Monday, December 13, 2010


The kangkung or water spinach

Alluring Ribs

The wrapper :D

The Quorn fillings

The wrap process

Finish wrapping

The Output

The Fried popia

Salamz and good day everyone
Last week was really a busy week for me!
Almost finish my programming task and report as well.
I hope to submit before the Xmas eve. Wish me luck then :D
Nothing much to say about my event last week.
Oh Saturday morning I played tennis with waque and Afham. Guess what??
we played tennis in 5 degree temperature!!! Seriously!!!!
It almost 3 hours ok. :P
That night was the X factor finale (1st round) before the elimination.
I voted for Matt for sure :D
The result was yesterday and YESSSS Matt won! Guess what??? The organizer reveal that Matt won almost every week of public's vote !!!! hahahahah :D
To thana: bye bye your one direction (Anyway I still like their voice ok.. No offence)
Anyway readers this event seem to be the most popular activity for British people on weekend.. Seat back and relax ... enjoy the X factor. (40 millions viewers)
Whilst watching the show, I prepared the Fried "Popia" with Quorn fillings (Vegetarian) I substitute with the minced meat. Taste: awesome!
Please enjoy the pictures...
My lunch: Kangkong Belacan, Ribs marinated with honey and masak lemak ayam pedas!
I share some pictures :D

2010 is nearly end... Its just around the corner to meet 2011
Another chapter of life... Another aim?
I believe that we have set up our own mission.. our own strategy to achieve what we want.
Hope your mission accomplish very well for 2010. Keep up a good work folks!
I always do'a may Allah give us courage and His blessing to live our life to the fullest
I need to work hard and smart to achieve my mission in here. InsyaAllah.
Do do'a for my success. :)

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (Andre Gide)

Ok it's time for me to continue working...
Till meeting you again in another chapter of my diary...
take care!
Have a good day ahead!!!!


sally said...

Adeyhhh..gambor popia tu telah mengaburi mata Yong ni haaaa...hilang focus nak membaca n3..kekeke..dasar pelahap popia kan..kan..

Have a wonderful day bro!

yangyuyu said...

baca blog zarul ni aku asik tgk makanan je..bila nak rasa air tangan zarul lg ni:)

Zendra-Maria said...

Dear Zafi, I must say you're one accomplished chef on his way to a doctorate and you also know how to incorporate leisure with pleasure... keep it up and may next year be fruitful for you :)