nice!
A bit dark at the top floor(Smoking areas)
Foreigner working in Our Country....? Yup here in this place you can find them
The population more than 70 % i guess! = mamaks kot... :P
Im saying about the truth... I wish i could see "our" faces come to you and assisst you!
Some seats are very comfortable but others seems to be pretty odd!
Go figure!
FOOD? well not so bad.... we eat only the dessert! Bloated after the seafood in Muhibbah!
warning : Beware the Luxurious of the Chocolate - Its Fat

Well meeting people and eat together is a must for everyone.
I enjoy it very much...
Its the time for you to share your happiness, thoughts
A good time to laugh and to have fun! -LAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE-
Tq to all especially K cita n Nana...(Crime Partners) Nic pictures, Nice stuff and absolutely Nice people!
Well plan to go to Johore and Singapore soon...
Anyone? :P


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


3 Years old
With Uncle Amin
Good son
Salut... Cava?
Hmmmm tidy up my room.
Saw one vintage album in the drawer... then lots of picture... Yeap vintage one!
By the way my parent sent me to our neighbour's house which is not far from my house... (nenek's house)
Nenek raised all of my siblings plus some other siblings from different family.. hehehhehe make it a bit complicated!
I went to nenek's house and she gave me these pictures....
i said i wanted to borrow and made some copies...
Nenek cried when she started to tell me about the past... All an unforgettable moment with me and other kids in the house...
Yeap...Yeap... i am the one who are chubby, cute and adorable...always kah kah kah kah~!
even until now....
Stayed with them until 5 years old. I thank god for giving me the oppurtunity to meet a great family. They raised me just liked their own family members. Alhamdulillah....
My parent went to perform the Hajj. Approximately 45 days. Mama called me this morning.
Both of them in good condition. Madinah a bit cold. This Friday they will go to Mekah after spent more than a week in Madinah.
Doa from me and all of you.. Hope everything goes well.... (Mabrur)
Till then have a good day. I'll tell you some new things soon.
A bientot... Aurevoir!

Monday, November 10, 2008

im Back

Hello guys!!!!!
im so sorry! MIA.... well not my intention .. ive met some bloggers lately
Totally busy with work and research
Belated selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin, belated birthday to all, belated etc...
again im so sorry...
i'll update with some new things later...

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Scary Hair
im still alive!!!!!
erm... better it remains as a secret
so many things happen and
im still here!
yup absolutely things which make me feel uncomfortable!
oh btw
i only hold the award on behalf of somebody in one occasion.. :P

pic courtesy fr kak ct :P
front fr left : kak zu, kak lily da lawyer, jue the geeks, my little sis, ap n intan, my mum, ila, my dad, my uncle
top fr left: faizal sengih, mujah bestman, me, zul, kak norli da crazy gal, kak citass

yups, not to late to congratulate ap on his wedding
congrats bro.
at last en ap & pn Intan as husband & wife :)
my turn? hahahhahahahha

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


-Beautifool Faces at the Jetty-

-A Frame-
-All rise-
-Awesome and peaceful-
-The scenery from the watch tower 1-
-Good monkey, i guess these monkey adore me so much-
-At the entrance-
-The Seminar Room-

E'am Back!!!!
Gosh my trip to Kuala Selangor Nature Park and for sure
i didnt miss Kg Kuantan Fireflies....
The journey from kl took me almost 2 hours due hectic of the traffics!
Kuala Selangor Nature Park
The location was in the centre of Kuala Selangor and easy access by anyone!
a bit confusing on the entrance from the main road!

The mangroves
Mudflats, types of wild life
Think twice before you enter! hahahahhaha :P

Species of monkeys, birds, otters, crabs,! This was the only place that had 4 types of mud skipper in the world! i cant even recognized the difference!
The scenery, surroundings... cant describe by words! -pictures-

I stayed in A-frame chalet! Only Rm25 per day with basic equipments! Nice one!!!
Thrill wo! hahahhaha

That nite
spent almost 2 hours in Kg Kuantan
I remember the little fairies in the bedtime story book!
Maybe the fireflies looked the same... poyos!
With Rm10 , the boatman will rowe along the river to show the fireflies(Kelip-kelip)
oh by the way, these species only live on berembang tree
they told me that only 2 places in the world where you can find fireflies
Malaysia and Brazil- Amazon River maybe... :)

Flashing on and off, over and over again with thousand of it...
Thanks God for a great creation!
The boatman brought me nearer to the tree
i managed to touch the kelip-kelip...
so small... with non stop flashing!

Gosh i really enjoyed during these
unforgettable trip!
Enjoy the pics!