Thursday, December 16, 2010

One and another

In the name of Allah. The most gracious and merciful.
We live our life not for a long time. As we only borrow it from the hands of God. Put differently, we are going to meet Him as the creator. May Allah forgive our sin and whom shall obey to Allah will get benefit on the Day of Judgment.

Scene 1
After the subuh prayer, I received a message from my elder sister. “Pak Teh meninggal. I’m in Jb for a court case. Mama and abah heading to Ipoh with Yob”. It just a simple message nevertheless made me suddenly quiet and shocked. A sorrow strikes! My late uncle or I called him as Pak Teh. He passed away left my aunty and His 2 sons. I felt guilty as I can’t go back on the burial day. Al Fatihah for him.

Scene 2
A colleague of mine. After a tennis match last week. He told me that his wife was not feeling very well due to on and off of fever. I said it might be normal for certain people as we are now in winter season but not for a pregnant woman. The day after, he brought his wife to Derriford Hospital for a checkup. After a few scan/consultation: It’s confirmed that his wife miscarriage. I feel pity for them. A young married couple who has just arrived to start their new life in Plymouth. Such a big impingement for them. Be strong my friend!

Scene 3
A colleague of mine. She is pregnant (7 months). She already prepared some food to visit a friend in the hospital but suddenly she was the one who admitted to the hospital due to her kidney problem. (infection). Be strong my dear friend.
3 scenes happened one after another.

I am in the mood of not feeling well emotionally. I feel pity to my colleagues and sad for the lost of my late uncle. May Allah give us guidance to follow His Path. Ameen ya Rabbalalamin.

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Shue said...

owh terharunya aku membaca entry ini.huhuhu.....thanks for your prayers..and may Allah give strength to all of us.. ameen