Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Pure White
Heart Red

suddenly u just realized
that u need someone to comfort you
you need time to break
need time to do it
how difficult it could be
let have faith in
anything... everything...
the challenges are always there
be strong
because we know the best
for ourselves
and im here to be a good listener :)

aja aja


Anonymous said...

NoBoDy wAnTs To Be LonElY*wInKs*

arianna adrizal said...

hepi + terharu tgk roses yg cantik.. huhu!

let's take a break wif kit kat! ;p

^eMiKo^ said...

sneakers are better for a break.. ;p

nad@munji said...

[pics and the wordings]

TedungS said...


mat bunga ni :p

miLLa said...

dont tell me those are white roses!!!
totally my fave flowers!!!

really, u made my day dude ^^

apart from the choc+cake+icecreams binge that i had today, those pics are definitely a soothing thing that i need right now

and of course, another great listener ;)


Anonymous said...

true, everyone needs a listener. but sometimes, we take that person for granted...which i hate.

oh oh, Wimbledon Final soooo AWESOME!!!

Hafiz MZ said...

The roses are nothin like here, v nice
White for friendship
Red for Love
Erm u put both...Ha?

aria ayumi said...

very nice pure white rose!!! tantek!!

jerald pince said...

nice roses.im sayin this on behalf of the girls.