Saturday, November 15, 2008

Exploration of Places

SeaFood Platter With diff types of Shrimps
With Kak Cita- Hey you look different
Forrest Gump
Fish n chips
ERM... i forgot this menu... Sort of Lemon fish bla bla bla

Location Bubba Gump -The Curve
Location Seoul Bulgogi - TM (They have change the restaurant name i guess)
Location Muhibbah Seafood - Tmn Tun
Location The Apartment- The Curve Pic
Im kind of "peram" stories .. Lots actually
This entry about spending your time by eating eating eating and loitering! nahhh... meeting people
outside your boundary.(Skema)
Oh btw the event happened in different places...
About the bubba stuff.. Yeap the food looks great! TASTE = ok... Price = Go Figure
Quite Cosy and Good place
Warning : not for the allergic people

Burning... burning...

Say NO to Cholesterol?
Lying beside you
The Seoul Bulgogi
Nice food quite nice environment!
Price not so expensive
A bit tricky to get there...If you're seafood eater.. i mean hardcore fans... Go Figure

The Place
Nana-K Cita-Ehem2-K Wan (excited face)

Squid a.k.a Sutun
Buttered Prawns
Black Pepper Beef - NANA'S FAV
Ouch Missing? kak cita please answer... :P

I like Muhibbah Seafood very much.
ive made reservation 1st before we came!
The foods awesome!
The environment is quite pack but you can still enjoy your food very much...
Dont forget to try the hot Chinese tea while eating!
Ask for some more peanut if you want to...
MAmma Mia!
Bonne Petit!
Oh oh btw Price = Its Worth your money...

Baked Chocolate with vanilla ice cream
Walnut Crepes with caramel sauce
Chocolate mousse -The fattening one... Seriously its Rich!

The menu

tnemtrapa eht

The environment of the apartment is quite Ok.
the deco seems to be pretty nice!
A bit dark at the top floor(Smoking areas)
Foreigner working in Our Country....? Yup here in this place you can find them
The population more than 70 % i guess! = mamaks kot... :P
Im saying about the truth... I wish i could see "our" faces come to you and assisst you!
Some seats are very comfortable but others seems to be pretty odd!
Go figure!
FOOD? well not so bad.... we eat only the dessert! Bloated after the seafood in Muhibbah!
warning : Beware the Luxurious of the Chocolate - Its Fat

Well meeting people and eat together is a must for everyone.
I enjoy it very much...
Its the time for you to share your happiness, thoughts
A good time to laugh and to have fun! -LAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE-
Tq to all especially K cita n Nana...(Crime Partners) Nic pictures, Nice stuff and absolutely Nice people!
Well plan to go to Johore and Singapore soon...
Anyone? :P



Citanurayati said...

i look different??? different angle maybe... hahahhaah....

that fish at muhibbah has no bone la... that's why missing... hahahaha...

let's jalan-jalan cari makan elsewhere again. hehe...

uniknya uniknya uniknya.... singapura... (mcm dlm iklan. hahahha)

zafi said...

Yeap.. its going to be my plan sis...
Hope successful!
Lama tak berantakkan nih... Ayuhhhhh...
(sesedap rasa je gune perkataan)

Nanananana...... said...

d'food @ muhibah soodapp...tak pernah allergic to seafood tetiba smlm kena pulak....allaaaaaaa!! :((
but we should try makan2 @ d'appartment! kite chopp tpt yg ade sofa tu yahh....yg naik tangga kat middle tu...mcm menariks! =D

Inah said...

hi there!!

e-leeyana said...

gulpppp!!!! terngiur...

ezu said...

eat eat eat.. food food..
sgt sedap mata memandang..
nak jugak!!

faridmw said...

sedapnya... terliur ni..

Chech said...

Oit friend, you got a blog! May I add you in my bloglist?

Oh yeah, I'm drooling over the food pictures here (yet, it's still midnite). Bad, bad :)

arianna adrizal said...

sedap banget tu!! =D

*drooling.. drooling..*

ILA said...

masuk sini jerrr..nmpak laporrrr..
Plan go to s'pore??
So ..selamat pergi & kmbali;)

Anonymous said...

Wahh Zafi..bestnye makanan itu....waa...nak jugak..Singapore???wa..nk jauh..apa dayaku..huhu

Aziya said...

cannot eat seafood now... looks like I've to watch the pic with awe....

kawaii_desu said...

patut la saiko org soh hapdet...
rupanya dia dah berderet2 entry..

hambik ubat hahaha

welcome back :)

anyway i'm drooling over these food

nanana-ne said...

i reaaaaaaaaally need lunch after reading this entry.

saye sangat suke lagu neil sedaka, fly me to the moon.

Aleeya said...

zafi nak skettttttttttttttttttt baked choc wif vanila eksrem tuuuuuuuhhh