Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The beauty of eid

Salam Eid Adha to all ....
Enjoy this great day
with serenity and calmness
with blessing from God.
Thanks to Allah for all that we have achieved
and this never stop us to be more thankful
and unfailing to be faithful
Salamz Eid Adha

Friday, December 14, 2007


ive just received an e-mail from my course director RHUL - Dr Chez Ciechanowicz
Flabbergasted! xoxoxooxox
As noted
"Following yesterday's College board meeting we can now release the
degree classification results. The ISG does not release the actual exam
marks because responsibility for this lies with the Registry.

Any student that is classified as a RESIT should contact me so that I
can advise them on their resit options.

1. Exam marks should be available for access via the portal
approximately one week from now.

2. The exam office should be posting the official transcripts
approximately two weeks from now.

3. Resit students will receive their resit instructions in the New

4. The degree certificate itself will be posted much later (last year
they were posted in May/June). "

Conclusion : I managed to get Merit for my MSc... Alhamdulillah praised to Allah... Thanks very much guys for the support. :) I need to work harder for my next stage... again... wish me luck and pray for the success!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Im back

erm.... Man In the Middle?
No Fish No skills
Me ... learned something from Mat
Crystal Clear

salamz to all
im so sorry to make you people waiting... cam ade je.. hahahha
well im not in mood to blog .. :(
so many thing happen but better for me to keep it secret
well thanks so much for those who came on my open house ...
it was fun n i really enjoyed to meet you people!
next time i'll cook more ya...
check it out some nice pics from my tok's area in Jitra

i always enjoy with paddy field
superb view! cool and great
you feel like you are in different world...ecehhhh
im not being hypocrete'.... but that the reality...you go back to your village
and taste the sweet of it...
kampung is kampung... and you feel better to look to see and to feel the taste of kampung...
i dont know what do you think about it... Go figure....

erm... i'll update some other things later ya...
take care all...
wish me luck for my next project... tadaaaaaaaa!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Open House

Dear All,
Domestically and internationally... wakakakkakaak :P

Do come to my open house on 3 nov 2007
at 12.30 ...
No 2 Jalan Jaya Empat
Taman Jaya
Bandar Tun Razak
Beside HUKM...
anything buzz me 0193798795

Do come!!!!
I hope to see you people!!!
i will cook marvelous foods ... hahahahha
so check it out!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Eid Mubaraq

Salamz to all
sElamat HaRi RaYa
Maaf ZaHIR & bATIN
WHAT A surprise!!!
i met milla n mr kambenk at Midvalley...
the best part milla so malu2 kambenk to approach me
kene jugak her mr kambenk start to approach me...
gosh... u both so nice n kawai!
sesuai!!!! :P
went to window shopping with ash..
end up beli clarks n food n food....
to all friends selamat hari raya
ampun maaf andai ade salah silap
drive carefully eh!
oh ya my open house will be announced soon! :P
not the 2nd week sebab ade org tu ade exam. hahahhaha
ok guys take care!
salamzzzzzzz :)

btw : im pround of dr sheikh muzaffar n kapten faiz...our astronauts.... :)
you go guys! A history has just begun...!


Triple play yg tak tau play
lagik fat
chegu shena k farah
me ap zul
Again buke pose n celebrated Kak Farah's Birthday!
happy belated birthday!!!!
sorry guys!
kene lazer sebab lama tak hapdate blog...
kangen banget sama semua..
busy lately....
anyway this ramadhan sangat bermakna for me....
i hope that kita dapat imarahkan bulan yang penuh keberkatan
i miss my friends in london...
dont worry
i will eat the ketupat n lemang for you people eh!
larikkkkkkkkkkkk :P
oh pics from ap.... tq

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Buke pose

At last

Sorry guys.. Im kinda busy lately... i guess i ate too much food slept too much and much in everything...
erm... well so many thing happened these few weeks....
Ok lah now im talking about buke puasa with some friends in Subang
The event was so nice
but tak makan banyak... hahahhahah Dunno why!
I missed all of them...
the main reason i joined the buke puasa was to meet them
my Friends...
Thanks very much to all of you
Thanks to Kak ct , Kak Cita n the rest for a lovely pics...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Opssss no press!!!
Awesome people!

