Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Exam 2

Well... the exam schedule confirm!
i hate this...
exam.. stuck with everthing... 1 more month to go...
the direct papers make my condition worse ... adeh..
doakan me success ya...


Os & Network... need to pulun on that... still blur.. hahahahha
wish me luck....!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Seet n ME full of charismatic... :P
What are they doin'?
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Ildivo Ancora... hahahahha...
beauty of pose!
Adorable looked...

i liked these stuff...
day to day
i enjoyed doin' photography.. even my camera is just ordinary camera... :)
i like the emotions in the pic....
my friends....
they were all good actor/actress....
credit to seet,noel,aparna and uche..
thank you so much!!!!

alhamdulillah.. im doin' much better today...
Gloomy weather but me... doin ok...still smiles...
ive made a called to johore... my family was there
today was along's wedding...
"selamat pengantin baru"
my surprise called made Makcik Sam cried... she cant spoke long with me...
(i remembered arwah Cik Mie... my closed uncle) Al-Fatihah for him...
i just said to along be strong...
Life as husband & wife is totally different...
Need full of commitment and TRUST...
May Allah bless you ...
also all of us... Amin...

p/s: best of luck to seet... interview session in london today! gambatte ne kudasai... :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

i Hate today

My feeling dow...

post office!!!!
i cant differentiate between state and country??? district???
forget to fill in total??? ive asked what these column for... she scolded me... wooooo
who was the customer? didnt admitted that u were wrong...
that lady didnt understand what i was trying to say...she was not a native pon ...
arghhhhhhh seriously rasa macam org yg sangat dummy...
long queue behind me... everyone stared at me...
between me and her "like cat vs dogs..." i chose to be cat doww! huh...
i just wanted to send a box(psent) to Malaysia...
simple... i was asking the procedures... Just tell me... enough...
but then she didnt explained properly to me...kind of ignored me...
mad!!!! sad!!!! i asked in a properly, gently... manner....but she .......?
arghh forget about it!
at last i just wanted everything settle without any problem..
Ber"alah" n let it be....
i said to myself be good to others... treat everyone in polite manner...(what my mum used to say)
argh... zarul be patient!
Yes i am now!!!
i had a bad day! walking all alone back from tesco with gloomy weather...
my emotion?
similar with the color of the sky...

Thanks God for giving me ability to be patient....
i just wanted to be rationale...
Sorry Lady ....


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seminar & Presentation in Sophos,Radley Oxford

seet, aparna, uche, mike, fred, noel
Seet, aparna, uche,Mike,Noel, ME
Thank you so MUCH!I adore mike's car.... you cant see in these pic :P
Information security Group! woooooooIntel,Microsot,Microsoft,IBM
Cover cantik!

I had to wake up very early as Aparna bought me a ticket from Egham to Radley at 6.57 a.m
By 6.30 i have waited for seet in front of her block... Suddenly i felt something "falling into you-celine dion" from the sky... hihihihi Tiny snows in spring...
but later on.. it were not tiny any more. I would said heavy snows... argh... i hate when all my cloth wet all along the way to train station....Met Aparna(From India) at the second entrance of univ... walked together.....
its a "winter sonata theme" as seet wearing her "white bulu2 coat"...hahahaha
Uche(Nigerian) came a bit late but glad as she can catched up the time and us!!!
we met Noel (From India) in reading station... he told us earlier to find him in the first coach...
YEs he was there... with his big naughty smile! :P
Well the seminar was great! The presentation was successful!
Thanks to Mike and Fred...
Gave us a lift..... Really appreciate that... Seven of us perform very well :) congrats!
Our journey today ....

Big obstacle kononya !!!Funny!!!! Lost for 20 mins searching for the building....
Great experience using oxford's bus... the driver was cool!!! Helpful.. thanks again... :P
The old grandma... thanks even you gave us wrong direction... i can still smile when you ask "have you find the place dear"..... i knew you try your best to help us...
Sory Uche... you've walked almost 45 mins to reach our destination....(funny2)

to be continued!

