Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It has been ages... :)


i know it has been ages..
I am sorry for not updating with my latest info!
Yes, it has been a tough and quite tiring month after Eid..
Even though i spent some time went to certain place
To spend my time in front of my laptop and writing on my blog is not as easy task!
you must wondering why? :D
I need to focus and concentrate though!
I wish i could write everything and sharing with you people
so where should i start?

Alhamdulillah it went very well...
Manage to complete fasting in Ramadhan and 6 days fasting in Syawal.
Afiq and i made some cookies : Choc chips, Raisin n oat cookies, Honey cornflakes in cup and cornflakes cookies!
Menu for raya:Malay rice cake(nasi impit), peanut sauce, chicken rendang, instant lemang, fried noodle, spicy potatoes with anchovies, Bread butter pudding with strawberry and blueberry etc...
After the Eid prayer everyone gathered at my house as their 1st destination
Yeah... i enjoyed the day very much..

Trip to Salisbury- Stonehenge and Old Sarum
I join university trip and only paid GBP15 for the transportation.
It took me roughly 3 hours from Plymouth to Salisbury, Southampton.
I bet you people have heard about stonehenge.
This was my 2nd visit. I went to Stonehenge for the 1st time when i was studying in London in 2006. Yes nothing much change! its just a rocks!
Yeap meaningful for British people as their historical ancient symbol.
People all around the world comes here to enjoy view of Stonehenge!
Please enjoy the pictures

Old Sarum
erm.. Nothing much i can say about it.
It was known as a splendid Catheral long time ago.
It was then abandoned and destroyed!
I'll show you some pictures

My journey to Penzane, Cornwall - Lands End
What do you understand from the name?
Yes if you define it literally you will get the real meaning of it
Most people would say the Lands End is the most southerly area of Great Britain!
Its not actually.
The most southerly area is known as Lizard Point! well i've never been there!
But i bet its there. :P
Lands End view was fantastic!
Super windy... on top of the hill... Superb high cliff...
Thanks to Hasnol who brought me there with his car! I owe u one mate!
Again please enjoy the lovely pictures

Minack Theatre!
Minnack means Rocky place
Its not so far from Lands End... i reckon it just few miles away... :)
Its open theatre facing the blue sea...
I can't describe the beautiful scenery...
the outstanding panorama from the hilly side of the theatre
its awesome guys! have a look!!!
Plays:Romeo & Juliet, beauty and the beast,Evita, Othello, classical songs, opera etc were presented here with affordable price!
I would say its normally sold out all the time
I promise to come back again and be on the audience soon!

Last but not least
My research
so far so good
Yeah there are some progress but its a bit slow
I will conduct an online survey very soon
and i really hope to get you people out there to promote my survey
i really appreciate your helps guys!
I have met my supervisors accordingly
useful advises based on previous discussion! to certain extend i really hope someone
can "push" me :)
I will not give up easily guys...
Yes doing PhD is very difficult however
if other people manage to go through it
sail away successfully
i believe i can do it too...
to be without dreams is to be without hope
to be without hopes is to be without purpose
Life is not a race but its a journey
journey to be savored
each step of the way!

Wish me luck!
Take care folks!


Anonymous said...

forget to wish raya greetings but another raya is on the way right ? i hope not too late wish both raya ..selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin bro ..hehe

btw not xmas ok ! its selamat hari raya natal & maaf zahir batin. this year it is much easier definately down under bersama keluarga ....larikkkkk !

zafi said...

sean u try to immitate kah?
sangat natal!!! sangat zahir batin!!!
so turkey for the party kah?
i will join xmas dinner with my colleagues on 22nd!

yangyuyu said...

zarul x tau plak nasi impit in english "malay rice cake" memang namanya or your creative idea je..hehe..

oo pasal stone tu, aku dah selalu main game tembak ayam dgn burung kat batu tu..sebenarnya taktau batu tu simbol apa, thanks for your info sejarah..wah seronok nya ko dpt pegi tgk batu tu in real..aku may be akan berfantasi je sambil tembak ayam kat batu tu dan kutip harta2 karun celah2 batu tu semasa main game la ahaks...

alfa juliet said...

semuanya cantik2 gambar ko zarul....

ashley said...

I can feel the cool air just by looking at those pictures...

thank you for sharing them.
lama tak dengor kabor!!

NaqeebLukhman said...

kenapa ko tak panjat stonehenge tu hhuhuu

DrSam said...

Devon and Cornwall are among the most picturesque places in the UK mainland. Did you stop by at the lovely St. Ives (close to Lands End) and enjoy the nice sandy beaches (and scones)?

Hope and pray you are having a smooth sailing jihad bro.

Zendra said...

Zafi, congratulations on all that you have achieved so far!!! Fasting, entertaining the kiddos during eid, making trips, researching - they all go towards enriching your life as a grad student. I can't push you (cos you look heavy hehe... just joking) but the most satisfying is when you succeed BY PUSHING YOURSELF, and I believe you have the means to do just that. Go for it, chase your dreams :D

a.z.n.e.e said...


bestnye.. ko insan terpilih ke sana..

amek la lg gmbr byk2.. boleh la kami mencuci mata di sini..

Fly said...

gambar cantik..ntah bila lah diru ini dapat gi kesana yek huhu

shimah said...

wei zarul ... aku tgh pening ni .. heheh .. tapi lps baca blog hang especially part
'I will not give up easily guys...
Yes doing PhD is very difficult however
if other people manage to go through it
sail away successfully
i believe i can do it too...
to be without dreams is to be without hope
to be without hopes is to be without purpose
Life is not a race but its a journey
journey to be savored
each step of the way!'

aku pun nak cakap cam tu la ... minta izin copy kat blog aku naa!


Oldstock said...

Salam bro,

The Minack Theatre place looks so breathtaking. Worth visiting again.

Best of luck with your research. Life is a journey to be savoured, every step of the way. How true..

pal7 said...

seronok berjalan tempat orang kan?..hehe

*selamat belated raya day..hehe

kad0k. said...

nice series u have...:)

Mrs. Zuki said...


Wowo mmg ko hebat.sekali tulis blog memang qadha terus...
Suke aku baca...sebab aku tak dapat pegi jauh pun takpe la..dapat baca dan tgk blog ko pun jd le.

Mrs Taj said...

ishhhh teringin sgt nk melawat Stonehenge..coz still tertanya2 mcm mn derang angkut batu2 beso tu...