salamz to all...
i miss my blog and my friends in RHUL so much...
Its not too late to wish "SALAM RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAQ"..
i really enjoy my day at home...
my journey from London to Msia quite smooth...
I bought so many things especially chocolates... hahahhaha
Everyone seemed to be flabbergasted to see me... ive changed they said... a lot...
With my long hair, maintain chubby cheek i just gave a big smile... :P
My uncle and my nephew were there at the airport...
That nite, directly spent time with my friends Fendy n Mujah at mapley... Gile. best!!!!!!
stayed up till 3.30 a.m..
Ohooooo before that had a wonderful dinner with family and some relatives and also my neighbours... :P
Ayam Palembang, ikan pari masak asam pedas, sambal belacan with ulam, ikan sambal, etc....
I guess my wight naik so sudden after that... hahahhahahah
The next day spent precious moment with ap and the gang ...
plan to met them at awan besar R&R... Satay kAJANg...
Ap came n picked up me at home...
hahhahah hugh him sebab rindu snagat2....
waiting for Kak norli, kak cita n jue...
when they saw me, they shouted....
uve changed!!! hugh n kissess.. :P
we talked about so many issues plus gossips among our members...
Laughing tak hingat!!!!
end up at 2 a.m

The next day, went to KLCC...
Met Kak Farah, Radzi, syed and Din also Shena.
Syed n Din just started their official duty as PTD(Peg Tadbir & Diplomatik).. My previous post long2 time ago in JPM.... i salute u guys lah!!!
Shena maintain with her bank negara task!!! islamic banking.. :P
Radzi.. cikgu mithali.. and Kak farah yg always vogue worked in a firm.. Happy belated birthday sis...
after the chit chat, we had our lunch in Little penang cafe... had some char kueh teow and paiti...
marvelous food lah!

Few day later, i went to meet my friends in my previous office
i miss my friends in the computer room... my programmers!
they have changed! Look great n charismatic! bagus2.... :)
bought them some chocolates and asked kak Safzah to segregate to Finance department...
Rasa lah sorang sikit... :P
Lunch with Azizul, Zaliman, Ijan and Wan at mamaks in Masjid Jamek Area..
Had some mamaks chicken curry... awesome!!!

fasting month!!!
selamat berpuasa to all!!!
let us imarahkan bulan yang mulia ni bersama-sama...

sorry guys,
MIA for a while...
too exited to be at home
now im helping my mum to buat kueh raya already
mlm i spent time at the surau for tarawikh....
after raya i will start to prepare my research proposal for my study...
wish me luck..
hey gang, any reunion or buke pose????
open table????

to my friends yg dok abroad, have fun ya! selamat berpuasa!!! :)
Nak chocolate? still ade neh! :P

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Im going back

Im going back!!!!
my flight Tonite...!!!
MH 1 at 10.00pm..
I miss everyone here especially my flatmate...
Bhuvan, Mike, Nick, Tom, Collin, Dennis, Steven....
Spent time with bro Zam at Gowar...
cooked ayam panggang and invited
marcus and louis.... he said the chicken was delicious..
mane taknya... ive added serai ginger onion garlic galanga.. semerbak la bau ayam tu...
plus soy sauce, oyster sauce, kicap kipas udang... hheheheheh :P
My luggage is full with gifts!
need to shop somemore at the heathrow ...
Fly me up in the sky.. not to the moon yet...
Malaysia... kangen banget sama lho!!!!
I'll back soon...Uk

Monday, September 03, 2007


Saya diTAG oleh cik Milla dan saya perlu menulis dalam bahasa melayu yang sempurna. Hasilnya seperti di bawah ini:

5 benda dalam beg saya:
  • komputer riba
  • duit GBP 5
  • pen
  • Buku nota
  • Gula-Gula

5 benda dalam beg duit saya:
  • Duit RM
  • Duit GBP
  • Duit EUR
  • Kad hutang
  • Gambar

5 benda faveret dalam bilik bujang saya:
  • Komputer
  • telefon bimbit
  • Jam tangan
  • Diari Mini
  • Perfume

5 perkara yang saya nak lakukan:
  • BAlik rumah
  • Makan masakan keluarga
  • Lepak bersama kawan-kawan
  • Cepat-cepat habis belajar
  • Tidur

5 perkara yang sedang dilakukan:
  • Kemas bilik
  • Buang sampah
  • Tengok filem
  • Baca novel Khaled Hosseini terbaru
  • Kire bintang di langit

