Monday, June 18, 2007

Dinner In gOwar

Tom and sapa tah!
Ready .... Action!
The 3 musketeers In GoWaR
Weired Face Mike,Ziad, Seet, Siri, Pop, Marcas, Bhua, Tom, Me, Jeff
Nyum Nyum

tHE wERE so HaMpEh... iM a ViCtIm now
Uiks.... sate sate sate
Anyone... Want To BuY?
iM hUngry
Oh i almost forgot lah... Marcas Cooked some Siam Noodle...

Had last dinner with Ziad.... he went back to Sudan and will finish his disertation there...
We miss you Ziad... Ziad taught me lots in Crypto class... even he was the 1st person i sat with in the class... hahahhaha I still remember on nEtwork seurity class... By Dr Stephen Wolf... Best jek boh nama Wolf nih.. :P

FYI, the pictures based on 2 diff days... So my tummy sangatlah kenyang! hahahhaa
1. Part 1 - Ive cooked Tomato rice again... Chicken Sate,Nasi Impit, Chicken Korma, and homemade Kuah kacang! marvelous!!! not a blended peanuts ok?? potong into very tiny pieces... Gosh... Thanks to Seet for the helped...

2. Part 2 - Tom+ her galfriend cooked for us fish curry, Tuna balls, me(curry pasta),fried Veg etc. i had firewall class that day so only can helped to donate some curry pasta.... i didnt have enough time to run to tesco la... hahahhaha

overall we had so much fun... so full and the food terAmat best... Jeff a british guy bantai the sate almost 10 cucuk... Mike, British guy who lived in Brunei for 9 years liked very much the kuah kacang... it was so funny and nice to listen when he said "Kuah kacang"---> recall film ahmad albab when P.Ramlee pronounce the veg names tuh... try la imagine... xoxoxo

the other day.. Tom cooked lots of curry... Fish Curry... argh i forgot the fish name lah.. ignored! i liked the tuna ball the most... prepared by Bhua... her adorable gurlfriend... :P
Ziad and Mike - a must to eat Greek Yogurt... they can ate it with anything... if u liked the lebanese food then i would sure that u'll love these yogurt eh!.... sile2... :)


Anonymous said...

ZaFi , YoU aRe DeFiNaTeLy FoOd DevIl aNd WiLl SpOilT mY dIeT.tHe FoOd Is So TeMpTiNg LaH

ms nonie said...

you know you should really be a chef !!! i miss eating satayy.. uwaaa :( hows ur love life going? hehe..

~purplechoc~ said...

hey,asyik post pasal food je.lapa la bc post2 u ni.aiyak.

lisaOlisut said...

si zafi ni asik makan makan makan n foods!! sedap2 pulak tu. haihhhh..
i jeles!! mana aci mcm ni!!
u ni sme mcm ellisha my fren tu lah, byk kawan mat salleh .heheh!
n suka makan n suka masak n i suke u all berdua.muahahahah ;p

Hafiz MZ said...

Great foods, Great peoples, what a life :)
Lidi sate pun ada kat sana? hehe, macam mana ek nak buat kuah kacang (blended peanuts tau la, tp x sedap huhu) share la the recipe

zafi said...

hahahahah cooking is my passion lah

ooo sombong sekarang... fly la from NZ to here... leh makan satay! bawak hus sekali.. where is she eh?

food is a must!

once i balik kita gi makan2 eh.. hahahha

ya the lidi cost about GBP 1.89 for satu packet(murahkan??? :P)
recipe??? hahahahaha leh2 no problem bro...

aria ayumi said...

meriahnye makan2 kat sane... huhu mengidam sate lah plk... :p