Wednesday, March 19, 2008


-Beautifool Faces at the Jetty-

-A Frame-
-All rise-
-Awesome and peaceful-
-The scenery from the watch tower 1-
-Good monkey, i guess these monkey adore me so much-
-At the entrance-
-The Seminar Room-

E'am Back!!!!
Gosh my trip to Kuala Selangor Nature Park and for sure
i didnt miss Kg Kuantan Fireflies....
The journey from kl took me almost 2 hours due hectic of the traffics!
Kuala Selangor Nature Park
The location was in the centre of Kuala Selangor and easy access by anyone!
a bit confusing on the entrance from the main road!

The mangroves
Mudflats, types of wild life
Think twice before you enter! hahahahhaha :P

Species of monkeys, birds, otters, crabs,! This was the only place that had 4 types of mud skipper in the world! i cant even recognized the difference!
The scenery, surroundings... cant describe by words! -pictures-

I stayed in A-frame chalet! Only Rm25 per day with basic equipments! Nice one!!!
Thrill wo! hahahhaha

That nite
spent almost 2 hours in Kg Kuantan
I remember the little fairies in the bedtime story book!
Maybe the fireflies looked the same... poyos!
With Rm10 , the boatman will rowe along the river to show the fireflies(Kelip-kelip)
oh by the way, these species only live on berembang tree
they told me that only 2 places in the world where you can find fireflies
Malaysia and Brazil- Amazon River maybe... :)

Flashing on and off, over and over again with thousand of it...
Thanks God for a great creation!
The boatman brought me nearer to the tree
i managed to touch the kelip-kelip...
so small... with non stop flashing!

Gosh i really enjoyed during these
unforgettable trip!
Enjoy the pics!


oh my oh my said...

cemane rupa dlm a frame tu

myfisol said...

wow!..nice pics...are you back for holidays?..

ILA said...

wahhhhh!!!akak yg selalu ulang alik ke tg krang..lansung tak singgah lagi ke tmpat tu..
tak patut tuiiii..huhukkk:(

apakanama said...

wa best nyer... lama tak masuk hutan.. sesekali ku rasa teringin... haaa teringin jadi tarzan... ada pegi kampung org asli?... firefly gambar mana?... shoot best jugak nie

i wana go home : )

kawaii_desu said...

how i wish i get to be in those adventures... asyik tgk org gambaq org lain je... huhu

along said...

salam zarul,
waaa..bila blk sini? cuti ke? brp lama? syooknyeee pi tgk kunang2...what a feeeeeellllllll

arianna adrizal said...

ha, kampung kuantan tu my kampong la ;D org bugis belaka.

nad said...

zafi, u xpost pic fireflies pn?

Anonymous said...

PoSe OrAnG uTaN oR oRaNg BeLaNdA pLeAsE ... cIaN sIoT ! DaH aDe HuTaN gAk Yg Di CaRiK ...lArIkkKkKK

Inah said...

besh nya adventure ni..lenkali sila ajak sekali ok!! :P

Aleeya said...

ada kat sini ekk...

canteknya pics neh
mesti sonok pegi trip ni kan..:))

Anonymous said...

hope u had fun on ur trip...nature freax! haha. kidding!

i love the outdoors but havent done a lot of it in recent years

kawaii_desu said...

allo environmentalist...
wonder where are u now???

Dayu said...

lama dah tak beraktiviti begini..

rindu la..tapi macam takde masa..dan takde sapa nak teman..


miLLa said...

alaaa,pegi tak ajak.nice place to shoot at.

im not that environmentalist, but a mentalist. ;p

letak more pics laaa

aria ayumi said...

waaa nice shot. monyet pun posing gak. eheh.

jerald pince said...

dude.bile nak post leaving already and i lost all my frens numbers.including yours.text me nanti alrite.cheers.

-keef- said...

looks so fun!!!

Back_to_Basic said...

best nyer dpt g venture camtu...nature freaky tul la...nak join gak...neway salam to u...

Anonymous said...

such a beauty!!!...

kamal sabran said...

ko kat kl ke lagi? jom jupma bro. call me 016 5533391

lord musan said...

Nice pics!Have you been to the new Belum Resort..someone told me it's a good plaace!Haven't been there yet but if you do,post some pics here ya!

lord musan

e-leeyana said...

nice shoot...cantik gambar2 tuh