Saturday, December 22, 2012


salamz all,

Not updating due to unforeseen problems... chewahh!
The last stage of my study killing me softly! But InsyaAllah
Hope I will survive in this final battle.

Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013.
One year older
One year to go
One mission is going to be accomplished!

Take care folks.

Happy new year to all :)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Eid Mubaraq

Happy Eid mubaraq to all...
Maaf zahir batin!
I am sorry for my very2 late posting.... I went back to Malaysia for a short whilst... Its good to be back to meet everyone at home.... Less than 2 weeks holidays but I felt its worth it. :)
Now i'm back in Uk to continue my "unfinish" business! To pursue my dream... InsyaAllah..
Its nearly there....

To everyone at home,
Tq for the support. especially to mama and abah. :)
Abah, please be strong and take a good care of yourself.
Mama, I am very thankful to live my life happily especially with your blessings and dua'.

Monday, August 06, 2012


Left = Right
Salt = sugar
Lock the door = unlocked the door

I am always in dilemma.... bukan nyanyuk tapi asyik lupa or confuse!
Does this indicate that I am getting older heh?
Anyway I keep smiling... continuing with my daily routines...
8a.m - 7 ish p.m work in unis...
then laid back and relax at home
This is the journey that I have chosen for the past 3 - 4 years

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another year :)

Its my birthday today...
Alhamdulillah ...
I thank Allah for this opportunities...
I thank Allah for giving His blessing...
I thank Allah for Giving me a great family and friends ...
People used to say age is just a number...
does it matter?
Albeit I'm getting older day by day, month by month and even year by year..
I am still the same person...
I wish I could change a bit of myself to become a better person...

I learnt from the past experiences...
all the good and bad things happened in my life
It taught me to be more matured and more sensible.

One thing that I've learnt the most ( might be as a result of living far away from home)
Always appreciate your family, their loves and tenderness...
Thinking about how my mum and my dad raised me ...
How workaholic they are even until now
because they want their children to be happy

I always said that I don't need their money anymore...
I just want their blessings...
Their Dua' for my success...
and of course their support...

I am proud to be the only son in my family...
Thank you for being there for me...
no matter what happen...

I am lucky to have 2 sisters that able to take a very good care of my family...

I am happy to have a great friends that always be there to give moral supports whenever I need it the most.

Thank you Allah for all of these...

A lovely present that I could not afford to pay....

24 July 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem ...

Ramadhan Kareem to everyone. Another year I am celebrating the this Holy month here in Uk. Alhamdulillah I feel good and bless. May Allah guide us to His path.

One thing that I miss the most is obviously spending this month with my family at home. especially for the Iftar and Tarawikh. Those quality time is priceless

I am missing a moment goes to Bazar Ramadhan... Colourful cakes, alluring foods, aroma of authentic curries, queues of people on percik stall etc

Spending almost 19 hours fasting is a challenging. :) Its a peak of summer and I am a bit lucky this time as most of the time it is just sunny intervals.

I pray and dua' may Allah forgive our sins and accept all our good deeds. I hope that we can take the opportunity to make some changes to be a better person.

May Allah give us opportunity to meeting again the next Ramadhan.

Ameen ya Rabb.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Dimitri - Tim - Me

You need a break?
This question is always pondering myself.
Seriously I can't give the answers.
Obviously after your hard work, you need at least some time to break right?
This is my final stage, final year, Would consider the final battle, final in everything...
So I don't want to waste those precious moment (In a good way :))
Oh I miss to meeting everyone...
I remember a prof mentioned to me "You are not solving the world's problem. You only touch one small bit of it"
Enjoy your life!

Me: Smile :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Its kind of hari ini dalam sejarah.
Jumpa sv 2 kali dalam sehari dalam 2 masa yang berbeza
sv2 jumpa pagi2 sebab memang plan asal meeting pagi... sv1 tak dapat join at the very last minute...
yg bestnya.. die siap call sv1 minta tolong handle me.. :D
lepas meeting cam rasa konpius etc
but still lega sebab ada juga insan yang highlights error yang tak patut aku buat kan...
Sessi petang...
Dengan konfidennya aku antar email kat sv1
tanya leh tak nak chit chat after office hour?
lepas 10 saat die reply... boleh! tapi lewat sikit sebab die tengah ade video conferencing.
Cam terkejut kejap... rasa happy and syukur sangat!
dalam kol 5.50 die datang
having a good and quality discussion for almost 20 minutes.
rasa kerdil diri ini bila Sv1 minta maaf sebab tak dapat join session pagi
aku sambil senyum (dan merendah diri) cakap
terima kasih banyak2 sebab sanggup datang lagi jumpa lepas office hours kan..
dah la Sv1 yang datang kat seat aku... huhuuhu 
Die explained semua sekali n rasa syukur n tenang sekali.
Terima kasih Sv1 dan Sv2
Not a long way to go
May Allah guide me through His path
Ameen Ya Rabb
By the way Congrats to Dr Kamilah (Exeter Uni) lulus her Viva... pas ni Mr Hubbynyer pulak... Dr Pie to go... last sekali nanti InsyaAllah sampai la turn aku ni... asyik main je keje kan... :P

Note: Sv1 - cikgu 1 Sv2 - cikgu 2 :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mum's Words

Home sweet home garden

One day whilst doing her own routine in our small garden, my mum said this...

"Nothing is impossible in this world as we are the one who make it to be a reality and not vice versa. God create us and give us brain to think and to explore every possibilities"

Then she smiles.

