Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Think and think

In front of my house- will update details later
Quick snap

well make it simple..
I went to Natwest bank at the town centre
Long Queue! Yeap it was!
One lady talked to me and said " I guess we have to stand here for ages as nobody entertain us"
Me? Smile... i said "yeah i guess"
After 30 minutes, it was my turn!
I told the officer about my account's status.- change the address-need a new card-standing order to Halifax- etc-
Then done 1st phase.
Start the 2nd phase.
The officer asked me where i came from and i said "Malaysia"
"Oh F1...
The raining F1.
It was a bad day.......Twin Tower" he said
"Yeah it was held in Sepang Malaysia. Raining season. But overall its great." i smile.
"erm... Well What do you have in Malaysia? Good place to go? is it safe? DO YOU HAVE MCDONALS/BURGER KING? he question.

Well a good friend of mine also told me about a similar story. What say you????

End up i said " Do come to Malaysia and you gonna love to live there than here. Cheers mate!"


alfa juliet said...

wakakak suka jawapan terakhir itu

ILi Izyani said...

Sabo je la..ramah mesra la pegawai tu ..

Aleeya Sumairah said...

he he the raining F1...ingat dia ehh..

mohd_hanapi said...


Me, Mrs Taj said...

i agree with u..msia mmg best! bnyk tpt2 melancong yg best kat org msia je gatai nk pi lawat luar ngara..ngeh ngeh ngeh...promote msia!

mUTe said...

La.. lenkali ckp la.. Kat malaysia, Merc pon jd teksi. Haha