5 orang yang saya nak tag?
  • Pinknerd
  • sEAN
  • hAFiZ
  • nADIA
  • Nana

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oxford 2

Tepi Tong!
Bridge! Oxford Bridge kot? lupa...
i was too hungry... havent ate anything since morning... and decided to give an impressive pose..crazy! hahahhahaha :))

It was a good day
i meant of sun shiny day....
Not a gloomy as always ...
called senpai and decided to shop in Oxford..
erm.. Bicester Village? JOm..
home of shopping land...lalallala land....
It was gorgeous...----> watch little Britain.. :P
Spent some money.. some? heheheheheheh
dont asked me anything on what ive bought for myself!!!!
Gosh i was so rambang mata...
BTW.. my dissertation is almost done!
few corrections before my 2nd meeting with my supervisor...
lots of stuff to share but a bit lazy lately...
talk to u later!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Day

Colgate?ada brani?

I havent slept for more than 40 hours!
:( adoiiiiiiiiii
ive submitted my first draft ! im almost done!!!!
i am a zombie now!
oh btw
happy Birthday Tom...
my colleague here!!!
i'll update later on the event!

one more...
happy birthday fendey!!!!!!!
Miss u n the rest !
hey tq for calling me all the time...
Frequent caller... :P
my senpai and ma closed friend...
still remember pulun for our final math paper!!!!
our last minute studied was really2 cool!
yeahhhh We've passed! i didnt even understood what ive learnt! Ngohhh
trip to porto belo market n london tour at nite were fun ~!
gamble with 2 crazy gals!!!
Aha curik the pic from u!!!
i guess i need sleep now....
had some drugss... sleepyy ZzZzZzzzz

Saturday, August 18, 2007


At last
i can breath consistently!!!
First Draft almost completed..
way to go!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Critical week!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007



im so blur!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ally McBeal + Harry Potter

The picture - em doin some relax stuff after lepaking in the library... Konon sun bathing tatkala summer... Lol

Scene 1

im just thinking
that i want to be liked
Ally McBeal for a while...
vonda shepard's voice so awesome in the series...
adore her...
soothing and calminggg...
zafi MacBeal? ngohhh
I always dream to be a lawyer like my elder sister
yep that was my aim long time ago
But due to certain constraints
maka I cant...
no worries!

scene 2

Its so nice staying whole day in Harry Potter's Library...:p
I assumed my Library as Harry's Library..bley?
mY dIssertation Progress so far so good lah!
Already in Chapter 2.. 3 chapter to go...
aja aja!

Scene 3

Ohooo Olive invited me to watch 3D harry Potter in London Imax...
yeap2... i will
if and only if
my dissertation progress

Saturday, July 28, 2007


the exam last for 6 hours...only god knows everything
how difficult it was
have faith!
pass or not...?
well just pray and put hope there...
Lots of terminology that ive never heard before....
adeh la....
sengal la...
need a break!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Me and Me

bukan gambar raya ok... tibe2 ngidam pakai baju kebangsaan... takde kris n tengkolok jek... hahahahhahaha baju nikah nih.. :P

24th July
i was born...
until detik saat dan ketika ini
im still here
breathing and living
safely .. happily...:)
terima kasih to my mum n dad
atas kasih sayang, doa dan dorongan
youre always be there when i need you....
ingat lagi masa kecil
setiap kali birthday
you will always buat party
and the cake will be the number of my age...
hingga my age 12 years old...adehhhh :P
To my elder sis
I still kept the card that youve sent
even u're here that time
tak pernah lupa to your naughty bro yg sorang nih...
Im sorry sebab selalu nakal2 n usik my younger sis
selalu buat my mum worry sebab mls baca buku...
kisah dulu2... :P aippppp secret!!!!
To my adik .. mim meragam... :P
i will always support you...
Dont give up k!
To my closed friends
i miss all of u so much...
i miss all the happy moment!!!!
the mamaking lepaking and stupiditing thing hahhahah
ingat lagi celebrate merdeka parking our cars kat Kg baru
jalan ke klcc... adehh sengal!!! konon elak traffic...
end up...
kaki ku terseliuh gara2 melompat pagar
yg sangat tidak tinggi!!!!
bengkak seminggu! LOL
To geng2 ronggeng...
our last event in Marriot memang cool!
yg ampeh tak sempat date ngan farah fauzana... hahhahha
but the black n white theme memang best !!!
after event sambung lepaking kat McD
ahaaa tq jugak to Zairil n the gang from Brunei...
Miss u bro!
oho about Last year,
waktu my bday ade buat doa selamat kat rumah
panggil my closed friends je...
i baked my own cake.... hahhahaha
then panggang sate n other stuff sket... best2...
my mum buat soto ayam my fav and my sis beli kfc
makan je mlm tu...
this year?
jauh di perantauan...
exam diz coming saturday! CISSP! adehhhhhhh!!!! tensen!!!
for me its nice to be with family untuk sama2 raikan hari ni..
especially with our parent ....
plus only eat and eat n eat... til bloated
Anyway thanks for card semuanya... :)
really appreciate that...
im getting older...
18 thn nih.. ngeeeeee :P
before age 30 nak achieve something...
Ma MSc pon dah nak habes so will start with ma new plan plak...
i hope everything goes well ...
To all yg wish me already... thanks very much...
May Allah bless us...