I almost stumbled whilst stepping on the reflexology stone [at the same time listening to my mum's words]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

People and me : Malaysia

I keep updating myself with news from Malaysia. I read online newspapers and some blogs to further clarify certain issues. Utusan, Berita Harian, Malaysia kini, Harakah etc...

  • It put me in baffled on which group should I trust? Seriously it put me in dilemma. If people take any initiative to read more and further investigates certain issues then it's fair to say that you have your own preferences! How about laymen?teenagers? How about people who are totally based on the rumors, sentiments.
  • Most people judge the issues based on what they already believe or their perception about good and bad about something. Issues of morality for instance! If bad people represent the public than we have to reject and so on.... How about if good people represent the public but he/she do not reveal about his/her bad experiences before? How about bad people who revealed with honesty that he/she made big mistakes before and now would like to change and would like to represent the public? Do you want to deny his/her chance? Do you believe with second chance?
  • Having different races, religion or beliefs does not mean that we can't live our life as a unite community. We shouted happily when Lee Choong Wei won the badminton tournament! We feel proud of Nicol David as World No 1 Skuasy player! We proud of our Harimau Malaya Football team! But when it comes to Politics we lose our faith of unity.  
  • A good government able to help people and understand what are things that people really need. A good opposition acts as a counter balance on highlighting things that government do not fulfill or forget to fulfill.
  • My sense: "Great" methodology in politics to convince people are work smart, deliver and produce.  It's not anymore with promising money, land or even facilities.  
  • If people are really fanatics with political party... please be rationale. Nobody's perfect! Think before act.... Do your own homework to analyze whether it's true or not. Judge it based on the facts not based on your perception or word of mouth! 
  • Do you think what we have now is still not enough? Enlighten me :) 

P/s : Sudden thought whilst configuring my study experiment :)

Humble thoughts from an ignorance student somewhere in Queen's land 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012




I need a break!!!! Ya Allah moga terus diberikan kekuatan..... This final hurdle is kind of challenging bit for me.
Usaha tangga kejayaan. Where there's a will there should be a way! So I'm still searching for the best way.... InsyaAllah.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blur Malu entah

Kene tanya killer question bila meeting buat aku terdiam! I think 1st time ever in my life bila orang tanya aku tak boleh nak bagi jawapan... langsung! minda kosong! fikiran entah menerawang ke mana.... for the first 15 minutes aku berceletoh tentang apa yang orang dah buat dalam research bidang aku. Sv hanya senyum mendengar! rupanya semua tu mereka tidak mahu tahu...

"apa konsep kamu?" lantas ambil pen dan menulis sesuatu di papan putih....

Aku : hanya mampu tersengih! ( malu yang amat)

soalan mudah tapi sendiri mau ingat!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring or Winter

Tower Bridge
Still waiting...

The flowers starts to blooming all over the place.
with the warmth of sun
moisture of rain
until it you see how beautiful the petals are
with beautiful and aromatics scent

Officially it's spring...

sadly it still feels like a winter... cold below 10 degrees...
some place still with snow up on the hill...

I miss my short and one piece of shirt! wearing slipper instead of shoes!

Still waiting....

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Uncle Musicians

Candy Buffet corner


The deco

Deco 2

I like this the most

Tuan Tanah... Single and available :P

One happy family at home

Few weeks ago
My little a.k.a younger sister's wedding in kl.
I went back to kl my home town, my birth place.... People use to say "Home sweet home" Yes indeed... I have no doubt about it. It such a great moment to see everyone especially your mum. dad and siblings.
Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, well organised and worked as planned. Thanks very much to all my uncles, aunties, friends, relatives and everyone who attended the wedding ceremony.
With the "Malay Traditional wedding" theme, I declared it as successful.
The decoration, musical instrument, the colors and even the costume .. I would say well-Done!
I have a created a desert corner... One section for "Teh tarik" one section for "Traditional and contemporary deserts" and one section for "candy buffet" that included... sweets, candy, jelly beans, jellies, chocolate fountain, marshmellows, fruits, chocolate cakes, cup cakes etc....
I've decorated these sections and also the 60 guest table with flowers ...
Tq to my neighbour and relatives for your kindly helps.

To abah and mama : congratulation for new son in law.
To my younger sister : congratulations for your new life as a wife... be brave.. :D
To my elder sister: I waiting for you....
To me: Looking forward to.... anyone? :P

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Still in queen's land :(


I am not so sure if this will become my last conference before I really focusing on my writing. I was offered by my supervisors to submit for Computer security Conference in Las Vegas, USA. I was very excited and been so blessed! Alhamdulillah. However, I might not going as apparently I had submitted my passport to Uk Home Office. The procedure will take approximately about a month or more. so in order for me to go to Vegas, I need to submit to US embassy earlier for visa purposes. I am speechless! [Fullstop]

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fruit picking ...

Suddenly I found these pictures!
I think this was captured few months back in Exeter. Fruit picking activities! eh... Before winter season ke heh?
It was fun and I really enjoy it very much.
I was so lucky because it was a sun shiny day!
Plymouth to Exeter roughly less than an hour by train... Then took a taxi to the specific location.
I google the place and found a good review of it.
Then Give a shot!
Best... nak pi lagi!!!!

p/s: angau tetibe nak update blog...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Masa present paper kat Kingston, London


Minta maaf sebab bersawang! tak terurus!!!! Blur...

kesibukan melanda.... dengan nak submit conference paper... dengan nak fikir eksperimen yang tak stop2...

Indah if study ni exam based!!! But i hate exam la pulak!