Monday, March 19, 2007


arghhh triple play
Ap(food fighter), K Joen(, Shah(gakusei), Alang(Cute okasan)
Kak Ct, Kak Long, Kak Ash, Kak wan (crazy team-laughing-eating-mumbling)
Mamet + Kak Ct ... listened to the song! what song eh???
People were talking but ME? makan! :P

Well just dedicated this posting to all of them...
Miss you guys so much...
Bcoz of of Mamet we've known each other and became closer...
like bro and sis...
Thank you so much!!!
hugs n kissess ... :P
Thanks for the cd's...
take care all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tenis Match

After the match!!!!
Huh... nice stuff! Ziad ??? what happen?
Woooo seet with her long leg lor!!

i hate to say this...
aha just gave them chance.. hahahahha (cover2)
It was fun.. we went out to play at 10.00 a.m
wther was great!
Tom and Seet were great in this game!!!!
next week another match!!!
im ready now!!!
aja aja fighting!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ala-ala Picnic

Tom, Seet, Me
Marcas, Pop, Kung, Tom , Seet
Look like cloudy...what a lovely day!

Had a wonderful evening...
while waiting for Dr Chez to come to the lecture we had some fun in Founders to snap some pictures ala2 picnic...
Really nice day! Kung, Pop, Tom , Seet , Marcas and me....
Its our last class with Dr Chez... Thanks a lots... :)
my next project, taking pictures this coming saturday with them... :P
wanna join?

Psychological Computer Crime

source of pic : (avoiding plagiarism)

We live in a world of spin and deceit!
Messages are received and acted upon from those we dont know.. have you ever experienced it? wther by Emails, faxes and Mobiles. Society Structures and information is released by breaking "trust" relationship and an over reliance upon technology.
This is a human "willingness" to believe what others say, which is where the criminals take advantage...

Emotional Factors.....

1. Pride - being praised or flattered
2. Avarice & Greed - money and bribes
3. Lust - Sexual Desire (Well is all about our feelings.. we tend to "jatuh cinta" pandang pertama and end up "gatal")
4. Gluttony - too much of anything
5. Sloth -laziness
7. Wrath and Anger

attended a great lecture! welcome to computer crime world!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ray of sunshine....

Founders and Me
Tiny Little flowers in front of Jane Holloway Theatre
Snap these purple flowers on my way to Founders...

I spent my evening with Bhu..
we walked all along the path... to the field... beside Founders... Itwasnt gloomy liked usual.. it was a great day!
I saw Nick... he invited me to play Tennis with him.. arghhh forgot to bring along my racket... (unplanned)
Second we Jog for 10 mins... until both of us sweating... :)

All over the place beside the field was blooming flowers.. Its nice... Some couples lie down on the field, some guys were playing guitars...few groups playing soccer...
i just smiled to watch their actions.... i seat on the bench waiting for Bhu... he went to the college shop to buy something...
Huh fresh air... i love today's scenery... i just wanted to be ray of sunshine to myself and others...
Feel free to do anything... erm.. i wondering is this a freedom??
Let say if you become a bird where you can fly anywhere... everywhere.. is that you call a freedom?
What ever the freedom is all about... i just believed my heart my body my soul.. FREE... :)
Let it be......


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Counting stars up in the sky

