Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Weather... Yes ... Weather


Houndiscombe Road : 7.30 a.m (Snow lite2)

Obviously day by day it's getting colder. In a way, I feel a bit lucky as "our" cold in UK is not as bad as in Russia or Canada (no offense). Well, as I am based in Plymouth, the south west region of UK, we are likely receive less snow as well (i.e. there's pros and cons here).

The pros:

  • No need to worry about walking on slippery road (due to black ice). 
  • Less hassle (i.e. time and energy consumption) to walk to the university.
  • No dirty path when the snow starts to melt :D
The cons:
  • No snowman with his costume (Huh!)
  • No snow war among your colleague (peace)
  • No picture to share (LOL)
Today the weather forecast saying the it's going to be slightly colder than usual because the wind breeze directly from the arctic! 

Enough for today. I need to continue my writing. See you again for the next weather forecast from Plymouth. k Bye. :P 

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