Saturday, May 05, 2007

Anonymous Entry

Feathers.... gone with wind...

I was a bit tired lately
My life cycles became unstable within these few weeks
I just needed some rest
only for a while...
i wish i can be like a bird now
flying freely up on the seamless and blue sky
Few days to go....
I'll survive
Yes I will!


jerald pince said...

no worries man.u can do it!malaysia boleh,zafi pun boley gak!hihi.

mohd_hanapi said...

u can do it beb... trust me.....

2006 IPR Lawyers Alumnus said...

I pray the best for you
Insya' Allah, everything will be great
Have the faith in you:

Take the different road
Grab the essence
Pat your sacrifices
Envy people's success

Look your weaknesses
Remedy towards a betterment
Create a new road

Never give yourself a bleak
Give yourself a confidence
Ensure success is all yours

zafi said...


Hope my performance = or better than my undergrad level

Never give up..yeah!

pinknerd said...

omg, after my model habis, after finals habis, after portfolio habis, I NAK TIDUR TAK BANGUN BANGUN! but bukan mati la..

Hafiz MZ said...

like the positive attitude
im sure u can do it!

miLLa said...

dude, super lawa gamba. pakai DSLR ape yek?

nanana-ne said...

yes you will survive.
nak me tolong nyanyikan lagu gloria gaynor i will survive tu tak?
yeay. haha~


mid said...

zarul u took those pics by yrself eh? lawooonyeee.

zafi said...

wah jealous

thanks mate

i wish i could have that one..LOL

yes please!!!

Yups... :)

:: jue :: said...

bulu ayam mana zarul tarik ni? kidding ;)

best of luck tau... result harus flying colors... keep ur faith in achieving a good result ok

p/s: jgn lupa the dvd collection, jue lupa, i have tons to think la zarul, harus mak nenek lupanya... huhuhuh mail me ok...

wahdi said...

tu bulu untk wat show malam nanti ke? ekekee

khai @ izwan said...

u can do it bro..hehe..
i'm done with my i'm going to have a bigggggggggggg rest! yeehaa!!!

nway, i'm so frustrated with blogspirit...

cannot update my blog till today... :(