Just came back from "night walk" with Bhuvan... indian guy from Delhi...where? around campus... lot of shining stars tonight! what a wonderful world.....As my univ beside the heathrow airport i can see clearly planes up and down every single time.. plus the blinking planes similar like a blinking stars up there in the sky...huh...
Pretty cold... i just wore shirts and one jacket... Bhuvan walked with his cigar on hand... me?no smoking!I had my hot tea without sugar after returned to my room... woo marvelous ...
Oh today ive spoken with my junior... he is now in japan... having a long holiday.. he just mentioned that he needed to move out... His Kouhai was on their way... and as senpai needed to rent a house instead of staying inside the univ... pity him.. But Alhamdulillah he managed to get the house with 2 other friends.... his room size are just liked 6 jou... quite big and ok for least got his own room kan?... :) he asked me to open up my video cam as we have not seen each other for quite some time... "lepas rindu" he said.. hahahahahahah.... after a long chat, he decided to stop and wanted to go to his friend's room.. "PS 2 time"!!! and i also needed to continue with my study...
hmmm.. I had a great lunch today... chicken soup, vege and mushrooms n papedom.... plus kicap... Alhamdulillah i had a great lunch... For dinner i had garlic naan and some vegetable curry... ive invited bhuvan to give a taste on my curry! walllaaaaaaah... he then shocked.. "how can u made curry which is better than mine?"xoxoxo i said...Malaysian herbs! hahhahahha (Curry powder Baba's) He laugh... :P
Well its pretty good today...lovely day... Oh i wondering of how Mukhsin's performance in cinema... Bro Ajami said the seats were fully booked.. almost in all cinema... what a surprise! at least Malaysian start to know about the REAL meaning of MALAYSIAN MOVIE... got the feel got the tempo and nice rhytm... to make us dance and to make us happy all day long...

counting day... as exam is just a round the corner.. which corner?

Its all About Women

ive just received an email from Kak Aisya(Lancester)... Its wonderful expression... Full of responsibilities... i really appreaciate it... :)
Hargailah isteri2 anda..... :) now.... and in future for those who is going to marry soon...

Ujar lelaki, wanita itu lemah
Ujar wanita, mereka adalah lembut
Antara lemah Dan lembut.....besar perbezaannya
Namun Ada yang tidak re la mengakuinya
Telah ditakdirkan ...kerana lembut wanita
Tidak gemar perbalahan.. Kecuali jika terpaksa
Lalu wanita pun diam
Diam seolah-olah menerima...
Dalam diam, wanita gigih melaksanakan kewajipan
Dalam diam ,wanita terus terusan bekerja
Di pejabat sebagai kerani...di rumah sebagai suri
Dari sebelum tercalit garis putih di subuh Hari
Hingga jarum jam tegak bertindih jari
Lelaki yang mengaku kuat .celik Mata sarapan sudah terhidang
Apabila pulang dari pejabat...di kerusi malas longlai terlentang
Isteri dikatakan lemah...bergelut di dapur memasak
Suami yang mengaku gagah...bersantai di hadapan TV tidak bergerak
Selesai memasak wanita menguruskan anak-anak
Menyapu sampah,mengemas rumah yang berselerak
Lelaki keletihan kerana memandu di jalan sesak
Berehat,menonton TV sambil tergelak
Dalam diam wanita dianggap lemah...terus berlumba dengan masa
Memandikan anak, melipat pakaian Dan membasuh
Kakitangan semua digerakkan dengan laju
Menyiram pohon-pohon bunga yang mulai layu
Sebelum solat Magrib untuk sujud... Menyembah yang Satu
Makanan dihidang selepas solat
Selesai kerja rumah,anak-anak diajar mengaji
Sedang suami tersadar semula seperti tadi
Sebagai isteri kesetiaan wanita sentiasa diuji
Dalam diam semua tugas rumah segera dibereskan
Lelaki terpelajar celik hati... Ingin menghapuskan diskriminasi
Lantang membela nasib wanita....
Memberi kesedaran supaya segera bangkit
Meminta lelaki jangan lagi memperlakukan wanita mengikut adap tradisi
Hukum agama telah terpapar
Wanita yang sering dianggap lemah
Meneruskan hidup dalam segala kekuatan

'KeKaYaaN YaNg PaLiNg KaYa iaLaH AKAL,

KeMiSkiNaN YaNg PaLiNg BeSaR iaLaH JAHIL,

KeBuRuKaN YaNg PaLiNg HoDoH iaLaH SESAT'

Tak perlu mncari teman secantik BALQIS,
Jika diri tak seindah SULAIMAN,
Mengapa mengharap teman setampan YUSUF,
Jika kasih tak setulus ZULAIKHA,
Tak perlu diri menjadi seteguh IBRAHIM,
Jika tak sekuat SARAH,
Mengapa didamba teman hidup seistimewa KHADIJAH,
Jika diri tak sesempurna RASULULLAH S.A.W,
Tak guna Ada MATA kalau tak dapat MELIHAT,
Tak guna Ada HATI kalau tak tau MENILAI..... .