And I miss all of you in Kl!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Kak Norli kak cita kak long far east (kak zu n ima yg balik awal)
yg melepak di subang that day...
the video conferencing sangat2 happening...
puas gelak... even ma friends yg lain pon ketawa tengok me laugh like org gilos... ngeeeh
shhh diam eh flutter? hahahah :P

To shima at Teeesideee sabo ngan karenah Supervisor anda!
ya they r cruel !!!dont worry u go gal!
to awak di Birmingham.. dah tukar topic kan?
so keep reading the journals and papers k!
Jgn tensen2... yeah i know its hard...
let us be strong and strive for the best k!

hahahahha entry terpanjang...
untuk merawat hati yg lara...
suddenly remember katon's song


Thursday, July 19, 2007


ive been tagged by nonie adehhh so pasnih im going to name org yg di tagggg :P
the answers so spontanious... no idea... :)

Okay, this is the rule.
If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many person as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage". Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.

The meme is about completing at least 17 out of the following 27 sentences........

1. A person is only as good as it gets
2. Friendship is always expensive
3. To love is to sacrifice
4. Money makes me smile!
5. I miss my family at home , my crazy friends, glorious food
7. I try to spread love and happiness by saying a good thing
8. Pick the flowers when they're nice to be picked...
9. To love someone is to
10. Beauty is God's willing
13. I am most happy when i get what ever i need
14. Nothing makes me happier than living with my parents, always be with my friends
15. If I can change one thing, I will change my watch kot...
16. If smiles were given to me then I will always happy
17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could live without war
18. If you want to love someone then you have to start your first action
19. Money is not everything but a must
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is when i passes exam.LOl
21. I smile when i need to smile
22. When I am happy, I clap my hands.. hahahahha :P
24. The best thing I did yesterday was reading some journals in library.. ngeeee
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, "I am what i am"
26. One thing I must do before I die is to be a good person!
27. Doing this meme, I feel like im happy and enjoy my life. :)

i have tagged:


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Pure White
Heart Red

suddenly u just realized
that u need someone to comfort you
you need time to break
need time to do it
how difficult it could be
let have faith in
anything... everything...
the challenges are always there
be strong
because we know the best
for ourselves
and im here to be a good listener :)

aja aja

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Men's Final

Federer at the winning moments..... BBC

what a magnificient match!!!
Federer won beat Nadal...
he defeated Rafael Nadal 7-6 4-6 7-6 2-6 6-2 in a classic final
won for his 5th Wimbledon title... :)
Nadal... improved a lots... seriously one day he will be there...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh Happy Day 07.07.07

InChIk ZaM + kAnGkAnG BoY
Me + lEeZ
Ha sHoW Me tHe sEtObErRy
hAmEk JgN tAk hAmEk...
im free... konon la
Opsss... molot full with setoberi... no pressszszz.. no pictures..... i dont want to be closed up...LOl

it was raining...
we decided to go to surrey jugak!
Fruit picking ....
Well... it was so fun
full of joy and laugh la ..... as usual...
sambil kutip sambil masuk molot... ngeeee..!
plus half price for strawberryss ....
Thanks to Leez and bro Zam...
Kuyup tak kuyup we all balun!
waiting for other season pulak!
weather getting better i guess...
please no more gloomy days...

Oh 07.07.07 sekali je muncul.... I hope we will always live in blessing by God...Amin...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


ive passed! praised to Allah...
Thanks to my family, friends
Thanks for the support... :)

Saturday, June 30, 2007


life is difficult...
Look ahead for something which you cant never predict
in loneliness
em quiet without any answers...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


ladies and gentlemen...Readers,
i need your help to fill in my survey form...
please feel free to do so...

