Thursday, December 10, 2009

An unforgettable days

Happy Eid
I know.. yeah i know...
it has been ages...
i didn't mean to stop from blogging
but so many things need to be done..
well student! i mean life as a student!
mature student.. aha...
interesting? yeah... sort of!
well where should i start?

Weekend in Birmingham
I met my colleagues from Birmingham and Sheffield
and my junior from Warwick
what a day!
The journey took me up to 4 hours by train
from Plymouth to Birmingham
Hana(Birmingham) and Shimah(Sheffield) both are doing computer science PhD research while Shena with her MSc in Finance (Warwick)
It was groovyyyy .. yeah!! i admit it!
even though it was raining during our trip to Central Birmingham
but it didn't stopped us at all to laugh, took pictures and to eat
again.. main agenda eat and eat and eat!!!
Yeah it was German Market at night in Birmingham.... German in Birmingham?? market??
Don't ask me.. Go figure! :p
As far as i'm concern Birmingham is the 2nd largest muslims community
after London... Yeah... Lots of halal food.. subway halal... nandos halal.. dominos halal... lots of halal butcher...
huhuhuhhu :D

It was a lovely day...
we went for Eid prayer at the nearest mosque at 9 am
Well I managed to do my open house..
actually the only open house event - Pot luck session
Thanks to Afiq and anas for the superb kuah lontong
Kak Mazni for the authentic chicken rendang
Shue for love lovely home made fruit cake!
Oyis for the excellent "pulut inti manis"!!! I don't know how to call it.. :D

Evening in Plymouth university
It was unplanned event
Shue, Jan, Bard , Afiq and Anas ..and me~
we walked around the campus to spot a good place to take a picture
yeah we mean it! A lovely one!
To show others how autumn looks like! konon!!!! :P
Actually it was for fun..

Well i am now seating at my seat
Put my heater on and a cup of tea on the table!
Research... yeah progress but a bit slow...
My next appointment with my supervisor will be next Monday!
I need to work hard and smart!
Long list of things to do...
Yeah i admit life is a struggle..
only people who are tough can go far..
to achieve what they want to be
It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave
don't shut love out of your life by saying
it's impossible to find
the easiest way to receive love is to give love
and the best way to keep it
is to give it wings
meaning Don't dismiss your dreams.
I rest my case...Thanks

cheers Folks!
Take care!


alfa juliet said...

bestnya baca pasal journey ko

Zendra said...

When the going gets tough, THE TOUGH GET GOING. Be the supervisor - Supervise Yourself! hehe guess you're already doing that

silvertech said...

'will u marry me' tu nak bagi sape tu?

a.z.n.e.e said...

a'ah... will u marry whom???


kalo aku dok sana, adalah wajib ada kamera yg best!!

ashley said...

Banyak kerja pun ada angau angau ke?
ha ha ha ha


jangan hocas pocas sudahhhhhh..

Good luck for everything you do!

Mrs Taj said...

ishhh budak ni tak sah klu takde gambar makanan tau! sggoh menyelerakan...

anywy, salam aidiladha..(dah nk masuk muharram pun..iskk)

kadok said...

makanan2nye nampak menyelerakan bro...gambo kat bench tu lagi cantik kalau kelima-limanya buat aksi cam superman...hahahah

shimah said...

wah .. home made fruit cake tu nampak sedap ....

agreed ngan your statement ... don't dismiss your dreams ... aduh ... aku pun byk keje nak kena buat .. minggu depan nak submit ... pastu nak bercuti sepuas ati ... huhuhu

mUTe said...

Ahh, that cake look good. Ok, bg sket. Post kan!.


Anonymous said...

merry xmas and happy shopping bro . too bad not dropping by London this year. Started a new job and my xmas leave is very limited ....

Oyis said...

zafi, shimah sheffield tu aku rasa member BTN aku, tp x tau la dia ingat aku ke idak hehe...

shimah said...

rasanya kenal gak noris ... noris masa gi btn tu pregnant ke ...

Mrs. Zuki said...

Zarul,cantik pose ko utk gambar 2 dr bawah tu...kalau ko sorang2 nampak mcm lambang peace..serius aku suke...

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

xrindu nasi lemak ke?

DrSam said...

bila masuk Winter, semua berbungkus macam nangka masak aja kan?

Preserver bro...

Anonymous said... kat UK...aku actually dah dapat offer from Lancaster Uni...tapi takde rezeki kena tukar kat OZ sebab VC kata kuota ke UK tetiba dah habis...uhu tak faham langsung..tapi takpe tetap bersyukur sambung study kat, camne study?..skang tahun ke bepa?... baca blogni...

Anonymous said...


bz ke?..hope you enjoy every moment..

Anonymous said...


bz ke?..hope you enjoy every moment..

arsaili said...

salam bro...yea so busy n cam tak cukup masa je...uhuhu

日月神教-任我行 said...