Friday, March 09, 2007


My Univ... RHUL... How nice to be part of it.... :)

There were quite lots of people prayed for Friday Prayer today... Ive met Abg Naza and Abg Man(Petronas Staff)... They rushed after the prayer for geology class... as for me... i walked patiently to math department... plan to meet Dr Tom Allinson... Great he was there... He smiles when he saw me in front of his door.... I always asked him questions after the lecture session... he knew again.. for today.. im going to ask him Qs... Still confusing about the Liberty Alliance concept.. the protocol.. the federated things.. aha... at last.. i did it... understood! "plz let me know if you still dont understand.. personally ask me.. anytime"... wooo light from him..
went down to McRea MSc room.. ive met Marcas(Singaporean)... he asked me about the next week notes... have i printed out yet? i said NO2.... i havent opened univ's mail yet.. dont even know wther the notes is already uploaded or not...results... not uploaded yet! pity us...
i only had 2 slices of bread with strawberrys jam early in the morning... its already 4.15 p.m.. forgot my lunch... lapaq!
went to college shop.. Hope to see some good things to buy for alas perut... aiyakkk bad news!!! nothing left...No samosa... No popia... No pasta... adeh.. i just taken chocolate milk and nachos... alhamdulillah.. kenyang seketika.. :P
walked along the path from founders... Nice scenery when you can see lots of squirel.. blooming flowers.. few rabbits... and some water features... i felt really comfortable.... Alhamdulillah...Thanks God for Giving me the ability to feel all these! :)
Back to my room... tadai'ma........!
Room sweet Room!
For a while i chat with Shima(friend from secondary in KL) she is now in UK too.. Doin Master in environtmental health... Chat with Ezu ... she just came back from Mapley in Shah Alam... also with Abg Farizal(Vienna)... he asked me about RAE things... he told me he sent his phd application to Oxford. wooo. great!!! i always doa and pray for our success! Also to Bro Noris... best of luck in phd application... im proud of you bro... Good role model... Good example... I'll follow you soon.. Amin...
Abg Farizal is now doing his 2nd master in IR... excellent in english... superb in french and german.. woo...Jealous seh...sponsor by EU.. what mundus.. ?? hihihih lupa~~ LOL
Again today as usual... revise some notes.. Today Business Apllication from chapter 2... Long way to go.. Listening to Frankie J... More than words... What a talent! Nice voice ... Nice tune... Great Vocal... :)
Tomorrow? Morning walk... + cooking special food! (Rice!!!!) + Dinner with faltmate + Some Movies...
Thats it for now...Oh Wan Ferdinand(New Zealand)... Happy Blogging!!! welcome to the world of Blog... Plz do not hesitate to ask me if u need my help...

my mood: Good and happy...but stress coz cant watch Muksin for the opening in cinema...LOL
Health : Better than Yesterday...


Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Day

What a wonderful world... Splendid day... amazing moment to share with someone who love you... :) You???

I woke up late today.. also late for subuh prayer... Bad headache in the morning. At 8 a.m, i text to Tom & cancel the discussion in Gowar.(I felt guilty as i set the promise earlier with Tom and Ziad). Ive taken 2 pk and continue slept until 10.00.huh??
Flutterby added me in her YM list... shocked! anyway really appreacite that. Hajimemashite.. dozo yoroshiku... ) *Bow
Alhamdulillah God gave me strength to fight this pain. Im too tired for stayed up in these whole week. After Dhuhr, i trudge myself to BLT seminar room. Had a seminar on Malware attacks. I can only absorbed 40-50 % of the presentation. At the second part of it, im dying... LOL... When the presenter started to talk about the tools and showed some demo, i instantly blur... Flabbergasted for a while...woooo!
I walked back to my accomodation. Pop called me and wanted to see me in front of the Hub. She asked me again on procedure to apply for PHD. i gave my suggestion and some notes to her. We planned to continue our phd in the same Univ. Pop interested in mathematical proven concept of information security while im more on protocol and security management. I said i cant focus on my proposal yet. im stuck with final project's proposal and preparation for May Exam... I said we can discuss in depth about this with Chez later on... Its not easy to do...We cant simply rush... PHD.. its all about you and yourself... independence research!!! Hardwork and effort...Plan and how to deal with it... strategy and emotion...
but... i dont want to give up.. InsyaAllah i'll try to grab the oppurtunities in front of me...
Thanks to Kak Miss & Abg Zamri for the good luck mail.. "terharu"!!!

