Thursday, May 31, 2007

Im in da Kitchen

A day BeFoRe wE WeNt tO SlOuGh tO GeT SoMeTHiNg... ThOuGhT To CooK FiSh bUt cAnCeL aT ThE vErY LaST mInUtE... :P
aCaR RaMpAi
dAlCa dAgInG
mIXED vEGS WiTh OyStEr sAuCe
AyAM mAsAk mErAh
aYaM MaSaK PaLeMbAnG - mY MuM'S rEcIpE
OvErAll - CrEdItS tO aBg zAm & lEeZ
nAsI ToMaTo + nAsI BeRiYaNi
mE LeEz k nIzA
LeCtUrE iN dA KiTcHeN

It was fun!!!!
Thanks so much Leez for all facilities.... i'll help you to move out mid of June yeee!
Again they asked me to cook some Malaysian cuisines...
Tomato Rice, Beryani Rice, Ayam Palembang + Masak Merah, Acar rampai, Dalca daging...
hahahahha (Colestrol, oILy, fAT)
I enjoyed to serve them especially Kak niza(she went back to Malaysia for good) Going to miss her!
The makan-makan session begun at 3.00 pm... hahahhaha erm.. 3 can consider lunch kan?:P
Honto gomen ne.... due to kitchen equipment's problem maka delayed Occured! hahhahaha
Keep it shut lah!
Alhamdulillah that day we had so much fun with makan-makan session while watching Devil's Wears Prada's Dvd....
For the last session ive cooked some bubur kacang...wooooo!!!
Even i was not feeling very well but i managed to cook for them...
Alynn, so sorry i cant be there in Oxford...
Again sorry! Warm regards to all in Malaysia ya especially to Tok Dak....


lisaOlisut said...

i sungguh la terliur melihat semua makanan2 itu walaupun i di malaysia.
erghhh..sungguh tak aci bila hanya boelh melihat tp tak dpt merasa =(

Anonymous said...

sO hUNgRo BrO.. HeHeHe
FeLt LikE tO mAmAk FOr LunCh
WaIt..I sHoULd Kg BaRu FoR wEEkEnD lUcNh THeN oNlY cAn TaSte YoUr FooD

miLLa said...

seriously u made me confuse of my sexuality!

now i wonder whether im a female or male..

cuz i cant cook!!!!!!!

me=cant cook=not female=male

im a male!!


Hafiz MZ said...

sedapnya, dalca my fav dish is also served huhu, sedih kat kelate ni x de mamak yg sedap utk dituju for my dalca craving skrg ni

sha said...

omg!!!!! did u cook all that by yourself? im impressed!

zafi said...

ya me also gettin' hungry neh...

ya ya me too!!! wah nasi lemak kg baru

Cooking is my passion!!! hey dont worry learn it slowly la..

ade trageji masa buat dalca... i lupa rebus kacang dal... dal masuk last2.. hehhehe :P kantoi!!! tapi rasa maintain.. :P

ya i did cooked it all.. hahahahha i enjoyed cooking la... :) come here let me cook smething for u

zafi said...

correction : "tragedi".... arghhhhhh i dunno how to spell it... lupa lupa lupa...... adehhhhhhhhh!!!!

nanana-ne said...

encik chef,

nak order boleh?

oiishi ne, craving ni. rase mcm nak bertukang pulak kat dapur skrg tapi jam menunjukkan 1:37am. Lupekan jelah.

Anonymous said...

zafi, i want the dalca and nasi briyani recipe!! u juz made me feel like going to the market and cook. havent been cooking in a while coz exam is nex week. makan luar sudah...

dude, nasi briyani is complicated to make!! am too lazy to buy all the ingredients for it. hopefully urs is simple for me to try.

is ayam palembang hard to make? if not i want the recipe too.

and that's a hell lotsa food that u made!! bole tertido after making all that. pengsan wooo. haha

puterazul said...

yummy...yummy....the food makes me hungry...zarul, you gonna be the oustanding lecturer + great chef..saham naik wooo...chayo..chayo

alynn said...

bestnye mkn2!
its ok abg boy, just hope ure feeling better.
dh kem slm kt tok dh ;)

wahdi said...

lazatnya juadah, mcm hidang org kawen, hehee

nad@munji said...

nak recipe aym msk palembang! looks yummy!