Friday, July 13, 2012


Dimitri - Tim - Me

You need a break?
This question is always pondering myself.
Seriously I can't give the answers.
Obviously after your hard work, you need at least some time to break right?
This is my final stage, final year, Would consider the final battle, final in everything...
So I don't want to waste those precious moment (In a good way :))
Oh I miss to meeting everyone...
I remember a prof mentioned to me "You are not solving the world's problem. You only touch one small bit of it"
Enjoy your life!

Me: Smile :D


DrSam said...

Yes zafi, you are equal to your world. Solving your problem equal to solving your own world!

Good luck bro!

ASH said...

Like my hubby always says..."One step at a time..."
satu satu...
sebab yang akan datang in real life akan lebih banyak...akan lebih mencabar...akan lebih menduga!
so TENANGGGGkan diri!