Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Eid Adha

me n baHrin

the audience



menu raya : not ready yet :P

Salamz to all
Happy Eid to all muslims...
May Allah give us His blessing!Alhamdulillah again I manage to celebrate this Eid!
Just finished cooking some stuff with my flatmate albeit funny.. surprise.. incidents happened! :D
Someone cook my "Nasi Impit" until burnt!!!!!
Hilarious !!! we keep laughing all night long even up till now I can't stop laughing..
I will always remember this! always!!! :D Pity you *****r!

Oh by the way Bahrin N milla came all the way from Malaysia after their Euro trip!
Its great to meet them! As usual full of activities in Plymouth
Cream Tea by the seaside - Fish n chips - Ice cream - pizza - nasi kerabu!!!
All of us can't stop eating though!

eh its already 1 a.m. Need to get some sleep.
Tomorrow I promise with my colleagues
to go to PIETY mosque! Its a bit far from our house but we plan to walk together! :)
To all of you... Happy Eid..
I miss all of you at home ... :D terjiwang jap! hehheheh
take care folks!


niQue_naQ said...

ooo, i know who's back that is hehehe raya in uk is really as nice as you make them, good friends good food, that's all u really need kan (^_^)

kad0k. said...

those pizzas..arghhh..sini pon ada..:p