ive just recited Yassin. Doa for myself, my family and my friends. Thank you Allah for giving me all ability that i have now... Thank you Allah for giving me chance to live my life now... I put everything to my Doa and just Tawakkal...for every action ive taken... blessing from my parents....

I am who i am... :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lectures + Evening walk + Fairtrade

Seet and Me.... i had tea and she had coffee... (credit to Lenney)

Tired of my whole lectures today.. morning with computer crime.. and evening with database security... the morning lecture was pretty fun and interesting... its all about the pornography... emphasize on child porn... Law is quite difficult to understand. Furthermore its really complex and you need an analytical skills to interpret every single sentence of case... hahahha cam kata2 lawyer la pulak...
Very good respond from Ian Mckinnon as he has been working in this field for more than 15 years. i sat beside him.. ive learned lots of new thing today... thanks Ian.. Owe you again.. :P
At 12 had my lunch in HUB with Siripan and Marcas... Lenney cant join us as Tom insisted her to go to the International Building... asked about Procedure to Japan i guess... Tom was really excited to go there.. to meet her GF.. escaped Lunch..xoxoxo...
I had my salads and chips... :) Rushed to my room and pray for Dhuhr... Then rushed back to MLT for database security... My level of understanding today quite ok.. i would say almost 70%..Pretty good huh?
Went back to my room with Ziad(Sudan) and Tom(Thai). They insisted me to go to Tesco... i just said ok... Had an evening walk with them.. Lots of stories and funny things to share with.. Tom was a young man from Thai... Ziad and me just liked his bro.. we kept teased him with lots of thing bcoz sometimes Tom was "Lurus Bendul"...
For Tomorrow, we've decided to do some revision on computer security(operating system) in Gowar at 9 a.m ... So i need to do my preparation before i can discuss tomorrow morning...
oh.. Picture here was taken by Lenny in Windsor building. Seet and ME in Windsor Building... both of us became a volunteers for Fairtrade products... We invited all people to have coffee, tea, chocolate and biscuits for FREE...and explained to them about these products.. How important for us to buy and support these products...
Fairtrade is all about better price, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade. By buying these products we are helping farmers to sell their products at the stable price that covers their costs and enables them to support their families and invest in a better future.

As Malaysian.. buy Malaysian products.. :)

Bhuvan just Knocked my door at 12.45 p.m .. Invited me to have supper.. Rice and Dhal Curry... He is really hungry now... No thanks for me... its too heavy.. i just had my strawberrys... :)

thats it for now...
Aja - aja fighting!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Miss You

Wawan(seat),My sis, My Dad, Me , Kak Miza , My Mum, Mak Faridah (KLIA)

My elder sis, Adik, Along, My younger sis, Killa (Kuala Kangsar Resort)

