Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fruit picking ...

Suddenly I found these pictures!
I think this was captured few months back in Exeter. Fruit picking activities! eh... Before winter season ke heh?
It was fun and I really enjoy it very much.
I was so lucky because it was a sun shiny day!
Plymouth to Exeter roughly less than an hour by train... Then took a taxi to the specific location.
I google the place and found a good review of it.
Then Give a shot!
Best... nak pi lagi!!!!

p/s: angau tetibe nak update blog...


M1ss F0r3st said...

zafi: bestnye..xpe..angau update blog ni is a good thing. dah jadik kat orang pun..tgk blog orang...from feb 2009 - Feb 2011 sunyi sepi xde pape. baru angau balik. hehehehe. welcom buddy! yg buat org smgt balik, lepas tgk citer ni

layanz! hope it's inspire you like it did to me.

aNIe said...

Zafi...akak pun jeles tgk org tu dpt makan fresh berries...hehehe

ASH said...

post sini...buleh?
sedap buat tart ni!!