Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eden Project - Diversity

Kuda ku lari gagah berani
Transformers... Optimus "Crime"
Orange Lily
Biome scenery from the top bridge
Oh pity you .... Recycle gadgets!
Awesome !
Gosh i forgot the name
Isabel Bard and Me... Tempting cornwall vanilla ice cream!!!
hahahahah Beware!!!
Anyone missing these stuff?
Tuai padi antara masak... esok jgn layu-layuan... intai kami antara nampak esok jgn rindu-rinduan
The "Kebun"
Malaysian's kg House
uhuhuhuh Gigantic the bee!
Meditranean Biome
Rainforest Biome

I went to Eden Project Yesterday
Organized by Postgraduate Society...
The journey was about 1 hour plus... well not so fay from central Plymouth
Woke up early that morning to prepare something for breakfast and lunch..
Vegetarian Murtabak and tuna sandwich
I sat beside one Greek guy on the bus...
Just a little conversion as i felt dizzy along the way to Eden... hahahhahaha
You know road in Britain... Small narrow small roundabout crooked country road...
yeah i blamed the road! :P
Tq to Mr Driver who drove the bus safely...
A little bit about Eden Project
well .. All about environment...

"It is in a 50-metre deep crater which represents the size of 35 football pitches
There are 2 gigantic geodesic conservatories as mentioned largest in the world!
Inside the most ambitious and outstanding environmental project that the UK has ever seen.
Each biome is a wealth of different climate zones, from waterless desert to steamy jungle, complete with thriving plants, mini houses/cultured house etc... i will tell you more via pictures!
My experiences - Rainforest and Meditranean Biome
The mission/objectives is to promote the understanding of the vital relationship between people and plants.
It will help us understand how to manage our resources responsibly."

Yeah it sounds simple but i bet you the place was awesome!
I enjoyed it very much...
Support the nature!!!
I would think that my country should try and do this stuff to promote the importance of
our nature...
Come on.. we should proud of our nature... its unique.. extraordinary...
When you entered the rainforest Biome (The white bubble stuff) its getting hot and hot and hot..
they try to simulate the real temperature of rainforest!
Seriously you will sweating like crazy!!! (Mat/Minah salleh semua kelihatan seperti sedang terbakar.. merah2 belake hehehhehheeh) :P

The best moment...
At one hilly corner,
suddenly you saw a big old wooden house...
With big sacks at the ground...
Old and vintage bicycle.. (ohhh basikal tuaaaa... )
kain batik on the clothesline...
obsolete motorcycyle... hahahaha
with Kebun "areas" .... Curry leaves... pandan Leaves... Mini paddy fields...
Well to certain extend it should be fine for me all of these stuff albeit it did not represented the real way of Malaysian people...
Just think positively....(Traditional Malaysian people style "formerly") :)
Oh the flower...
Dedicated the pictures to my mum and those who in love with flowers...
colors... bees ... green grass oh... so many good stuff!
Difficult for me to express it...
Enjoy the pictures....

Well in conclusion - i enjoyed it very much
Shue Bard and Isabel accompanied together...
Tq for the pics and everything!
cheers mate!
Lovely day... met new people... new place...
One word "Diversity"

Almost 3 months here...
i need to prepare full report for my sv and sponsorship comittee...!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Salamz all,
I am going to mix up stuff in this entry...
based on true stories...
We address this man as ayah, abah, papa, etc...
what ever method you use to it, it gives you the same meaning and will indicate to the same person

My father - my abah..
Born in perak. 6 out of 13 siblings and stand as the eldest son in the family.
Yeah he came from such a big happy family.
I have no doubt most of my uncle and aunties staying in Kg but i adore them very much...
Lovely people, caring and for sure "happening"!
Interesting part, once "balik kg" abah will be very excited because he cant wait to eat the food especially "tempoyak" (Ripe Durian) cook by my aunts... Mak Teh/Wah/Mak Yang/Wan chu Very awesome smells though! :P

Abah was the army before he retired early and continue worked with firm...
When abah's health not very well, he was advised by the doctor to retire again.
yeah abah was sad when he heard that
as he knew he had lots of responsibilities to raise us..
He think a lots and his health condition was not good.
For him, did nothing meant miserable...
but abah still had his patience
My mum is always there to support him.

I was in main campus(local unis) that time
my elder sis already came back from Uk during that time and my younger sister
was in her secondary school.

It was a day before my last exam paper.
I got a phone call from my mum
she told me that abah will be admitted to IJN(National Heart Institude) ...
cause : Coronary artery diseases
solution : Coronary bypass surgery
tears fall from my eyes...
why didn't they told me earlier?
why must now?
what have i done?
Ya Allah, Please help me. Give me your mercy....

