Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oxford 2

Tepi Tong!
Bridge! Oxford Bridge kot? lupa...
i was too hungry... havent ate anything since morning... and decided to give an impressive pose..crazy! hahahhahaha :))

It was a good day
i meant of sun shiny day....
Not a gloomy as always ...
called senpai and decided to shop in Oxford..
erm.. Bicester Village? JOm..
home of shopping land...lalallala land....
It was gorgeous...----> watch little Britain.. :P
Spent some money.. some? heheheheheheh
dont asked me anything on what ive bought for myself!!!!
Gosh i was so rambang mata...
BTW.. my dissertation is almost done!
few corrections before my 2nd meeting with my supervisor...
lots of stuff to share but a bit lazy lately...
talk to u later!

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Day

Colgate?ada brani?

I havent slept for more than 40 hours!
:( adoiiiiiiiiii
ive submitted my first draft ! im almost done!!!!
i am a zombie now!
oh btw
happy Birthday Tom...
my colleague here!!!
i'll update later on the event!

one more...
happy birthday fendey!!!!!!!
Miss u n the rest !
hey tq for calling me all the time...
Frequent caller... :P
my senpai and ma closed friend...
still remember pulun for our final math paper!!!!
our last minute studied was really2 cool!
yeahhhh We've passed! i didnt even understood what ive learnt! Ngohhh
trip to porto belo market n london tour at nite were fun ~!
gamble with 2 crazy gals!!!
Aha curik the pic from u!!!
i guess i need sleep now....
had some drugss... sleepyy ZzZzZzzzz

Saturday, August 18, 2007


At last
i can breath consistently!!!
First Draft almost completed..
way to go!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Critical week!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007



im so blur!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ally McBeal + Harry Potter

The picture - em doin some relax stuff after lepaking in the library... Konon sun bathing tatkala summer... Lol

Scene 1

im just thinking
that i want to be liked
Ally McBeal for a while...
vonda shepard's voice so awesome in the series...
adore her...
soothing and calminggg...
zafi MacBeal? ngohhh
I always dream to be a lawyer like my elder sister
yep that was my aim long time ago
But due to certain constraints
maka I cant...
no worries!

scene 2

Its so nice staying whole day in Harry Potter's Library...:p
I assumed my Library as Harry's Library..bley?
mY dIssertation Progress so far so good lah!
Already in Chapter 2.. 3 chapter to go...
aja aja!

Scene 3

Ohooo Olive invited me to watch 3D harry Potter in London Imax...
yeap2... i will
if and only if
my dissertation progress