Seet Just text me asking wther i want to get something from Malaysia or not.. her cousin will come on 16 March... i ask for Ubat batuk cap ibu & anak... thats it.. :) im not really ok.. i mean my health condition... i would say on off for a while... transition of climate perhaps.. But dont worry... :P
Huh... drop to Bro Noris Blog.. he want to go back.. argh... Im really jealous.. i wish i could.. at least before i seat for my exam... hahahha stress!!!!
wooo.. Miss both my sis...Some pictures to share my happiness with them... all pretty gals Pic..
This month my closed cousin is going to marry in Johore.. again.. miss her great day... Achik Mie her father just Passed away few weeks before i came here... frankly speaking im really2 sad... Missed him so much... (Doa and Al-Fatihah).He was the one who encouraged me since i small.. Really concern especially on my studies... To Along, "Selamat Pengantin Baru". I will always be with you and support you no matter what happen k... Be strong and keep an eye on adik... she really need Along and Angah at this moment... i'll give a call on your wedding day... :)
To both of my sis, wooo kanget banget sama lho... i missed the laugter, joy etc with you...My elder sis, You're not with us few before i came here bcoz ure really busy with work..Lots of court's case to settle down.. even at a very last moment i met you in the airport.. you just came back from outstation.. i remembered your tears while walking along to check in my luggage... :( Thanks for your concerned.. i really appreciate that sis...
My friends,
Epi, my best friend... he is in India now working... how long? im not so sure...Dont forget to buy for me that thing k... Plz bring back aishwarya Rai and shilpa Shetty(Big brother) :P
Kak wan.. thanks for the buzz these evening.... Kak Norli thanks for the mamet's CD... Kak cita thanks for all the movie plus battery.. next time buat lagi.. :P Kak ct thanks for a long chat... hahhahaha also to jue, kak long n everyone...

thats it for today... need to continue revision... as tomorrow have a date with lecture from 9-5 aduhhhhhhh...:P
Im happy to see this pictures... :) hahahhahahhaha


Monday, March 05, 2007

i cant sleep so.......?

Messy table... But like the feel.. with these color of lights.. with my lovely pc... ahhhh
woooooo The cuckoo's egg by cliff stoll.... thanks Lenney
Ahaaaa.. my main source for revision... even other basic computer networking stuff... LOL

its already 1.25 a.m
i cant sleep yet...
outside.. the wind just blew so strong...
but i still felt comfortable..
Focus my revision on Crypto....ive finished 3 chapters...I felt my head Fully utilised dow...
I need rest now..
Suddenly 3 pop up messages blink in front of me..
1. Ashu
2. Zaidi

Tq ashu for the payment.. i owe u one.. :) Ashu told me that Yati just married last week with his colleague in Research, Prime Minister Department. I used to work there as an Assistant Secretary.. Its really cool. ive met so many people with various type of character and background.. Actually i handled On agreement and application (buying houses in putrajaya for government staff) and (handled houses Lots for Minister(s), Deputy Minister(s), Parliament Secretary(s). I met them personally and spoke with them.. negociated with them.. had lunch and dinner... its interesting... The best part brought them to construction site... My background is in computer but they trusted my capabilities in JPM's orientation and sent me there.. UJKTWP.... (after taken my PTD exam).. ahaaa back to the story... To Yatt congrats on your wedding... be strong.. and i wish you happy ever after.. :) Be a good wife... her hubby was my senpai in school.. what a coincidence... and her hubby's sis was my senpai(Accountant) in my office in Kl(After i Quit JPM).. Ya Allah... what a small world again...:)

congrats ..just married... he was a friend of mine .. undergrads ... his wife also was my friend.. friend since school and then we moved together to university and again with same course and same major. hahhahaha.... Azza.. what a nice name.. so kawai... so nice... I liked her efforts in doin anything... Sorry i cant went back last week... Just a doa from me to see you both happy.... Make sure your baby look as cute as me... LOL... (bukan i yg cakap, die yg cakap)..i just copy balik... hahahahahhaha ...