Yeah, no more focus on exam stuff... no more books.... no more notes...
i did my exam quickly the next day...
flew back to Kl after exam.

At the hospital abah can still smile...with his jokes... his laugh...
No appetite to eat and he wanted to talk with us a lot...
I knew deep inside his heart, he love me and our family more than he love himself...
he pretended that nothing happened...

The operation day
From his room to the operation theatre...
abah istighfar... recite doa...
Before he went in, we hug abah...asked for forgiveness...blessings
All of us cries... my uncle.... aunties... abah's best friends...
waited for long hours....
until everything done.

At the ICU
Abah opened his eyes...
abah smiled and hold my hands...
he said to the nurse
"he is my son. My only son. I am really proud of him"
again i cried but quickly i wipe my tears ...
i advised abah not to talk much...

Now abah is feeling much better after several years of operation
but still under medication
he ate lots of medicine and supplements
Yesterday i called abah and my mum said abah had a fever, cough and tiredness
abah voice a bit weak but he pretended liked nothing happen
as usual he will laugh and made some jokes,
he didnt want me to worry of him...
Only God knew deep inside my heart that time!

i am not shame to say how much i love my father
i am not shame to say i want to be like my father... how he love and respect my mum...
how he became a warrior in our family... sacrifices many things in his life from his chilhood until now....because of him i am here now...
I do believe that you feel the same out there...
To abah,
Thanks for love, care and everything that you have given to me
I always doa may you and mama will live in full of blessing... dunia akhirat
Let us doa for our parent
Let us love and care for our parent
whether they still live or not...
because remember life only Once!
I am really proud to be your only son....

Abah ( Zaaba bin Shamsudin)
Happy Father's day
Selamat Hari bapa

Your son,
Zarul Fitri Zaaba
Plymouth, United Kingdom

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mix up Stuff

Linda me & Shue
Linda K Mazni n Shue - Houndiscombe Road
Nasi lemak with potatoes pies, chicken rendang etc
I want to have that one...
Full of desire eh
Burning... its burning... our chicken sa

Trout Fish head Curry

I'm kinda mixed up with so many thing in my head now!
for this posting, i have decided to mix it up with a-z
i mean "no" correlations of story....but to certain extend Yes it have! hahahaha :P
Yesterday i cooked and invited "single" status people came to my house for a lovely lunch
I cooked Fish Head curry(Trout Fish), Kailan with salted fish, Sweet Chillies anchovies with potatoes... Yup done... Lovely food lovely day in someway not a nice weather... it was raining outside and pretty cold!
Woke up early that morning... i went to Plymouth market to meet uncle "Fishmonger"!!!
Yeah Trout was the best choice for the curry!
enjoy some pictures... i have learnt the recipe from my mum...
U needed cumin, fennel and fenugreek(halba), curry powder, some chilly powder, curry leaves....
Mixed well and done!
enjoy the pictures!

i have tried to cook chicken sate as a preliminary project! Details soon...
Yup we have made it! successfully...
Complete package of sate with authentic peanut sauce, cucumber & "nasi impit" - boiled in the bag of rice.

Oh by the way
When Linda came and visited me few weeks ago
we cooked nasi lemak!
Malaysian famous dish... Full package with anchovies and chicken rendang!
More fats more carbohydrate.... hahhahahahahah

oh its all about food.
Normally i spend my time in university from morning until evening...
basically for my research and development stuff...
Yeah i try to focus even sometimes its hard to do
Reading journals articles really need full concentration...
You need to be focus and love what ever you read in front of you! Trust me... if you hate it, it will end up with disappointment...
so don't jeopardize yourself... just enjoy it
Critical? yeah sort of but it become part of learning process while doing research....
i am kind of new people venture into R & D stuff!
and now i try to love it... sail it... and bring it....
Wish me luck!!!

In order to appreciate 5 days of hard work (hahahahahhaha :P)
I can relish myself on Saturday to cook something super nice on that particular day!
well i am pampering myself...
alone? well its better to have guest though...
its more interesting and entertaining... Time for you to laugh and have fun!
Cooking is part of my passion... :)
It almost 3 months here in Plymouth.
I love to be here... not to forget my previous place in London.
I love both..
Royal Holloway University of London for Msc experiences and exposure
University of Plymouth... for upcoming things...
sweet memories remains forever!
someway somehow....
we learn and keep learning...
Don't give up but cheer up!
My target to finish writing my 3 months report!
Yeah absolutely!
May Allah give me blessings and show me the path...

Best of luck to my juniors on their debating competition (FOMCA and Perpaduan 2009).
Where there's a will there's way... be strategize and form an excellent group!
How i wish to turn back time... (i started my 1st university debate at Royal debate UPM 2000)
Met extraordinary people, exposures, experiences!!!
Ohooo i miss debating time though!!!!
Take care!