Thursday, May 28, 2009


Top of the world
Blue Sky
Me and the baloon
All of us - one big happy family
Shue-Kak Umay(Ukai)-Kak Eton(Aqiyl) -Noris(Baby Aishah)

Oh this is very simple entry!
It was Bank Holiday in Uk.
All of us decided to spent our splendid time in Bournemouth...
Well it was not so far from Plymouth... Almost 3 hours! :P
The biggest trip by small Malaysian community went outside of Plymouth...
It was fun and i relished it very much.. Will do it again soon!
Weather forecast - expected to rain at 4.00 pm
but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly! The sun shone brilliantly... so hot!! even hotter than Malaysia... (im not sure actually) lol
My task was simple! cooked Fried Mee hoon. Some other groups with Fried noodle, nasi lemak and chicken for BBQ.
The journey from Plymouth was really delirious... as this was my first time in Bournemouth!
Green grass on a huge field, small and vintage cottage with "hay" roof(im not so sure whether its hay or not but so i assumed it) and nice hot weather!
I have learnt something through this journey!
Appreciate your environment!!!! because we only have one earth... No more place after earth!
meaning once its fouled, its our responsibilities to keep it clean!
Appreciate your experiences and friends!!!
Today's journey will not be the same as before! Enjoy every moment and cheer up!
(Picnic & BBQ by the park, rode The Bournemouth eye ballon (like a hot balloon) etc)
Thanks to Zali and Mail for the invitation... Khairul as our "super Driver"... Bard n Noris for the lovely pictures! and the rest for an unforgettable journey...
It remains in my memories... Yeah

Oh i met my supervisor this morning!
i confessed that i cant see the path yet
They just smiled and advised me to focus on reading for my literature review
They proposed some papers/journals to be read!
We discussed a few matters on my path ...
I hope to be in a right path and i need them to push me... :P
Alhamdulillah it went well!
Do pray for my journey in academia world...
Work work and work!
Yeah smartly!
take care folks!

Kudos to Jiha n Anje for their wedding... :)
-Happily ever after-


Mrs. Zuki said...

Lorrr..this is not a simple entry~seriously not..hehe..
Plymouth, Bournemouth...mouth-mouth belaka..

kadok said...

good luck bro in ur acedemia world..."not so far from plymouth..almost 3 hours!"..hahaha..wat a journey..jauh tu..:p

alfa juliet said...

kalau duk oversea memang kena pandai masak agaknya??...hehehe

ola said...

ehhe nice blog. I tumpang share cerita eh? I linked urs to mine..ahaks

Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy said...


Nice and interesting blog...
REally wish I can be there..:)
Have a good time,k

Anonymous said...

travel jer kan.. bile nk buat posting in french beb? UK dah mcm Malaysia kan kan except for the weather ...I might be going back for Xmas this year ..balik raya , balik kampung yeah yeah ....larikkkkk !

guess who said...

sana ada bank holiday..menarik?

~kak cita~ said...

apa yg best kat Bournemouth tu? belon besar? npk park je... hehe... kat overseas best ek duduk2 kat park. kat Malaysia tak penah nak buat pun kan :P

take care...

zafi said...

Mrs Zuki - simple kan? heheheh
Kadok - Ya jauh jugakk..
alfa- wajib masak!
ola - sure why not
Tommy - thanks... u take care too
Sean - Plz datang london
Umi - ade je bank holiday!!!
K cita - ade... baru masukkan.. :P

kai @ izwan said...

zafi~thanks bro... =) hehe.. pendidik ganti je.. substitute teacher... tengah cuti semester.. xtau nak buat apa..kebetulan ada guru bersalin kat sekolah tu. jadi ganti tempat cikgu tu sementara dia bersalin... =)

insyaAllah dalam bulan Julai nanti bukak semester..jadi masa tu habislah tugas saya sebagai pendidik...hehe

A.Z.N.E.E said...

upload la lg.. nk tgk gmbr lg...

arsaili said...

salam...wahhh ramai gak malays kat sana yer....semua postgrad ker?

noris said...

sila amik award :)

Led said...

bank pun ada cuti yer.

patut la lengang jek forex tu ari.

Anonymous said...

wah2...naik belon...rasa2nya boleh sampai m'sia ke kalau naik belon tu..

WanHidayat said...

Salam...seronokkan hidup berkelana...kita serupa dengan dimensi yang berbeza. Hahahaha....

Selamat Maju Jaya Bro...

Aleeya said...

Zafi, enjoy nampak di bumi plymouth hehehe..sonoknye nampak life di sana..:))

mUTe said...

Best la dpt nek ballon tuh.. Free ke??
U said its hotter than malaysia. But still some of U wore jacket.. Weird.. huhu

nadia said...

nice blog zarul :)
aku sgt jeles tau tgk kepakaran ko memasak...heheh