3. Ezu...
ahaaaa this beautiful lady... she wanted to eat strawberrys.. she told me Amir(Japan) sent her strawberrys pics. She then kepingin to eat the fruits. Ahaaa i said "I'll post it to you by special courier tomorrow... then once it reach Malaysia.. dah rosak".. she said "Nak jugakk.. nak jugakk.. nak dip with chocolates".. woooooo i like it.. i guess last time i ate these stuff in KLCC.. the chcocz things near the Ombak... Kot.. i cant remember... Tomorrow i'm planning to buy some from Univ market.(usually we have special market in univ on tuesday 7.30-5.00). also plan to buy some books... for me to read during my free time... plus add up some more collection... My sis asked me for her john grisham and sophie kinsella.. i try to read those book BUT..... :P
the price is really cheap.(used and new old book)

To Alynn(Oxford) Happy birthday.. Honto gomen truly sorry bcoz i cant be there and join you people.. the food look really2 nice... arghhh missed it again... :(
Be a good gurl and best of luck in your future endavour.....
Ive not met Alynn for almost 15 years!!!! just imagine.. ive just met her here in oxford, Uk.. Last time i met her when she was 5 years old... lama sungguh...
Now, she looks like her mum... adorable.. i'm waiting to see her weired faced.. as what ive read in her blog.LOL.. Alynn.. jgn sorok2... Abg dah nampak... hahahahhahaa

Before i sleep i need to read a book title " THE CUCKOO'S EGG" - tracking a spy through the maze of computer espionage- BY Cliff Stoll...(this book was recommended by my lecturer for Computer crime course)...

Till then, i'll catch you people later... oyasuminasai.. jya mata ne!

British Council

Today i was told by seet yuan that she saw me in british council website...
erk.. I wondering??

this link : little super duper tiny url...

wakakakaka. i was told by Mrs Amanda Josebury long time ago to write something about my life in RHUL... So i just jote something...Talk about my experience... about univ life... Long essay but THEY cut it short... LOL..

Anyway... i'll post something about fairtrade event later on..


Sunday, March 04, 2007

You Belong To Me

Artist: Jason Wade Lyrics
Song: You Belong to Me Lyrics

See the pyramids around the Nile
Watch the sun rise
From the tropic isle
Just remember darling
All the while
You belong to me
See the market place
In old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember
When a dream appears
You belong to me

And I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it's wet with rain
Just remember till
You're home again
You belong to me

Oh I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it's wet with rain
Just remember till
You're home again
You belong to me

well im feeling better when i hear this soothing song... whatever u want to say bout me... i like all type of music... this classical song is great! feel the rythm... get in touch with the melody... you'll get what i mean... :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Exam Timetable May 2007

i am cautiosly optimistics these following timetables will eventually become the official timetable...
ahaaaaaaaaaaa adeh...




Weired??? me???

Weired? i dont know...

1. like and enjoy cooking alone in kitchen without anyone disturbing..(My family la..) thats my habit dow...
2. like to stare at people...without any intention...
3. like to bully my younger sister very much even shes 21 diz year... used to call her "Mim
4. like to watch any kind of movie even i dont understand the language at all....go Kamal Hassan
Go(Hey deeeeeii)... hahhahaha
5. like to talk with myself especially when im alone... (pamper myself laaaaa)
6. Crazy with Love!!!! But im Single... hahahhahahaha

yoroshiku onegaishimasuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Flat Party

My menu, Baked spicy potatoes with mozarella & Greece Salad (Nick)
well presented our special pastry... flatmade cooking...... wakakakkakaka!!!!
ooooooooo Happy Day... :) We had fun dow....
Micheal and Bhuvan.... Full pose.. hahahhahaa
Peter & Nick.... Cheerssss... im not drunk k... :P
Collin Assistant a.k.a ME... wooooooooo!!!

Collin with his pastry... hehehhehhe

We had a flat party last Tuesday on 27 Feb... Nick's Idea...
well it was fun... i had enjoyed myself..
As usual.. i cooked something special for them..
muahahahhaha... baked Spicy potatoes with Mozarella...
Everyone had fun... Peter brought some beers, Tom prepared some Whisky and Vodka...
Micheal with his chicken wings, Bhuvan with dal Curry and nan bread.. :)
Nick with xxx and Greece Salad....
and Collin.. with his Strawbery Tart with Custard Sauce.. pergh... bestt!!!
Im full even i was not eating that much(Had my dinner early) LOL....
We cooked everything together.. even i spent my time to help collin with his dough... (pastry)
woooooo...... i'll miss these great day! Ohhhh HAPPY DAY.... :)