URL : http://www.bobci.com/survey/index.html

OR you may click HERE

I really appreciate if you can invite your friends, family members or anyone to fill the form...

Last but not least, thanks very much to all
May Allah Bless all of us.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Source : Rhul
Doing my Disertation...

its hard than what im thinking of before. My target/aim audience very general...Different indicator... With different age, gender, education background etc...

Today and soon :

Due : 29.06.2007-30.06.2007 (MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE RANGE OF DATE)

  • go to the international building to meet International Officer.... Done

  • go and meet Marina Mohideen Moore.... Wednesday(Coffee with her lah)...Done

  • go to student support service.... Denise keable.... ... Done

  • go to meet 2nd international officer latha shankar....caNCEL

  • online survey form.... Done

  • go and met Malaysian Phd bro....pick up some forms... Done

  • go and meet Marcas in Gowar again to distribute some forms...Done

  • go and meet Kak Linda in Founder's Library.... Done

  • go and meet Olive in Health/Social care department....Done

  • go to Tesco to get some food and stuff for this week ... Done

  • go and meet my potential supervisor for mt p** application ... Undone

  • go and meet Seet .... Done

  • survey form Kak Azma in KL... Undone

  • survey from Jue Bangi.... Done

  • suvey from Zul...Done

  • survey from Ap...Done

  • survey from Kak Cita.... Done

  • survey from Ima... Done

  • survey from my family.... Done

  • Last but not least survey from YOU the reader!!! soon eh!!!

well i;ll need your help soon. i;ll explain in details once the online survey form is done eh? Hope so...mixed emotion now... still waiting for my result... in 2 weeks time will come out... Gosh.. what have i done??? There is no way to give up now... what ever happen, be strong and always remember, there is "hikmah" in every single scene! come on zafi the path is right front of you...Be brave and sail away on your dream...

p/s To Kak Miss Laiha.. cONGRAT... Dr Miss Laiha Mat kiah... succesfully in her PHD viva... :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nice and Soothing

I like the song... especially the melody...
i guess one of the best song by Mamet...
Ive listened these song before i came here...
and i knew its going to be hitzz...
Again congrats Mamet...
To Kak Norli and Ap and the rest
thanks for being there..
susah senang still together...
Kangen Banget sama lho..!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dinner In gOwar

Tom and sapa tah!
Ready .... Action!
The 3 musketeers In GoWaR
Weired Face Mike,Ziad, Seet, Siri, Pop, Marcas, Bhua, Tom, Me, Jeff
Nyum Nyum

tHE wERE so HaMpEh... iM a ViCtIm now
Uiks.... sate sate sate
Anyone... Want To BuY?
iM hUngry
Oh i almost forgot lah... Marcas Cooked some Siam Noodle...

Had last dinner with Ziad.... he went back to Sudan and will finish his disertation there...
We miss you Ziad... Ziad taught me lots in Crypto class... even he was the 1st person i sat with in the class... hahahhaha I still remember on nEtwork seurity class... By Dr Stephen Wolf... Best jek boh nama Wolf nih.. :P

FYI, the pictures based on 2 diff days... So my tummy sangatlah kenyang! hahahhaa
1. Part 1 - Ive cooked Tomato rice again... Chicken Sate,Nasi Impit, Chicken Korma, and homemade Kuah kacang! marvelous!!! not a blended peanuts ok?? potong into very tiny pieces... Gosh... Thanks to Seet for the helped...

2. Part 2 - Tom+ her galfriend cooked for us fish curry, Tuna balls, me(curry pasta),fried Veg etc. i had firewall class that day so only can helped to donate some curry pasta.... i didnt have enough time to run to tesco la... hahahhaha

overall we had so much fun... so full and the food terAmat best... Jeff a british guy bantai the sate almost 10 cucuk... Mike, British guy who lived in Brunei for 9 years liked very much the kuah kacang... it was so funny and nice to listen when he said "Kuah kacang"---> recall film ahmad albab when P.Ramlee pronounce the veg names tuh... try la imagine... xoxoxo

the other day.. Tom cooked lots of curry... Fish Curry... argh i forgot the fish name lah.. ignored! i liked the tuna ball the most... prepared by Bhua... her adorable gurlfriend... :P
Ziad and Mike - a must to eat Greek Yogurt... they can ate it with anything... if u liked the lebanese food then i would sure that u'll love these yogurt eh!.... sile2... :)