Thursday, March 22, 2012



Uncle Musicians

Candy Buffet corner


The deco

Deco 2

I like this the most

Tuan Tanah... Single and available :P

One happy family at home

Few weeks ago
My little a.k.a younger sister's wedding in kl.
I went back to kl my home town, my birth place.... People use to say "Home sweet home" Yes indeed... I have no doubt about it. It such a great moment to see everyone especially your mum. dad and siblings.
Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, well organised and worked as planned. Thanks very much to all my uncles, aunties, friends, relatives and everyone who attended the wedding ceremony.
With the "Malay Traditional wedding" theme, I declared it as successful.
The decoration, musical instrument, the colors and even the costume .. I would say well-Done!
I have a created a desert corner... One section for "Teh tarik" one section for "Traditional and contemporary deserts" and one section for "candy buffet" that included... sweets, candy, jelly beans, jellies, chocolate fountain, marshmellows, fruits, chocolate cakes, cup cakes etc....
I've decorated these sections and also the 60 guest table with flowers ...
Tq to my neighbour and relatives for your kindly helps.

To abah and mama : congratulation for new son in law.
To my younger sister : congratulations for your new life as a wife... be brave.. :D
To my elder sister: I waiting for you....
To me: Looking forward to.... anyone? :P


Azhariah Zuber said...

nice. canitk gila majlis

zafi said...


Simple tapi berbaloi... InsyaAllah ade jodoh turn aku plak.. :P

JUJUL said...


ASH said... ler abang yang ber ayor mata tu ek?
tengok macam hepi jer..

Single and available..???

BUAT jadi adik ipar...??


Kak Yong ada sorang adik single lagi ni!!

zafi said...


ngeh ngeh ngeh...

alahai dah kantoi ni! :D

adik ipar??? heheheheheh suke2.. hehehehehehhe leh le teman kawan2 dulu... tapi sikit je lagi teman nak habis study... InsyaAllahh hujung tahun nih... doa2 yek..

ASH said...


mati aku kena marah ngan adik aku nanti...

tapi lantak le kan...

tak cuba mana tahu..

kut kut ada jodoh!!

dia budak BIOTECH..UIA jer..
tapi baru nak kerja...

ngundi baru dapat sekali...

ASH said...

my email apa hal, kabor kat email!