Monday, March 05, 2007

i cant sleep so.......?

Messy table... But like the feel.. with these color of lights.. with my lovely pc... ahhhh
woooooo The cuckoo's egg by cliff stoll.... thanks Lenney
Ahaaaa.. my main source for revision... even other basic computer networking stuff... LOL

its already 1.25 a.m
i cant sleep yet...
outside.. the wind just blew so strong...
but i still felt comfortable..
Focus my revision on Crypto....ive finished 3 chapters...I felt my head Fully utilised dow...
I need rest now..
Suddenly 3 pop up messages blink in front of me..
1. Ashu
2. Zaidi

Tq ashu for the payment.. i owe u one.. :) Ashu told me that Yati just married last week with his colleague in Research, Prime Minister Department. I used to work there as an Assistant Secretary.. Its really cool. ive met so many people with various type of character and background.. Actually i handled On agreement and application (buying houses in putrajaya for government staff) and (handled houses Lots for Minister(s), Deputy Minister(s), Parliament Secretary(s). I met them personally and spoke with them.. negociated with them.. had lunch and dinner... its interesting... The best part brought them to construction site... My background is in computer but they trusted my capabilities in JPM's orientation and sent me there.. UJKTWP.... (after taken my PTD exam).. ahaaa back to the story... To Yatt congrats on your wedding... be strong.. and i wish you happy ever after.. :) Be a good wife... her hubby was my senpai in school.. what a coincidence... and her hubby's sis was my senpai(Accountant) in my office in Kl(After i Quit JPM).. Ya Allah... what a small world again...:)

congrats ..just married... he was a friend of mine .. undergrads ... his wife also was my friend.. friend since school and then we moved together to university and again with same course and same major. hahhahaha.... Azza.. what a nice name.. so kawai... so nice... I liked her efforts in doin anything... Sorry i cant went back last week... Just a doa from me to see you both happy.... Make sure your baby look as cute as me... LOL... (bukan i yg cakap, die yg cakap)..i just copy balik... hahahahahhaha ...

3. Ezu...
ahaaaa this beautiful lady... she wanted to eat strawberrys.. she told me Amir(Japan) sent her strawberrys pics. She then kepingin to eat the fruits. Ahaaa i said "I'll post it to you by special courier tomorrow... then once it reach Malaysia.. dah rosak".. she said "Nak jugakk.. nak jugakk.. nak dip with chocolates".. woooooo i like it.. i guess last time i ate these stuff in KLCC.. the chcocz things near the Ombak... Kot.. i cant remember... Tomorrow i'm planning to buy some from Univ market.(usually we have special market in univ on tuesday 7.30-5.00). also plan to buy some books... for me to read during my free time... plus add up some more collection... My sis asked me for her john grisham and sophie kinsella.. i try to read those book BUT..... :P
the price is really cheap.(used and new old book)

To Alynn(Oxford) Happy birthday.. Honto gomen truly sorry bcoz i cant be there and join you people.. the food look really2 nice... arghhh missed it again... :(
Be a good gurl and best of luck in your future endavour.....
Ive not met Alynn for almost 15 years!!!! just imagine.. ive just met her here in oxford, Uk.. Last time i met her when she was 5 years old... lama sungguh...
Now, she looks like her mum... adorable.. i'm waiting to see her weired faced.. as what ive read in her blog.LOL.. Alynn.. jgn sorok2... Abg dah nampak... hahahahhahaa

Before i sleep i need to read a book title " THE CUCKOO'S EGG" - tracking a spy through the maze of computer espionage- BY Cliff Stoll...(this book was recommended by my lecturer for Computer crime course)...

Till then, i'll catch you people later... oyasuminasai.. jya mata ne!


2006 IPR Lawyers Alumnus said...

Wow, many books and many messages from friends. Could you recommend me a good book on IT Security for dummies? :)

zafi said...

plz dont say for dummies... :P
anyway i'll have some... buzz me on my Ymessnger zafi240781.
i would believe that you also have many friend... Miss them and i feel comfortable talk with them.. :)

flutterby said...

Is that your birthdate?

Anyway, I'm adding! Muahahahaa!

zafi said...

you may do so! lagi bagus..

ezu said...

i want strawberryssssssss!!! er.. grapes sedap jugak aite?? alamak..!! tomorrow kene g giant lah.. huhu..

alynn said...

owhhh i missed this entry! thank you sooo muchh for the bday wish abg boy! :D
ahahahhahahahahahahahahaaha sorok2 amende ni :P (buat2 xtau) :P