Sunday, June 03, 2007


I dont know
I am speechless
I cant give any answers
I guess im not ready yet
and i know that you've been waiting
Give me more time
Give me more space
The time will come soon...


Mr. Manager said...

Feelings are good. Feelings are God-given. Life is all about feelings.

Anonymous said...

My Ex-oFfiCeMaTe NaMe Is FeELiNg.Oh, I sO mIsS GoInG oUt FoR lUnCh WiTh HeR. sEe bRo , ThINgS wIlL CoMeS nAtUraLlY iF yOu aRe NoT lOoKiNg*WiNk*

nanana-ne said...

sangat pendek dan sangat mendalam.

em, times. use it wisely. because sometimes, to wait is just satu penderitaan. esp, when to wait for nothing. heh.

well. gambatteh. yosh~

jerald pince said...

ok i think someone is in love.

2006 IPR Lawyers Alumnus said...

are you in emotion or at crossroads?
are you in a turning point?
or are you in deep passion?
that's the beauty of undescribed feelings that require a longer time to find its answers.

lisaOlisut said...

zafi,u r in love?
good for you =P

act cool!

Anonymous said...

feeling sometimes takes time to understand. u'll get thru eventually. keep ur heads up!

zafi said...

Mr Manager,
Feelings : good and bad

name as Feeling?

arigatou nana san

I dont know la

Im confuse now...

again Dunno how to explain..

Hey Thanks!

Arigatou minna!

Hafiz MZ said...

Can I make the conclusion? Sorry I cant, dont know u well enough :D
But I think the person in love is not Zafi

TedungS said...

salam, tkasih sbb dtg melawat blog aku. pandai ko masak ek, ajar aku satu dua das boleh?

izwan a.k.a khai said...

waasup bro?
i'm still waiting 4 my exam result...
gonna out probably on the 14th or 15th...
pray 4 me..hehe..

nway,quite some time since i last visited here...quite bz lately helping my mom...

wish u luck in ur studies bro...

~purplechoc~ said...

in love?

oh my oh my said...

tere tulis pantun..