Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I am back..

I haven’t found courage to write for long time due to many constraints! Life is not yet a miserable but almost I guess. I’m not trying to be negative but it happened!(Before August, 2010)

(After early October, 2010)
I’m back with full of courage with full of energy and strategy. I really enjoyed my holiday back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I couldn’t agree more “Home sweet home… and there is no “place” like home”. Abah, mama, kak yong and eno I love you people so much. Thanks for the Doa and support! . Apart from that, thanks so much to Kak cita, Kak Joen, Rizal, Kaer, Kak Zu and others. Helping me during my sister’s engagement, Trip to Singapore, makan2 session, lepak2 session, crabing2 session etc…I really can’t wait to be back again with more thrill adventure! I am sure.
After 3 weeks return home to Plymouth, I feel more confident with myself. I am totally not a different person from what I used to be but I am positively would like to change the way I evaluate things and scenario, be more thankful, appreciate every single days and live my life to the fullest. May Allah guide me following His Path. Ameen.
I start my normal working day as a student from 9 -7 Monday to Friday. It’s unusual for PhD student to go to the faculty everyday but not for me. Everyone has their own choice and it’s up to them to choose which one suits them the best. The most important thing, whether you can spend the quality time or not whilst you are in the faculty. Having said that, some of colleague only come to the faculty once or twice a week. Sometime Only when they want to meet their supervisors. As long as you show a good progress then it should be fine . Big grin!!!
Insyaallah I will keep posting some interesting news or thoughts. Hope I can still share something with my friends. I really miss writing and posting pictures. I will keep u people up to date. My journey of life is back on route now. Sorry for a long period of resting. Hibernating season is off for me now even it’s already autumn. Hahahahaha. Take care all and keep in touch.


mUTe said...

Glad to be the 1st commenter. Wish you all the best and Goodluck for ur PHD. :-)

ashley said...

Ooo balik cuti tak kabor..
Semoga maju jaya. Errr macam semakin memontelkan diri ja.
Ni mesti makan habis habisan time cuti nih!

@xiM said...

goodluck to u yaa!!
rajin rajin lah update blog..:)

pal7 said...

good luck.. :)

niQue_naQ said...

home is always the best place to rejuvenate :)

take care, c u in dec!

Cikgu ILi said...

Aku suke tgk gambar tu...semuanye in pink!
Bestnye jd phd student...ko ni mmg rajin kan..all the best!

sally said...


Yeay! He's back! He's back! Hehehe..

All the best yop!

sufian azli said...

Baguslah sahabat aku ni... dah bleh kawin ni..hehehe