Thursday, March 15, 2007

Psychological Computer Crime

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We live in a world of spin and deceit!
Messages are received and acted upon from those we dont know.. have you ever experienced it? wther by Emails, faxes and Mobiles. Society Structures and information is released by breaking "trust" relationship and an over reliance upon technology.
This is a human "willingness" to believe what others say, which is where the criminals take advantage...

Emotional Factors.....

1. Pride - being praised or flattered
2. Avarice & Greed - money and bribes
3. Lust - Sexual Desire (Well is all about our feelings.. we tend to "jatuh cinta" pandang pertama and end up "gatal")
4. Gluttony - too much of anything
5. Sloth -laziness
7. Wrath and Anger

attended a great lecture! welcome to computer crime world!

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