Wednesday, December 10, 2008


endearing smile.. xoxoxo Bro n sis
Sun shiny day with extraordinary people
oh lalalala
Dashing and radiant Smile .. hahahahha
i wish to have that car
My lit sis, Rizal n Shafik
Portugal's pit stop.. i cant remember which round
Quick snap shots!
Check check and check Vrommmmm....

The weather is nice
The air was sweet
as clear as crystal
it was held in Sepang Circuit!
Awesome day and hot
Thanks very much to Kak Joen for the tickets...
I went there with my sister n friend-Rizal
Shafik came a bit late as he was directly from Johore
well people, i enjoyed the show very much!
More than 20 thousand people i guess
it was crowded... Food?
Its really expensive.. What can u say about it?
You entered a new world named - Sepang circuit.. cheh
Yes for sure its unfair...
Lucky for us, as we managed to "seludup" some food from outside!
Nobody dare to check our bags.. hihihihihi
Well im proud to be Malaysian... and i dont even condemn others...
When Mr Fairuz Fauzy the A1 team Malaysia passing by, everyone shouted and gosh
you can see clearly how Malaysian react on that!
Everywhere with Flags, caps, t shirt in yellow colors! :)
Malay, Indian and chinese i mean everyone seems already known each other as they were talking, shouting and supporting the team they liked... United.
My seats was in front of the pit stop of Switzerland and portugal team...
well i did offered some tickets to my friends but most of them MIA and busy with other stuff
i had 2 more unused tickets.... sorry cant offered to u people earlier....
last minutes tickets.. LOL
ok folks, till then
Have a good day ahead!
Take care!


myfisol said... racing..must be great watching the hot cars & girls..hehe

Inah said...

bila nak sambung blaja ni?? enjoying ur life in malaysia yek..huhu :P

Aleeya said...

woaaaaa ni tepegun ni ...zafi takkan tak test naik ke kete2 tu..he hehe

lawa adik zafi..


car racing, kalu anak akak nengok ni mesti x mo balik

alynn said...

arghh gerams xdpt ikut abgboy n enor tgk a1. projek makkah tu la nye psl huhu. klu x, i would have said YES hehe. thank god that projek dh hbs. hows life? bila nk mai umah? r u going back to u-know-where soon? let me know. take care. salam to ur fmly.

arsaili said...

salam..really enjoy urself yea...can see big smile...

Dj_Diddy said...

hi zafi..

LED said...

li'l sis?

kawaii_desu said...

i agree with myfisol: hot cars and hot girls hahah

happy holidays ye